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Salem‘s downtown eating and bar scene used to be rather suffocated, catering almost completely to the requirements of state workers on rushed lunch breaks, a ghost town as darkness fell. That has altered in recent years, beginning in the city center and spreading to Salem’s outskirts: Walking through downtown Salem, practically every street has a bar and restaurant. Let us look at The Best Cool Bars in Salem.

All Souls Lounge 

All Souls Lounge bar was formed by two residents who care deeply about the town and industry in which they live and work. The two constructed pubs to commemorate and pay homage to the previous neighborhood establishments. The bar adheres to traditional hospitality principles. When you enter the pub, you can’t help but notice how friendly it is. The meals and drinks served at the pub are reasonably priced. The bartenders offer genuine service and make you feel welcome. You may have a friendly chat with your friends and loved ones at a cool bar. The strange saying lines “we welcome those who still have their souls and even some who do not” greet visitors to the pub. Gourmet hot dogs, vegan meals, and world-class grilled cheese are among the menu items available at the bar. 

You may also get red beans and rice, quinoa and sweet potato chili, beef chili, and pretzels, among other things. The bar serves classic cocktails, wine, beer, vodka, and other alcoholic beverages. Set yourself up at this “old-school” hangout, which serves traditional drinks, gourmet hot dogs, and the tastiest grilled cheese on the North Shore. A large variety of vegan and vegetarian options are also available. Enjoy extensive vinyl and CD jukebox collections and the sincere and knowledgeable service from the staff. All Souls was created by two locals who share an affinity for the community and industry in which they live, work, and breathe. They are here to celebrate and pay homage to the old neighborhood bar, an honest-to-goodness haunt where everybody knows your name. 

Their standards are based on the foundations of old-school hospitality: a welcoming atmosphere, sincere service, and affordable food and drink. Cold beer, warm conversation, and the best juke and vinyl selections on the North Shore – they look forward to sharing all of this, and much more, with you in the heart of downtown Salem. They welcome all who still have their souls — even those who don’t. BEST COCKTAIL LOUNGE IN SALEM! What a treat! It’s a small spot easily missed but with a cozy inside and a great little patio. Dog friendly. Be a good person and put some money in the jukebox. They have historical cocktails, grilled cheese (the sweet and salty with bacon and hot honey is my favorite), and hot dogs; what’s not to love? They have friendly staff and helpful staff as well.

Sea Level Oyster Bar

Sea Level Oyster Bar has oysters, lobster rolls, specialty cocktails & more offered in a casual joint with water views. Sea Level Oyster Bar can help you arrange the ideal event. This award-winning bar is an excellent choice for your next social event or company meal. It has an unrivaled collection of the finest seafood. It serves various beverages, including beers, cocktails, and wines. Baked lobster mac & cheese, shucked oysters, steak fries, ahi blackened seared tuna, steamed lobster, stuffed lobster, fried seafood, tacos, fried coconut shrimp, and more items are available on the bar’s extensive menu. It also accepts bookings. The Sea Level Salem restaurant is now open for indoor and outdoor dining. Only a few bookings are available. 

Their cocktail menu keeps you interested long after you finish your last oyster. Sea Level Oyster Bar has an unrivaled assortment of New England’s best and freshest seafood. If you’re looking to host an event, Sea Level Oyster Bar can help you arrange the ideal one. Let them help you plan your next social gathering or corporate dinner. New Waterfront Seafood restaurant located on Pickering wharf serves fresh local seafood, Featuring an outside bar overlooking the harbor, Fresh Raw Bar, local favorites, and fun bar food, such as Fish Tacos, pizza, and great Burgers served in three ways. Outside, Dining windows that open up on the water open for Lunch and dinner seven days a week. This bar was established in 2015. It is a seafood restaurant featuring a Raw Bar, Outside Dining, Waterfront restaurant, and outside bar. 

We come here every time we visit, and the food does not disappoint! Bloody Mary, to start, is phenomenal (pretty sure there is a little clam juice in it, but so good). I came here with my friend on a Tuesday night around 8 pm. We were seated upstairs. The restaurant was still pretty busy but starting to clear for the night. We ordered the popcorn shrimp and the fish of the Day tacos and shared them. The popcorn shrimp was my favorite between the two. I liked all components of it, from the actual shrimp to the tartar sauce to the bed of popcorn underneath. The day’s fish was Mahi, which was in the tacos. The restaurant overlooks the harbor, so the view is beautiful. Our waiter and the hostesses were all friendly, and the food was excellent. I would recommend stopping by if you’re in Salem! 

