The Best Cocktail Bars in London

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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best Cocktail Bars in London. (More in-depth further below)

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We have some secrets to reveal to you. The greatest bars aren’t usually the most well-known… Yet London is full of hidden treasures. If you want to avoid the crowds at the city’s busiest venues, check out our list of the best hideaways. These clandestine hangouts are the greatest secret pubs in London, taking you off the main path, diving inside fridges, and walking behind mirrors.

Tonight Josephine Waterloo

Tonight, Josephine is a female-friendly cocktail bar in Waterloo’s center. Expect incredible drinks in this instagrammable hotspot with stunning decor and thumping songs! Most days, there is a happy hour with 2-for-1 beverages. After-work drinks, private hiring, birthdays, product launches, and ladies’ nights out are all possible. Joséphine understood what she wanted, created her own rules, and didn’t care what anybody else thought. She began as a nobody, but with sass, hustle, and a little luck, she rose to become the Empress of France. After living her life, her slogan became ‘c’est la fucking vie,’ and she didn’t hold back. They are Josephine’s gang, the Bande De Filles. Here for a good time. Covered in neon and inspired by the unapologetic lifestyle of Josephine De Beauharnais, this cocktail den is one of London’s most Instagram-worthy hangouts. 

Think bespoke tipples, tongue-in-cheek artwork, and bucket loads of attitude at this pretty Waterloo bar. Well-behaved women do not make history. In Waterloo, join Josephine’s group for drinks. One of history’s most renowned lovers was Josephine De Beauharnais. She began as a nobody, but with sass, hustle, and a little luck, she rose to become the Empress of France. Tonight, Josephine will arrange the night of your dreams for you. Complete private hiring is available, including daytime and Sundays. Cocktails for life. One of the UK’s most Instagrammed locations! Joséphine understood what she wanted, created her own rules, and didn’t care what anybody else thought. She rose from nothing to become the Empress of France. 

After her first marriage ended in guillotine execution, Joséphine was jailed but utilized deception and seduction to leave prison the day before her rendezvous with the blade. She then lived her life with the phrase ‘c’est la f**king vie’ and didn’t hold back. She transformed into a hedonistic It Girl, an unashamed hot mess. It was a smash on the dance floor and in the sack. She married Napoleon and occupied herself by organizing parties while he was warmongering and womanizing. She ultimately joined Napoleon the night before the fight, only to have him say, “Not Tonight, Joséphine.” He loved her till his death, and her name was his last utterance. Wow, what a fun place! Very lively with good night-out music. The highlight of our experience was dealing with the manager Gabriel—he was very friendly, professional, and fantastic at his job! Overall great experience, thanks to him. 

Night Tales Loft

Night Tales Loft has homely furniture and plants that give this trendy loft bar a relaxed feel for cocktails and other drinks. Tucked away in London Fields, NT’S is a stylish location for cocktails, a roof terrace, and late nights, with some of the area’s greatest DJs spinning. Head here for warmer nights on the outdoor terrace or inside drinks when it’s a little cooler, followed by late-night dance-a thons. From the founders of Background Bars and based in the heart of London Fields, NT’s is a Loft space with a vibrant music program and excellent drinks. They have hosted club nights, live shows, brand launches, film screenings, and much more, becoming one of London’s most famous creative spaces. NT’s Loft is a New York-style loft environment with spectacular views of the city skyline. 

It is divided into two major areas: the Loft Bar (250 standing) and the Terrace (120 standing). The location has just undergone an exciting renovation and now has a greater indoor capacity, LED lighting installation, a larger stage, and a retractable terrace roof for all weather situations. Our resident catering partners, Walter & Monty, are now collaborating with Monty & Co. Reserve a table in their open-plan bar with large windows to watch the sunset with a group of friends. During the week, you may unwind with a fresh cocktail in their lovely, warm-lit setting while watching our resident jazz bands perform. On weekends, NT’s morphs into the neighborhood’s most famous nightclub and bar. The dance floor comes alive with the top promoters and DJs in town. Tables on Fridays and Saturdays are famous, so we recommend making a reservation in advance. 

During the summer, their cozy heated south-facing roof patio is available for booth and table reservations. The patio is bathed in sunlight. Tables on the terrace have high demand, and reservations are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis. Making a table reservation entitles you to free admission to NTs from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Club tickets are necessary for stays after 9 p.m. It is a shaded patio bar with a capacity of around 800 people. The pizzas are lovely. The beverages are costly. However, I recommend purchasing a bottle of Prosecco for around £27. This facility has plenty of room. Even though many people were present, it never seemed crowded. So, Night Tales Loft is one of the best bars London has to offer you!

Arc Le Salon

Cafe, Lounge, Bar, Tobacconist, and Artisan Retail at Arc Le Salon. An attractive and innovative new location where every guest can expect elegance and secrecy. You will be surprised by the highly styled and one-of-a-kind atmosphere and enticed and lured by the most excellent quality items. In the newest and most opulent institution in the heart of Mayfair, they will give a remarkable experience with passion and flair. If you are searching for a beautiful bar in London to be the backdrop for your next ‘Gram snap, get yourself down to Arc Le Salon. This Mayfair cafe is covered in gorgeous flower displays and boasts stunning interiors, alongside an award-winning selection of spirits or wine. Arc Le Salon has reached the heart of Mayfair to give that much-needed break from the daily grind. 

It is an easily accessible jewel with the enormous Cigar Lounge in the UK, conveniently located a short walk from Green Park Station. The décor incorporates organic elements to create an elegant and welcoming atmosphere. The furniture was chosen to give relaxation, and the arrangement was designed to allow solitude and closeness for those special times. Finally, if you choose Private Hire, the technology allows you to tailor the playlist to your night, bringing a modern touch to a world of traditional beauty. Intense flavors combine with high-quality spirits in the cocktails, and if you don’t want to drink, a broad range of delectable, one-of-a-kind mocktails are available. Alternatively, pick from a broad range of award-winning wines and spirits. If you want to try tobacco goods, you can choose from the most unusual cigars and unique shisha. 

