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Salem is the ideal location for a culinary and cocktail experience. The city on Massachusetts’s north shore has all you need for a full epicurean experience. Salem offers it everything, from traditional American comfort cuisine to meals with Asian, European, and Latin American flavors. You’ll also like the city’s many eating options, which include anything from posh restaurants to little cafés where you can just hang out. Indeed, Salem is the place to be for foodies. Convinced? Perfect! To help you plan your epic eating excursion, here’s a list of the Best Cocktail Bars in Salem.

All Souls Lounge 

All Souls Lounge bar was formed by two residents who care deeply about the town and industry in which they live and work. The two constructed pubs to commemorate and pay homage to the previous neighborhood establishments. The bar adheres to traditional hospitality principles. When you enter the pub, you can’t help but notice how friendly it is. The meals and drinks served at the pub are reasonably priced. The bartenders offer genuine service and make you feel welcome. You may have a friendly chat with your friends and loved ones at a cool bar. The strange saying lines “we welcome those who still have their souls and even some who do not” greet visitors to the pub. Gourmet hot dogs, vegan meals, and world-class grilled cheese are among the menu items available at the bar. 

You may also get red beans and rice, quinoa and sweet potato chili, beef chili, and pretzels, among other things. The bar serves classic cocktails, wine, beer, vodka, and other alcoholic beverages. Set yourself up at this “old-school” hangout, which serves traditional drinks, gourmet hot dogs, and the tastiest grilled cheese on the North Shore. A large variety of vegan and vegetarian options are also available. Enjoy extensive vinyl and CD jukebox collections and the sincere and knowledgeable service from the staff. All Souls was created by two locals who share an affinity for the community and industry in which they live, work, and breathe. They are here to celebrate and pay homage to the old neighborhood bar, an honest-to-goodness haunt where everybody knows your name. 

Their standards are based on the foundations of old-school hospitality: a welcoming atmosphere, sincere service, and affordable food and drink. Cold beer, warm conversation, and the best juke and vinyl selections on the North Shore – they look forward to sharing all of this, and much more, with you in the heart of downtown Salem. They welcome all who still have their souls — even those who don’t. BEST COCKTAIL LOUNGE IN SALEM! What a treat! It’s a small spot easily missed but with a cozy inside and a great little patio. Dog friendly. Be a good person and put some money in the jukebox. They have historical cocktails, grilled cheese (the sweet and salty with bacon and hot honey is my favorite), and hot dogs; what’s not to love? They have friendly staff and helpful staff as well.

Bit Bar

Bit Bar is a bar that offers old-school arcade games, craft beer & playful eats like donut burgers. 50+ classic arcade and pinball games. Local craft beer and specialty cocktails. Now on Derby Street with a large patio and new comfort food menu. 21+ after 8 pm. They find their games and like keeping them running. Check out the existing games on the floor; new ones are constantly added. Finding one of these devices abandoned in a cellar or barn is thrilling; you can see the 35 years of love and cruelty. It’s difficult to describe the sensation of seeing it light up for the first time after years of neglect. The knowledge and components required to repair them are soon becoming a thing of the past. However, it is evident that we have a tremendous emotional relationship with these games as a culture.

Organizations of dedicated individuals have formed to maintain them as a playable part of our shared past. We’ve been planning to create a permanent arcade restaurant and bar for quite some time. A location where friends can get together to play classic games, drink local artisan beer, and eat fantastic cuisine. Arcade bars are well-established across the country, but they have been lacking in the greater Boston region. We hope to spin on this notion by sharing our passion for vintage game graphics, music, and culture. We are also searching for methods to interact with the heirs of this history, independent game creators, by providing them with a specific location to exhibit and unique events to introduce new creations. 

Building on Bit Fest’s phenomenal success and the enthusiasm and encouragement of our incredible fans, the Bit Fest team is excited to introduce Bit Bar to Salem—the greater Boston area’s first Bar-Arcade! There are discussion elements and natural shared experiences, and you find yourself striking up conversations with others about various topics, with the games as a trigger. It doesn’t hurt that there’s alcohol involved. Bit Bar serves excellent artisan brews and spirits from well-known and loved local breweries and distilleries. Our very brilliant and creative executive chef creates innovative, tasty meals that will make your tongue and taste buds delight. Play 30+ classic arcade cabinets and pinball tables on the outside terrace, and power up! So, this is one of the best bars Salem offers you. If you are in the city, we recommend visiting it!