Gulu Gulu Café

Gulu Gulu Café

Gulu Gulu Café is a cozy, unpretentious coffeehouse offering an eclectic global menu of small bites, plus live music. The European-style café supports the arts. Breakfast, espresso, craft beer and imports, wine, and light fare. Free live entertainment. Gulu Gulu Cafe is a bohemian hangout that serves hard-to-find artisan beer, coffee, and light fare. Marie Feldmannova and her husband, Steve Feldmann, named their offbeat establishment after the cafe where they met in Prague. Feldmann recalls the Prague Cafe as an influence, saying, “When we began out, I don’t believe anyone understood what to make of us.” We have music, but we are not a club; we have food, but we are not a restaurant; and when people say “café,” they think Starbucks. We’re not quite Starbucks.” Gulu Gulu is more like Ernest Hemingway’s Closerie des Lilas. 

In 2005, Steve and Marie founded their first Gulu Gulu Cafe in Lynn. The Salem location was a better match, and the current Gulu Gulu opened in 2007. This renowned cafe attracts a diverse crowd of crunchy artists and fashionable young workers. The emphasis on visual and performance art captures Salem’s appealing bohemian ambiance while local musicians and singer-songwriters perform [through the week]. And the cuisine is pure art, focusing on a clean, veggie-friendly selection of soups, sandwiches, and – most delightfully – an extended crepe menu of sweet and savory fillings. You’ll often encounter the owners and their loyal and eccentric crew relaxing with a cup of locally produced coffee or a great pint of beer that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Please introduce yourself! The appropriate amount of distraction, a dash of free internet, a pinch of friendly vibes, and a sprinkling of freedom between coffee, wine, tea, or sophisticated beer offer me the perfect combination of yuppie, real-world Starbucks, and the old feel of the open back college library. The flying Gulu beer civilization has many advantages. Access to the Flying Gulu Beer Society’s secret, restricted Facebook group. You’ll receive first dibs on unique draught and bottled beers, beer education, tasting notes, and early access to events. You will be the first to know about any special, ticketed events, and you will be invited to exclusive Beer Society events. Your beer will be served in a unique chalice, and you will receive a t-shirt, your name on their plaque, and a chalice to keep. So, this is one of the best bars in Salem.

Bit Bar

Bit Bar is a bar that offers old-school arcade games, craft beer & playful eats like donut burgers. 50+ classic arcade and pinball games. Local craft beer and specialty cocktails. Now on Derby Street with a large patio and new comfort food menu. 21+ after 8 pm. They find their games and like keeping them running. Check out the existing games on the floor; new ones are constantly added. Finding one of these devices abandoned in a cellar or barn is thrilling; you can see the 35 years of love and cruelty. It’s difficult to describe the sensation of seeing it light up for the first time after years of neglect. The knowledge and components required to repair them are soon becoming a thing of the past. However, it is evident that we have a tremendous emotional relationship with these games as a culture.

Organizations of dedicated individuals have formed to maintain them as a playable part of our shared past. We’ve been planning to create a permanent arcade restaurant and bar for quite some time. A location where friends can get together to play classic games, drink local artisan beer, and eat fantastic cuisine. Arcade bars are well-established across the country, but they have been lacking in the greater Boston region. We hope to spin on this notion by sharing our passion for vintage game graphics, music, and culture. We are also searching for methods to interact with the heirs of this history, independent game creators, by providing them with a specific location to exhibit and unique events to introduce new creations. 

Building on Bit Fest’s phenomenal success and the enthusiasm and encouragement of our incredible fans, the Bit Fest team is excited to introduce Bit Bar to Salem—the greater Boston area’s first Bar-Arcade! There are discussion elements and natural shared experiences, and you find yourself striking up conversations with others about various topics, with the games as a trigger. It doesn’t hurt that there’s alcohol involved. Bit Bar serves excellent artisan brews and spirits from well-known and loved local breweries and distilleries. Our very brilliant and creative executive chef creates innovative, tasty meals that will make your tongue and taste buds delight. Play 30+ classic arcade cabinets and pinball tables on the outside terrace, and power up! So, this is one of the best bars Salem offers you. If you are in the city, we recommend visiting it!

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Breweries that formerly outsourced meal service now provide their own menus tailored to complement their brews. A thriving food truck industry fosters the growth of new enterprises. And Salem, notably the thoroughfares of Portland Road and Lancaster Drive Northeast, is a must-visit for Mexican food. Have you gone to Salem in a long time? Above is our list where you should enjoy the bar and restaurant experience.

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