If you are searching for quality food, there are halal and vegan alternatives. Choose from the following deals: Cocktail and Shisha for two people: Enjoy unique tobacco in a single shisha with two separate pipes. Choose from various flavors, including all of the traditional favorites and many more. To fully honor the event in style, the shisha is accompanied by two delectable, hand-crafted cocktails, mocktails, or two glasses of Prosecco. Gentlemen’s Getaway for Two: Enjoy a single shot of smokey Laphroaig 10-year-old whisky and a spicy yet sweet La Invicta Honduran Tres Petit Corona cigar. This promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So, Arc Le Salon is one of the best bars London has to offer you! If you are in the city, we recommend visiting this spot at least once!

Act Bar Notting Hill

The Act is a trendy cocktail bar with a twist; our skilled company performs live throughout the evening, providing an excellent, lively environment that will have you up and dancing! In exquisite surroundings, we serve delectable small Indian meals, sublime drinks, and a range of alluring wines, and our DJs keep the celebration going all night! Not only does Act Bar Notting Hill provide a plethora of live acts and entertainment, but it also has some incredibly swoon-worthy decor. Enjoy their trademark Indian small meals and bespoke creations while taking in the gorgeous setting. Our exceptional personnel comprises “the cast” of The Act; singers and performers, many of whom have appeared in West End productions and on the worldwide stage. 

They provide significant energy and excitement to the evening with immersive theatrical displays and solo performances of your favorite songs that are sure to make you grin and dance. DJs keep the party going and will have you up and dancing until the clock strikes midnight! They provide outstanding cocktails, a finely chosen wine list, a selection of beers, and non-alcoholic spirits in the world-famous Notting Hill. The cocktail menu was created by noted mixologist Benji Purslow and included drinks with the names of West End play characters, adding to the theatrical vibe. They also serve a delectable buffet of light Indian nibbles prepared by Chef Sunil d’Aosta, who previously worked in numerous Michelin-starred London restaurants before launching Chatora in Richmond, all served by their cheerful crew, and then it’s SHOWTIME! 

During an evening at The Act, they want all of their clients to enjoy the most incredible drinks, cuisine, and shows; it’s fun, fantastic, and glamorous. The location, décor, management, all-singing crew, delectable Indian food, DJ, and party atmosphere were all excellent! It’s your one-stop shop for a fun night out. You get live music, real 5* Indian food (although in tapas form), and first-rate service. Everyone was singing and dancing because it was impossible not to be swept up in the inclusive party mood. We had the best night ever and will undoubtedly be back! I’m glad I found this hidden gem, unlike anything else. I suggest The Act to anybody searching for a one-stop shop for all their nightlife requirements. So, The Act is one of the best bars in London for you. If you are in the city, we recommend visiting this spot at least once!

Hoxley And Porter

Hoxley And Porter is a cocktail lounge and Modern European restaurant with a turn-of-the-century-style interior. Hoxley & Porter, an unusual venue with distinctive decor and inspirations from all over the world, comes highly recommended for anyone with some spare time in North London. Hoxley & Porter, based on a historic Victorian train carriage, is a lovely eating spot in the Angel region. Try to get a seat in the alcove window, which is ideal for people watching while you eat through a selection of British classics. Step off Upper Street in Islington and be ready to embark on a drinking and dining extravaganza. This is Hoxley and Porter, a true gem distinguished by its spectacular décor, intoxicating liquors, and continental gastronomy. The great area will greet you with turquoise, teak, and filigree gold leaf furniture. 

The venue, which resembles a railway carriage with its fantastical colors and gloomy greenery, combines surrealist jungles and Victorian gentleman’s clubs to produce a very eye-catching interior design. Classics like hog belly, rabbit, pie, and other traditional dishes are included on the modern British menu, punctuated by influences from continental Europe, the Orient, and beyond. The restaurant serves brunch, lunch, and supper and is also an excellent spot to organize private gatherings. There’s a nice cocktail menu to peruse, and great wines and indulgent spirits are also strongly highlighted. If you are fortunate, you could be one of the drinkers selected to visit The Crypt. The bar’s flavor laboratory is where you can see experienced mixologists at work. 

Hoxley & Porter, an unusual venue with distinctive decor and inspirations from all over the world, comes highly recommended for anyone with some spare time in North London. Charming restaurant with lovely design and a relaxing atmosphere. We started with some cocktails; I had the bee’s knees and the regal Robert, both excellent and somewhat sour, which I enjoy; I would come here simply for the drinks! I started with the mushroom arancini, which was just to die for. They were wonderfully crispy on the exterior and gooey and delicious on the inside, and I could have sat there and just had them on tap. I had the vegetable garden as my main course. The entire experience was such a pleasant surprise that I would return! So, Hoxley and Porter bar is one of the best bars in London for you. If you are in the city, we recommend this spot!


Duo is a modern, 2-story venue featuring immersive dinners & brunches & a basement nightclub with cocktails. Duo is the newest addition to Camden’s thriving music scene. This boutique venue is spread across two floors. It features a stunning upstairs bar and restaurant that hosts an exciting lineup of creative events such as extravagant party brunches and immersive dinners. Venture downstairs to the basement nightclub for the best nightlife, themed events, and one-off specials. Duo believes everything is better in pairs, so anticipate a wide range of foods ranging from steak to seafood and a selection of unique prosecco-based drinks to delight and captivate your senses. Duo is a must-see for artistically inclined individuals who always look for those perfect Instagrammable moments. 

If it’s an instant-worthy interior you’re after, this Camden spot ticks all the boxes, whether it be for a date night, birthday party, or friendly gathering. Monochrome prints? Check. Cool decor? Check. Pizza cones that double up as mouth-watering food porn? Check. Duo is new to Camden’s bustling and vibrant scene. This boutique venue has two levels and a gorgeous upper bar with DUO specialty drinks on one side and candy crush cocktails on the other. Our extensive Mexican cuisine has something for everyone, making it ideal for sharing and caring. Our private Camden nightclub offers a sophisticated party experience for a sophisticated clientele. Offering a variety of innovative events such as spectacular party brunches and afternoon tea, head below to the underground nightclub for the most incredible nightlife, themed parties, and one-time specials. 