Ledger Restaurant

The Ledger is an upscale restaurant & bar serving New England cuisine in a 19th-century bank building. The glamorous interior, a former bank, is relatively spacious, so you’ll have plenty of socially separated room to stretch while discovering chef-owner Matt O’Neil and senior chef Daniel Gursha’s varied, upmarket New American cuisine: Consider grilled apples and honey nut squash puree with cider-glazed pork shank, herb-brined chicken with salsa verde and pepitas, or Maine mussels with pork belly, curry, coconut, and lemongrass. There’s also tented outside seating, ideal for enjoying Ledger’s delectable brunch fare, like delicious chicken and waffles topped with green chile butter and spicy honey. Chef-owner Matt O’Neil recently led the meticulous refurbishment of a circa-1818 old savings bank into a dazzling restaurant space. 

Exposed original masonry, a wall of reclaimed deposit boxes, and a long, wooden community table coexist with more polished features like an expansive open kitchen with a bespoke wood-fire grill and a dramatic, massive chandelier over the bar. The menu has a new New England atmosphere with seasonal, locally produced sides like cornbread and succotash and substantial mains like a Berkshire pork chop with marinated peaches. Another Washington Street treasure, Ledger Restaurant, is a must-visit restaurant with a distinctively exciting take on its fabulous fare. Still, Ledger also takes traditional 19th-century favorites and updates them with much 21st-century love. Wood-fired grills, for example, are used to elegantly infuse meats and veggies with a smokey richness found exclusively in wood-fired grills, so that Ledger Double Burger you ordered? It’ll be in a league of its own! Ledger is a favorite for the cocktail set, with a full menu that includes meat-based, vegetarian, and vegan alternatives. 

It has the air of a luxury loft, with exposed brick walls, wood flooring, hanging pendant lighting, and many metals and wood elements, and it is located in a historic bank building. According to several recent internet evaluations, the service at Ledger isn’t the nicest. Ledger, located near downtown, is ideal for a date! It offers stunning décor evocative of an old bank, a speakeasy ambiance from the 1920s, significant ceilings, and fantastic food. The service at Ledger is also excellent. A superb gourmet dining experience in a lovely historic building providing some of Salem’s freshest and tastiest food. The food and drinks change seasonally. The cuisine has flavor and texture layer upon layer. It is expertly produced by a culinary staff that values inventiveness and quality. We were taken aback. The crew is kind and energetic.

Flying Saucer Pizza Company

Flying Saucer Pizza Company

Flying Saucer Pizza Company has Pizzas topped with local ingredients paired with craft beers in funky digs sporting space decor. Traditional, vegan & gluten-free craft pizza with New England craft beers and ciders. Sci-fi decor. Fresh dough is made daily! Flying Saucer Pizza Company is the go-to in Salem for delicious ‘za in a fun atmosphere, with décor and food themes that include Star Wars, Doctor Who, and all things sci-fi, such as their Spaceballs: The Musical meatball appetizer, their Soylent Green spinach, and artichoke dip, and their major crowd favorite specialty pizza, the Nick Fury, a super spicy pizza with cream sauce, buffalo chicken, Scallions. Doesn’t it sound amazing? There are also a lot of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free alternatives, so there is something for everyone. They’re on Washington Street, directly behind the Bewitched Samantha monument, and there’s also outside seating. 

The menu is rife with geeky allusions, from the “Spaceballs” (aka. garlic knots) to the several specialty pies: The “Audrey II,” for example, is a homage to the ravenous plant from Little Shop of Horrors, with arugula, roasted red peppers, and balsamic fig. But you can also make your pizza with spectacular extras like sweet habanero sauce, Cajun-style chicken, and a slew of vegan options like jackfruit disguised as “pulled pork” or “meatballs.” Gluten-free crusts are also available and trust us when we say they’re out of this world. The Flying Saucer Pizza Company serves gourmet pizzas and specialty brews in a quirky, chic urban environment. They serve New York-style pizza and vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. They cook everything from scratch and utilize fresh, local ingredients wherever feasible.

This award-winning restaurant is one of the best places to dine in Salem, serving exquisite gourmet pizzas in a pleasant and relaxed setting. The pizza was delicious. They performed an outstanding job. The interior is really out of this world. The waitress was excellent. In addition, someone drew the hex girls on the chalkboard, which was fantastic. It was the most incredible pizza I’d had since moving to Massachusetts. We were in Salem for two days and were searching for an inexpensive, fast lunch spot, so we all bought a piece. The pizza was so incredible that we returned for supper to try some specialty pizzas. I highly suggest it! The service was excellent and so were the meals and beverages. So, this is one of the best bars Salem has to offer you.

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Several fantastic and top-rated bars have sprung all across Salem city, satisfying your urge for a fun-filled night with your loved ones. The cocktail bars provide everything you need to satisfy your taste senses. The above mentioned bars are some well-known Cocktails Bars in Salem that are worth a visit. So, we hope our list helps your find your favorite Cocktail Bars in Salem. Have fun!

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