Duo believes that everything is better in pairs, so anticipate a broad range of creative Candy drinks to delight and seduce all of your senses and photo opportunities around every corner. Their facility is filled with soothing baby blues, dramatic custom murals, electric neon signs, and strong stripes – all of which have been thoughtfully put together, with every component of this venue painstakingly crafted to present guests with a multi-sensory experience. This, indeed, was bottomless. Our drinks were never empty and were regularly refilled. The first round of pancakes we had was chilly, but the second and third batches were much better – we just had three each because we weren’t hungry. Michela, who we later discovered was on a trial shift, was attentive, amusing, and friendly. The music was fantastic, as was the ambiance, and the drinks we bought on the side were exquisitely prepared (although so sweet).

Nightjar Carnaby

Nightjar Carnaby is The West End location of London’s famed jazz and cocktail club. Expect stunning, delectable, and inventive drinks and first-rate live music by some of the world’s most gifted performers. Nightjar is already one of the world’s most talked-about bars, so when it builds a second site in Carnaby? Understandably, the crowds erupted. Try the Nightjar in Carnaby for another award-winning drinking experience with unique cocktails that are difficult to rival. Glamor from the past in the heart of the West End. The West End branch of London’s renowned jazz and drink bar. Expect stunning, delectable, and inventive drinks and first-rate live music from some of the world’s most gifted performers. After more than a decade as one of London’s shining lights, Nightjar has extended its wings and launched a sibling bar in the city. 

Quality drinks, excellent personal service, and a dynamic and diverse live music program will lure customers to Nightjar Carnaby. Descending the steps will uncover an authentic 1920s art deco speakeasy experience under the bustle of Carnaby Street. Booking is strongly advised if you want to enjoy this fantastic ambiance of music and drink bliss. The cocktail club went to great lengths to reproduce the old-fashioned, prohibition-era atmosphere of live music, antique drinks, and somber ’30s decor, thereby inventing the contemporary speakeasy. And in return, the rest of the drinking world showered them with accolades, putting them in the top three of the World’s Fifty Best Bars list for years. The menu is organized chronologically, much like the original. 

Nightjar Signatures, like their trendy quintuple-rum combination, the Barrel Aged Zombie, and their highly innovative version on the London Mule, span from pre-Prohibition to postwar (which blends ginger liqueur with house-made galangal beer and bee pollen syrup). The Pearl, a salted martini served with seafoam in an oyster shell; the absinthe-laced Nightjar Boulevardier, with a white chocolate chess piece at its core; and the pungent Cascara, with vodka, roasted buckwheat infusion, coffee liqueur, and date & balsamic reduction, are some stellar new Carnaby-exclusive additions. Each is unique, theatrically presented, and very tasty. Finally, for good measure, there are a few small dishes, including cheese boards, Jamon serrano toasties, and crisp tiny fennel tortellini pieces. But what if you’re looking for something more substantial to eat? You’ve arrived in Soho. So, Nightjab Carnaby is one of the best bars in London for you. We recommend this spot!

The Bloomsbury Club Bar

Cocktail, Cool

The Bloomsbury Club Bar is an elevated bar bites pair with craft cocktails in this sophisticated bar with outdoor tables. Step inside The Bloomsbury Club Bar’s hidden realm and let the Cocktail Diviner guide your evening and reveal your deepest aspirations. There’s a reason why the Bloomsbury Club Bar is on every gorgeous bar list in London. Whether it’s the twinkling of fairy lights, high-end drinks, or tiny meals, this romantic storyline in London feels a world away from the hustle and bustle. The Bloomsbury Set was a group of intellectuals, authors, painters, and philosophers who believed that leisure – and pleasure – were as crucial to human development as their various fields of competence. The Bloomsbury Club is no exception. The Bloomsbury hotel’s bar is decorated with luxurious leather sofas, dramatic lighting, and wall-to-wall bookcases. 

It opens onto the lovely outdoor patio, a glittering grotto ideal for those long summer evenings. The bar offers a wide range of premium spirits, including a rare and exquisite spirits cabinet from across the world, liqueurs, aperitifs, and a meticulously curated cigar collection to fit any mood. While there is a highly competitive shortlist for the less-living, we can be sure that almost all of the Bloomsbury Set’s booze-friendly luminaries would be on it. And you’d take them to the Bloomsbury Club Bar. The BCB is a lusciously atmospheric ’20s style cocktail spot split into two areas: a central bar with art deco-ey flourishes, leather seating, and dark wood floors/ceiling/everything; and a laid-back, booth-filled grotto with exposed brick walls and lush vegetation greenery encased in so many glittering little lights, it’s like walking into a damn fairytale. 

And on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, you can take it all in a while, serenaded by a live band performing jazz, blues, and soul. For drinking at this bar, there is a cabinet stocked with expensive and rare whiskeys, cognacs, and liqueurs, a menu of cocktails inspired by a 1910 tarot card, and the 14 states of being. Are you depressed? The Persian Mist promises to brighten your day. Are you trying to be kind with your date? The Black Narcissus promises to be able to prevent desire from becoming an obsession. Indecisive? There isn’t a drink for that, but there is a Cocktail Diviner on standby to unearth your actual feelings and channel them into alcoholic form. That sounds reasonable. So, The Bloomsbury Club Bar is one of the best!

The Gun

The Gun is a creative, Modern British cuisine served in an elegant, white linen dining room overlooking the river. A unique dining experience awaits at The Gun, a Grade II listed pub in Docklands. With idyllic Thames views, you can relax by the water and enjoy fine fresh food, stunning wines, and a secret gin garden. The Gun, one of London’s most historic pubs, also boasts plenty of comfort and charm. Lord Nelson and Lady Emma Hamilton, they like to imagine, enjoyed the same amount of fireplace coziness and stunning vistas as they do now in this Docklands jewel. The riverfront patio is ideal for a warm day, and there is even a gin garden if that’s your thing. A roast with a jug of Bloody Mary is an excellent Sunday pastime, but you’ll need to book ahead or arrive early because people come from far and wide for a taste of riverbank history. 

The Gun is a beautiful Spitalfields pub that celebrates classic British dining and glamor in equal measure. Hunker down in a draped booth or lounge on ochre velvet while enjoying a menu of Sunday roasts, gastro favorites, and global wine. The Gun offers a terrific beer selection, premium wines, specialty spirits, and unique cocktails. Seating for up to 120 people is offered while adhering to social distancing requirements, and another 60 individuals may be accommodated outside on their Summer Moet Champagne Terrace. The Gun is the ideal spot to unwind with a drink and watch the world go by. Whether you are searching for a relaxing lunch, a place to celebrate, or a place with excellent vibes and chat, stop by and have a drink. 

Make sure to taste their legendary Sunday roast, regularly served from 12 pm to 8 pm. Everyone is invited. The Gun is a beautiful Grade II-listed medieval riverfront bar with spectacular views, seasonal cuisine, and food supplied from top-quality farmers and the local Billingsgate fish market. The Gun can provide private parties, gatherings, and wedding receptions for up to 400 people, with three private dining rooms, two warm indoor snugs, and two magnificent terraces great for canapé parties and al fresco eating along the river. Their historic, beautiful, and award-winning pub serves the best British food, the most excellent wines, and expert service in a setting unlike any other. There is an eating area near the front bar. So, this is one of the best bars in London!


Oriole is an underground cocktail bar with explorer-style decor and live music for cocktails and rare spirits. A song is stirring beneath Old Smithfield Market. The Oriole is an underground cabinet of curiosities that draws on the adventurous spirit of explorers from all ages, referencing the glorious drinking habits of the Old World, New World, and the Orient. They are located underneath London’s historic Smithfield Market, less than 5 minutes walk from Barbican and Farringdon Underground Stations. For reservations, please get in touch with them today. Oriole, from the creators of Nightjar, is as distinguished, with an original and unconventional approach to drinks. It’s also just as lovely, with a bar inspired by exotic bird species found in Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia – anticipating world-influenced design. 

Like its sister bar, Nightjar, Oriole is a speakeasy-inspired establishment in the city’s center, tucked beneath historic Smithfield Market. The Oriole cocktail menu, named after exotic bird species belonging to Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia, reflects the flavors and tastes of these regions. Alongside the award-winning drinks menu, there is an equally impressive and praiseworthy bar food menu of small Nikkei-inspired sharing plates. They are now open Wednesdays to Saturdays, from 7 pm til late. They currently take bookings 90 days in advance, and Oriole is now a cashless venue. We require card authentication for all bookings. Their CANCELLATION POLICY is as follows. If you wish to cancel the reservation or change the number of visitors, please notify them before 1 pm on the day of your reservation. 

After this period, a late cancellation charge of the entire booking amount applies. Tables usually are only held for 15 minutes. Though officially billed as a “traditional old-school nightclub with live jazz, blues, and swing,” this is the place to go for an exotic, opulent, epicurean tour across the world aboard “The Cocktail.” It is located secretively beneath London’s iconic Smithfield Market. So, its décor and menus attract the explorative spirit of a bygone era to send them on a voyage around – The Old World (Europe & Africa). This is where you can begin, literally, from your back garden parallel to the Garden of England (milk vodka, barley wine,  and slow-cooked vegetable juice) before going to Malta for a Mare Nostrum with pistachio leaf infusion, gin,  and roots mastiha liqueur (made from the resin of Greek mastic trees). This is one of the best bars in London!

Skylark Roof Garden

Skylark Roof Garden is a convivial rooftop bar serving finger foods & light fare, plus cocktails, wine & skyline views. The finest rooftop bar experience in London. Skylark Roof Garden is London’s leading rooftop cocktail bar and pizza restaurant, positioned ten stories above Notting Hill along the banks of Little Venice, with an unparalleled view of the West London skyline. Rooftop terrace cocktail bar in Paddington, West London, exquisite drinks and a homemade pizza menu. Soak up summer on the 10th floor by drinking a beer, wine, or cocktail. They are located in beautiful West London overlooking Notting Hill and Hyde Park. Skylark Roof Garden is London’s most exciting pizza restaurant and cocktail bar. Instead of gathering dust at home? Rack up some vitamin D at Skylark. 

A Notting Hill rooftop bar overlooking London and Little Venice, Skylark is an impressive spot ten floors up, complete with small plates, refreshing summer cocktails, and the perfect excuse for a night away from the sofa. The best rooftop eating and drinking experience in London. Ascend ten levels for a panoramic view of London and, more significantly, Notting Hill. Skylark Roof Garden, which borders Little Venice, shines as one of London’s most premium rooftop bars and restaurants; anticipate nothing less than a stunning view of the West London skyline. Fine wine and superb feasts are available. Skylark Roof Garden will match all of your requirements and aspirations. Found in the Paddington Central business district, Skylark Roof Garden is a dreamy weekend destination to enjoy sunny daytime cocktails, and nighttime vibes sprinkled with a touch of amazing views. 

As the name hints, the 10th-floor terrace oozes a summer garden atmosphere, with lots of greenery and umbrellas complementing dining tables and comfy day beds. All are surrounded by panoramic views over West London, including Notting Hill, Little Venice, and Hyde Park. Exclusive to 4 Kingdom Street companies during the week, the Skylark Roof Garden is available to the general public at weekends. Join in on events ranging from ‘Skylark Drinks’ and ‘SkyGirl Day Party’ to ‘Cocktails Of The World Brunch’ and ‘Sky Dance’ (cost £10-150). This will mean hours filled with bubbles, beer, a list of quality wines, signature world’s cocktails, live DJs mixing sunset beats, and (depending on the package) a tasty selection of everything from Mediterranean grilled lamb to Cheeseburger sliders. So, Skylark Roof Garden is one of the best bars in London for you.

Swift Soho

Swift Soho is a lively bar with mirrored walls & leather booths offering unique cocktails & expensive whisky lists. Slick cocktail bar Swift is not just a pretty face. It’s also a leading light regarding innovative cocktails in the city. The venue is spread across two floors, and the spot is full of sexy features, from gold fittings to great booths. Swift, located on Old Compton Street, combines an exquisite and grown-up cocktail menu with the welcome hospitality of a neighborhood pub. Swift slips easily between a local pub and a reservation-only bar, swooping in to join the cultural buzz of downtown Soho. It takes inspiration from the European type of bar where a short drink marks the end of the day or the beginning of the night. Swift has received several honors since its start in 2016, including GQ bar of the year 2018. 

Swift’s upstairs bar is a tale of two halves, with a buzzy, stylish, yet relaxed atmosphere. With European solid aperitivo vibes, it’s ideal for a fast Sgroppino between West End shows or a champagne catch-up with coworkers. Patrons who wish to stay longer may head to the Downstairs Bar, where the ambiance and drinks list have been skillfully crafted to suit a slower, more leisurely pace. Guests may have classic meals with a contemporary twist, thanks to art deco couches, table service, and a beverage list that leans toward a darker spirit. A refined Whisky Library displaying a choice of fascinating yet inexpensive drams will be available alongside the mixed cocktail options. Throughout the weekend nights, specially trained bartenders will be on hand to take customers through the large selection, and live piano music will offer a soothing soundtrack. 

Bobby and Mia, the bar’s owners, have developed their skills at some of the world’s most prestigious martini establishments. With stops at notable establishments such as Milk & Honey, Dead Rabbit, and Callooh Callay, they have amassed a wealth of knowledge and honed a set of skills for which they have become known: meticulous attention to detail and service, as well as a simple and classic style of delectably balanced drinks. Some eye-catching cocktails include the Freja made using Gray Goose vodka, Dolin blanc vermouth, lychee, lemon, and soda. Also, the Petal is made using sweet vermouth, raspberry, framboise, Campari, and prosecco. So, Swift Soho is one of the best bars London has to offer you.

Bourne & Hollingsworth

Bourne & Hollingsworth is a creative cocktail institution, party bar, and late-night drinking den situated on the corner of Charlotte Street. This intimate cocktail bar with playful, stylish decor features a unique menu of bespoke offerings. One for plant lovers and kids of whimsy, Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings is one of the prettiest bars in London. From their nod to British dining down to their cutesy conservatory space kitted out in the most delicate foliage, you’re sure to find all things beautiful here. Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings in Clerkenwell, right off Exmouth Market, is a multi-faceted clubhouse with a restaurant, greenhouse, cocktail bar, culinary school, and late-night subterranean drinking and dance lair. Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings exudes effortless elegance. 

Consider it the familiar hall at the heart of a remarkable village. This village hall serves delicious food and beautiful drinks and is a haven of casual charm. It’s perfect for a memorable supper, a quick weekend brunch, a quick pint after work, a late afternoon coffee, or a relaxing, refreshing drink. Whenever you come in, whatever brings you here, we’re here for you. They have weekend brunch, dinner, cocktails, and dancing. Dinner and drinks are served from 5 p.m. on Wednesdays through Saturdays. Weekend Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Bourne & Hollingsworth has long been regarded as one of the first central London cocktail bars, dating back to when London was beginning to carve out its niche in terms of bartending expertise. It was one of the first places in the Smokies to popularize ‘shabby chic’ and the Victorian gin palace look. 

However, things change swiftly, and you can’t keep a classic without touching it up now and again. Colorful silk and wool upholstery have replaced leather banquettes. The seats and tables are brightly colored, and there are prints from Asia and South America. The wallpaper, hand painted with bright pink strokes, is perhaps the most eye-catching feature. Bourne & Hollingsworth built their reputation, presenting cocktails in teacups. Still, with the new refurb, they opted to abandon the notion of more mixology-oriented beverages, employing avant-garde processes to create components such as CO2-charged rum or moss and pine ‘Highland’ spray. What’s the bottom line? This is the place to go if you’re looking for a quick drink in Fitzrovia with a quirky, effeminate twist. So, Bourne & Hollingsworth Bar is one of the best bars in London!

The Wild Monkey

The Wild Monkey Experience London’s immersive Wild Monkey 47 Pop-Up Bar is just stepping away from Covent Garden. The Wild Monkey in Covent Garden is a strong shout regarding the most attractive locations to drink. You may lose yourself amid lush foliage, attractive forest-themed décor, and comfy couches. It also focuses on Monkey 47 gin drinks. Experience the unique Wild Monkey 47 Pop-Up Bar in London. It is the ideal spot for after-work drinks with friends in an intimate tropical setting, serving a selection of specialty cocktails prepared in-house with Monkey 47 Gin by their professional bar crew. It is situated in the heart of Theatreland, just a short walk from some of London’s top performances, making it the ideal destination for a before or post-theatre treat. 

If you are searching for a modern place to organize an office Christmas party or get-together, please inquire about The Wild Monkey. Walk-ins are welcome. Gin lovers, take note: this one’s for you! The creators of the genuinely incredible Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin are bringing a magnificent pop-up cocktail bar to Aldwych, and we couldn’t be happier. The Wild Monkey will start gin season by converting the beautiful Waldorf Hilton into Monkey 47’s fantastic realm. Discover a delectable cocktail bar brimming with incredible drinks honoring Monkey 47’s unusual past and exotic ingredients. You’ll also be able to enjoy the legendary Monkey 47 Sonic drink! Don’t pass up the opportunity to see this fantastic pop-up. When you enter The Wild Monkey, you’ll be astounded to see the Waldorf Hilton transformed with the Black Forest-inspired decor and impressive graphics conveying the genuinely wonderful tale of the one-of-a-kind Monkey 47 gin. 

It’s a pop-up paradise inspired by the actual guesthouse where gin inventor Montgomery “Monty” Collins developed the original formula for Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin. The Wild Monkey will come to life with a magnificent bar serving a variety of classic and quirky Monkey 47 gin drinks. Enjoy unique flavors as you learn about the 47 rare botanicals that combine to create a rich yet carefully balanced taste in every sip! Taste chosen ingredients inspired by renowned British traditions and combined with Indian spices for a flavor experience. And the pièce de résistance, rare Black Forest ingredients that will have you going back for more! So, The Wild Monkey is one of the best bars London has to offer you and your loved ones!

Sky Garden Bars

Sky Garden is one of London’s most gorgeous pubs and is certainly not a shy location to dine and drink. Sky Garden is an irresistible force, more than a gorgeous site for date night and more, with its magnificent views of the city, cocktail bars, and indoor garden. Sky Garden London, managed by famous event caterer and restaurateur rhubarb, is a fantastic drinking and eating experience above the 20 Fenchurch Street tower, offering three stunning floors of all-encompassing views of London’s cityscape (also known as the Walkie Talkie). It should be no surprise that the gardens themselves are created by multi-award-winning architects Gillespies and are the highest planted public gardens in London, elegantly framing the capital’s outstanding views. 

Sky Garden offers not only the most significant drinking and eating experience but also a gorgeous background (with views of the city) for private gatherings, ideal for product launches, corporate occasions, private celebrations, and everything in between. Sky Garden, on the other hand, provides ticketed events regularly throughout the year, with something for everyone – from early morning yoga to spectacular wine-tasting dinners and seasonal extravaganzas. Platforms for Sky Pods: Catering options start at £45 per person for groups of 10-15 people on the grounds overlooking Sky Pod Bar. The gardens have two authorized platforms located between floors 35 and 36. These areas provide spectacular views of London, one overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral and beyond, the other overlooking The Tower of London and Canary Wharf. These sites are in high demand due to their exclusivity and spectacular vistas. 

Sky Pod Semi-Private VIP Areas: 10-80 people, located in the center of Sky Pod Bar, with food options starting at £45 per person. These premium sections are privately roped off for your event, ideal for parties of 10-80 people in the Sky Pod Bar with unrivaled Thames views. Throughout the party, your host will be on hand to offer you wonderfully diverse food and drink while you absorb the ambiance and lovely surroundings. Catering packages start at £45 per person in City Garden Bar for groups of 20 to 99 people. Level 36’s City Garden Bar also has impressive floor-to-ceiling views of north London. This is an excellent spot for parties of 20-99 persons, with an exclusive section with your private host bringing you and your friend fine food and drink all night long. Fenchurch Terrace can accommodate 10-30 people. This is a private venue area for reservations of 10-30 persons.


Aviary has coal oven-cooked modern British dishes with striking views at this bird-themed venue. Aviary is London’s most incredible rooftop bar, restaurant, and terrace, located on the 10th floor of the new Montcalm Royal London House Hotel in Finsbury Square near Moorgate and Liverpool Street. It is well-known for its spectacular vistas and lavish elegance. Following your inquiry, the Aviary staff will contact you to confirm your reservation. Crowds go to the top of Aviary, the capital’s hottest rooftop attraction. They’re on the tenth level of the new Montcalm. Crowds go to the top of Aviary, the capital’s hottest rooftop attraction. Leading restaurant and bar operator ETM Group has taken eating to a new level with its first sky-high restaurant and terrace bar, perched on the 10th story of the new Montcalm Royal London House Hotel in Finsbury Square with outstanding views out over the City. 

The 6,000 sq ft rooftop dining destination built by Russell Sage Studio is nestled between the City and Shoreditch and boasts a fantastic central bar that neatly divides the fashionable restaurant area from the sumptuous bar room. Hanging plants, gold beverage cases, single soft sitting, and comfortable banquettes bring the outside in, creating a bright, vivid feel. Meanwhile, comfy lounge seating on the heated terrace offers stunning views of some of London’s most prominent structures. A selection of exquisitely prepared drinks will embrace a botanic theme by utilizing natural ingredients in novel and creative ways. The unusual cocktails will be served in beautiful copper tankards and extra particular copper pineapple sharing servings, complementing a total wine and beer range. 

You’ll want to step out onto the south-facing terrace for that breathtaking vantage point, which offers panoramic views of the metropolitan skyline. With design from the acclaimed Russell Sage Studio, the interiors will be equally impressive (okay, maybe not entirely), and you’ll be able to pop in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner seven days a week. The interiors, designed by the famed Russell Sage Studio, will be as beautiful (well, maybe not entirely), and you’ll be able to stop in for breakfast, lunch, or supper seven days a week. The 10th floor at the Montcalm Hotel in Finsbury Square, only a short walk from Old Street Tube station, is home to London’s newest rooftop bar and restaurant. Admire the City’s skyline while sipping a botanical-themed drink on Aviary London’s heated terrace, where comfortable lounge seating is available.

The Last Talisman

The Last Talisman is a cool bar serving up creative cocktails & a menu of Pan-Asian sharing plates, skewers & bao buns. Expertly crafted cocktails & a sizzling Asian grill. A gorgeous cocktail bar just a short walk from London Bridge Station. Join us every Saturday night for our live DJ. A bar like The Last Talisman? What doesn’t it have going for it? From Mala Madre, its hidden cocktail bar, its Asian menu of skewers and dumplings alongside a dog-friendly policy and regular live music, The Last Talisman is a Bermondsey gift that keeps on giving. The Last Talisman’s mystical energy has arrived on Bermondsey Street, delivering good fortune in beverages and tasty small meals with a sizzling Asian grill and a dog-friendly bar. Get away from reality while still feeling like you’re at home. 

The Last Talisman is expected to give unforgettable experiences unlike any other, with guests feeling fortunate to be in the enchanted realm of The Last Talisman. The Last Talisman doesn’t stop there; picture discovering an incredible drinking establishment within an incredible drinking establishment; visit Mala Madre! Dre Masso, the co-creator, is working on a fantastic passion project called Mala Madre. Bringing his Columbian heritage and inspiration from his experience in Bali together. Mala Madre is a singular and one-of-a-kind refuge for real cocktail connoisseurs. From an all-black La Ofrenda to the explosive daiquiri, expect unique, world-class cocktails prepared with Dre’s passion for tequila, pisco, and rum beverages. Enjoy your cocktails in a trendy and comfortable lounge bar. 

As Mala Madre becomes a beautiful lair, your breakfast will have a magical twist. The host blends magic, mind-reading, and hypnosis during their well-crafted presentation, leaving you surprised, excited, and dazzled. Specially developed tricks to take your weekend to the next level. Do you want to try something different? Use some of our talisman magic to wow someone! Learn to make our cocktails the Talisman way with London’s first-ever Shake & Bao Experience. Our fabulous mixologists will teach you how to shake, stir & strain your favorite Last Talisman cocktails, paired with a Bao that will be built by yourself during a 90-minute class that’s bao-und to impress. I enjoyed a dreary evening last night with five friends, and it was a great experience. The food was delicious: prawn tempura, dirty rice, pork belly, and meringue cheesecake were my favorite. So, this is one of the best bars in London!

Juno Rooms

Juno Rooms has traditional & modern wines served by glass, carafe & bottle accompanied by a seasonal, British menu. Juno Rooms – a lively, vibrant bar in the city, ideal for meeting colleagues, clients, or friends in the City of London. Juno Rooms is one of the most visually appealing eateries in the city. You’ll discover an excellent location for anything from family meals to after-work cocktails and private gatherings, just steps from Mansion House station. Juno Rooms, located in the center of the square mile, offers a new luxury product without the premium price tag. During the day, Juno Rooms will be bustling with client meetings in their private dining room, birthday lunches, and people looking for a fuss-free, pleasurable, and comfortable ambiance. 

There is always something fresh to discover from the menu, thanks to the culinary and bar workers working on food and beverage specials. As the evening progresses, the bar becomes the go-to spot for after-work drinks, group meals, and a variety of large and small private parties that use the numerous bookable sections. On Thursday nights, our in-house DJ spins tunes in our lower basement bar, which features stylish bookable booths, a separate entryway, and a dance floor for those who want to dance the night away. So, Juno Rooms will tick all of your boxes, whether it’s a corporate event, a quick snack, a post-work beverage, or three. Juno Rooms is in the city’s center, close to Bank, Chancery Lane, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Juno Rooms is the ideal location for events of all sizes. 

They have the appropriate area to satisfy your event needs, from casual drinks to private dining and exclusive party hiring for up to 200 people. The Mezzanine on the bottom level is a semi-private space that can accommodate up to 60 people. The Private Dining Room may seat up to 12 people. The Basement Bar can accommodate up to 200 people standing or 100 sittings. Behind the bar, the experienced team mixes up some of London’s best cocktails, signature gin, and tonics, perfect for informal after-work drinking and dining with colleagues. Downstairs the basement bar is the perfect spot to unwind, with one-off DJ events making it a welcome escape from the hustle-and-bustle of the city and perhaps the best place in the Square Mile for after-work drinks. So, Juno Rooms is one of the best bars London has to offer you.


Fitz’s Bar is a chic bar at a posh hotel, including stained glass windows & plush décor with a contemporary twist. Named after Charles Fitzroy Doll, the Bar at Kimpton Fitzroy London comes into its own at night. Fitz’s has a timeless glamor and an air of illicit pleasure, whether guests catch up on gossip, mix with movers and shakers, or let their hair down into the small hours. Fitz’s is a real gem in London’s drinking scene, offering a slice of vintage luxury. Escape normality and step inside a luxurious haunt that celebrates Bloomsbury’s past and present free spirits with its eclectic cocktail menu of high-end delights. Fitz’s Bar is a great place to get away from it all. Fitz’s Russell Square is a glitzy drinking establishment housed in the magnificent Grade II listed Kimpton Fitzroy London. 

Inside, guests sip drinks while admiring a famous Jazz Age mirrorball and genuine 18th-century stained-glass windows. Fitz’s oozes extravagance with sparkling Ostrich feathers, Victorian curiosities, crocodile-skin decor, a blazing fireplace, and a shimmering, gigantic mirrorball. Inside, you may sample our delectable selection of creative drinks inspired by the ‘Theory of Color.’ Join us every evening from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. as we travel through the looking glass to explore a world of colors, tints, and shades, their influence on the mind, our senses, culture, and, of course, our drinks. We’re not trying to scare you, but Fitz’s has a disco ball. And it’s a huge one, my friends. This cocktail club is located within the Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel in Bloomsbury and has soft pink sofas, long feathers, an open fireplace, and a massive, gold backlit bar. 

It’s where you can imagine a tipsy Greta Garbo in the back corner chatting to someone handsome while sipping on their superb specialty drink, The Spy Princess. Remember that the drinks here are around the £15 mark, so your bill will rapidly add up. If Rick James and Jay Gatsby got together to throw a bash, I reckon it would look like Fitz’s Bar. Jazz Age plumage fluffs up from behind chairs while a giant glitter ball hangs from above; the back bar’s arches hint at art deco elegance while bright modern art punctuates the walls, and music drifts from up-tempo funk to mellow jazz. Fitz’s sits inside the Kimpton Fitzroy London, on the corner of Russell Square. This is one of the best bars in London!


Girlfriend is a stylish cocktail bar in Clapham, serving up the best cocktails in SW London. Make your way to Girlfriend in Clapham for some pretty interiors and fabulous drinks. Adorned with plush seats and baby pink walls, you can sip on classic cocktails in their happy hour and live your best life. Girlfriend, Clapham’s most excellent cocktail bar, combines delicious drinks with stunning aesthetics. Sit back in the warm lounge or at the gold-tiled bar and order from an extensive cocktail menu that includes popular classics and masterfully made unique drinks. Expect robust flavors and Instagram-worthy garnishes in a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere complemented by rare art. Party packages with complimentary cupcakes for birthdays and hen nights are available for individuals with something unique to celebrate. 

Every day from 5–8 pm, come in for Happy Hour and enjoy incredible savings on Girlfriend Prosecco and classic cocktails. Girlfriend Bar is ideal for a night out with the girls, a date night (with loves or besties), or the party of your wildest dreams. Please show them your cheerful smile every day till 7 pm with £6 classic drinks and £5 Prosecco. Girlfriend is a gorgeous cocktail bar in Battersea, themed with pastel pink, floral and gold colors. It has seating at the bar, so you can watch the mixologists create your cocktail. Happy hour cocktails between 6–8 pm are only £6 every day. The cocktail menu includes the following creations: Girlfriend Martini: Pink and robust, adorned with a rose. Chapel Down pinot noir gin, Lillet rose. 

Girlfriends Just Wanna Have Fun: Become a pornstar. Pisco, Passionfruit, Apricot, Lime, Girlfriend Prosecco. Señorita Margarita: A margarita with depth and clarity. Maestro Dobel Tequila, Orange Wine, Lime Shrub, Saline. Girlfriend is a great spot for drinks with friends with pretty cocktails and impressive interiors. It’s also open until 2 am on Friday and Saturday for those late-night tipples. A stylish, classy cocktail bar In Clapham. They offer a wide selection of premium spirits & liqueurs, including a healthy variety of tequilas and agave spirits. They ensure you’ll enjoy your stay with beautiful cocktails and a great staff. There were several tales of a scary bartender, which I did not encounter. The personnel were quite pleasant. The happy hour drinks were tasty and reasonably priced. Orion, the new bartender, was excellent! He was courteous and attentive. Overall, a strange feeling, but Orion was fantastic!


Hidden beneath Happy Face pizzeria, SUPERMAX is a basement bar heavy on cocktails, neon lights, and a sound system, serving vermouth-led drinks and Cicchetti until the small hours every night from Wednesday to Saturday. POST-WORK DRINKS: APERITIVO HOUR Shake off the working day and head to SUPERMAX for Aperitivo Hour from 5:30–7 pm, which sees £6 cocktails on offer alongside a selection of delicious Cicchetti. DJs AT SUPERMAX Dancefloor action in King’s Cross! Friday and Saturday nights at SUPERMAX are all about the party, with DJs from the Spiritland camp playing on a great sound system with the lights and disco balls spinning. The entrance is free. PRIVATE HIRE: Want the place to yourself? Get in touch. In the form of SUPERMAX, King’s Cross has been holding a secret from you. 

This vermouth-led bar, tucked beneath Happy Face Pizza, promotes all things Italian culture, with its decor a fantastic tribute to all things 1970s Milan. SUPERMAX is King’s Cross’ best-kept secret; tucked beneath Happy Face Pizza, this tiny bar serves a Vermouth-led cocktail menu. The bar’s décor is a celebration of Italian culture, referencing the interiors of 1970s Milan with extravagant and dramatic elements of neon, leather, and terrazzo. The music strategy of SUPERMAX is equally thoughtful, with a soundtrack ranging from Italo pop and deep house to leftfield disco and beyond. It is named after the iconic Austrian disco group from the 1970s who had UK success with their single ‘Love Machine.’ DJs from sister bar Spiritland perform on the heavyweight JBL Soundsystem regularly, making it the ideal venue for a pre-cinema sharpener, a late-night drink, or a covert meeting. 

What’s not to love about neon lights, bright colors, and disco balls? This fantasy of a bar may be located beneath Happy Face, its sibling pizza restaurant, near the Everyman theater in King’s Cross. It’s provided to you by the same crew who brought you Spiritland, so you already know the beverages and music will be fantastic. There’s an Italian theme, with drinks heavy on the vermouth, Cicchetti nibbles, and a daily Aperitivo hour, which we also like. There must be dancing where there are disco balls, and they do not disappoint – Friday evenings are packed with DJs delivering the party. A fantastic basement party bar in general. So, this is one of the best bars that London has to offer you. Visit this today for a fun time!

Restaurant Ours

Restaurant Ours has giant trees & high ceilings that add drama to this restaurant’s upscale British-Euro cuisine & bar scene. Restaurant Ours draws the outside in, creating an unexpected place amid Knightsbridge. This look is unpretentious, easy, and elegant with reference to vintage style. It has a globally inspired shared cuisine emphasizing seasonal, fresh ingredients and flavor—accompanied by various skillfully picked wines and quirky drinks. Restaurant Ours draws the outside in, creating an unexpected place amid Knightsbridge. Restaurant Ours, one of the best restaurants in South Kensington, is casual, easy, and stylish, with a hint of retro flair. This location is for special occasions and fancy dress in the upper echelons of London. 

Restaurant Ours is one of London’s most attractive restaurants, with plenty of cocktail charm, luxurious meals, magnificent furnishings, and a lovely reference to flora. There is a restaurant, a cocktail lounge, a private dining room, and a patio. Restaurant Ours draws the outside in, creating an unexpected place amid Knightsbridge. Their lofty ceilings provide a fantastic location for parties of all sizes. They offer the freedom to organize an event that will surprise you, whether you want to book a large group supper or lease out the entire restaurant. Their Mezzanine level Living Room, which overlooks the main restaurant, may be rented exclusively or semi-exclusively for private gatherings of up to 100 guests for a standing reception or 80 guests for a seated lunch/dinner. Their private dining room, the Bloom Room, is ideal for customized gatherings of up to 20 people. 

They can design a menu to fit any group, whether a company function or a gathering of friends and family. They are accompanied by a variety of skillfully picked wines and quirky drinks. Restaurant Ours is a contemporary Mediterranean eatery in the heart of Knightsbridge. Restaurant Ours, with its internal trees and exposed brick walls, invites the outside in, creating a stunning place concealed a few steps down its notorious runway entrance. Instagrammers’ dream! Restaurant Ours, located just a short distance from Harrods, is casual and straightforward while staying stylish and exquisite. Guests may enjoy nightly performances by enthralling acts like burlesque, aerial, contortionists, live music, DJs, and much more! Executive Chef Juri Ravagli’s cuisine focuses on seasonal, fresh ingredients and flavors to be as sustainable as possible. So, this is one of the best bars London has to offer you!


London has no shortage of beautiful spots to perch, from the very good-looking to the jaw-droppers you’ve never heard of. We’ve been looking for the city’s most appealing places, from restaurants decked out in the best flora to rooftop pubs that would give your Instagram a good showing. Check out our picks for the most stunning cocktail bars in London and fill your feed with these hidden gems.

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