The Best Cocktail Bars in Savannah

Savannah has expanded its web game recently in more than one way. That means that spirits come in all shapes and sizes to this city. From classic dives, local dives that live only for a living, to elaborate cocktails hidden under historic buildings, to more than a few boating booths, Savannah incorporates all sorts of drinking traditions (not to mention the fact that its open container law allows. permission to travel around the historical region with your cocktail). Before adjusting the tab, the familiar words “Do you want to go further?” will fall on the bartender. Whether it’s a traditional or modern drink, the Savannah bar venue is taking a big step next time.

14. Fitzroy Bar Savannah

Fitzroy Bar Savannah

Fitzroy is a Savannah and Bar restaurant in the city center, offering Australian-inspired food. Enjoy dinner, brunch, or cocktails on cooler, cozy house chairs, or soak up the glorious Savannah sunshine on our roof. In an old corner building, Fitzroy sets up its high-quality bottles and mixes them on the exposed brick wall. Industrial aesthetics may feel entrenched, but Fitzroy’s dining room sounds subtle and elegant, and the ambiance reflects a sense of elegance. The long bar at the front gives way to tables that enjoy a range of splendor between them and a few leather deals that can add a touch of elegance. The bar itself is a few hundred years old and originates in England. Dark walls, rich leather seats, wood floors, and green sandals complete the high, well-designed feeling. The stairs to the left go up to the roof of the house, where you can find a strong cocktail or a glass of wine. Bar snacks include chips and popcorn. However, you can also order from the restaurant menu with dishes like fried chicken schnitzel. However, the service helps to take this place to the top. Despite its high volume, it is still the kind of place where bartenders know locals by name.

From the group behind Collins Quarter, Collins Quarter at Forsyth and The Deck comes Fitzroy, a Savannah restaurant in downtown and Bar. Enjoy dinner or cocktails in a cozy, flexible indoor environment, or soak up the glorious Savannah sunshine on their roof. 

 A mature and modest couple that sinks into a reserved space but not crowded. The acoustics here are no worse than in other modern restaurants, and the menu attracts guests with a genuine curiosity about cooking. There is a substantial selection of brunch cocktails; Bloody Mary, the most famous, is big enough to hold all the food. Gin, vodka, rye, and bourbon appear, and house mimosa is hitting hard.

The style behind many of the most famous publishing houses in Melbourne Australia, Fitzroy is easily found in the historic district of downtown Savannah. It sits on one of Savannah’s most beautiful historic buildings Fitz offers a varied Gastropub menu.

13. Peregrin Bar Savannah

Peregrin Bar Savannah

Peregrin is one of the finest bars in Savvanah, located on the roof of the luxury Perry Lane hotel. According to Talmadge Memorial Bridge and St. John the Baptist Cathedral, the bar is a great place to drink Champagne while watching the sunset. Frośe leads the way in the beverage menu, along with other frozen cocktails, wine by the glass, and brewed beer. Food sounds like a subsequent consideration. However – there is a limited menu with biting size options. Views and drinks are the most attractive.

Featuring a beautiful view of Savannah, great cocktails, a selection of selected wines and new locally inspired meals, Peregrin is a modern sophistication. Enter a pure, yet playful world, where curiosity occupies a prominent place in the midst of a lavish background. From tropical plants and a year-round peaceful lake, Peregrin is a Savannah bar with everything. Feel the swanky vibration of the roof, without the splendor and shape.

The Peregrin is set on the roof of the luxurious Perry Lane Hotel. With views of the Talmadge Memorial Bridge and St. John the Baptist, the bar is an ideal place to sip Champagne while watching the sunset.

The bar draws tourists and locals, all here for the view and the frozen rośe. Champagne and frośe lead the way, along with other frozen cocktails, wine by the glass, and draft beer.

Food feels like an afterthought; there’s a limited menu with bite-sized options—the view and the drinks are the main attraction.

Attentive and personable, the staff is well trained, courteous, and quick to accommodate.

In the open Peregrin, the world is in your hands. Featuring a beautiful view of Savannah, great cocktails, a selection of selected wines, and new locally inspired meals, Peregrin is a modern sophistication. Enter a pure, yet playful world, where curiosity occupies a prominent place in the midst of a lavish background. From tropical vegetation and a peaceful lake all year round, Peregrin has it all. Feel the swanky vibration of the roof, without the splendor and shape.

12. Savoy Society Bar Savannah

Savoy Society Bar Savannah

The Savoy Society is a popular cocktail bar with stained-glass windows that draw in high light. Only vinyl music plays in every bar — which positively affects your inner hipster. Go for indoor cocktails with catchy names like “Shower Me In Luxury,” “How Will I Get Home,” and “Dandy.” There are also cocktails at the tap and wine by the glass and in the bottle.

Share plates from cheese bowls to octopus tostadas and glossy spam slides. Bartenders are fun-loving and hospitable; eager to take orders and start having fun.

Filling the concrete floor and glass scattered on the lower floor of the mid-century Drayton Tower, this restaurant has a 1970’s Palm Beach vibe with shiny brass, bamboo sets, and lots of greenery. A fun place to hang out with the cool local Savannah people. Delicious drinks and bites. It can be popular here and busy, especially if the local artist, who has been wearing certain songs and playing the piano for almost 100 years. The vendors are very nice and everyone looks like they’re having the time of their lives.

The menu is simple, with tapas that can be shared like salted eggs, tuna tartare, and Caprese mega toast (with vegan mozzarella available as an alternative), alongside old salads, sandwiches, and flatbread (Moroccan-flavored beef bread). Crema is very important). The bar menu is the highlight here with wines, martinis, and a craft cocktail list featuring the delicious tropical decoration of Savoy: their take on the Savannah signature Chatham artillery punch includes rye, Jamaican rum, cognac, yaupon tea, and blisters. Large round windows offer a full view of Liberty and Drayton Streets.

11. Peacock Lounge Bar Savannah

Peacock Lounge Bar Savannah

Welcome to Peacock Lounge! First and foremost we are the cocktail lounge and restaurant where customer experience is their top priority. ‘Offers modern food, cocktails, afternoon tea, all live games, and ready-made products all set in a relaxed atmosphere.

Their delicious food is available to order right here through this website, to collect or bring directly to your doorstep!

Peacock Lounge is an old-fashioned cocktail lounge located below the Flock to the Wok. The entrance will be from West Congress Lane at street level and will have a second entrance connected to Flock to the Wok. It will have two full-service bars and a limited food menu provided by Flock to the Wok. The bar will be open in the evening and at night and will have a large capacity of 49 people. The subterranean Peacock Lounge is cozy but glamorous, with gold accents, yellow velvet benches, and wall-mounted mirrors. The solid menu contains local and traditional cocktails and imported beers such as Lucky Buddha and Singa. Limited space means you will receive a personal, warm service from vendors. And even though there is no food, you can go upstairs to Move to Wok, a Chinese restaurant it is considered one of the favorites in town. Peacock Lounge is the one we think you will find if you take one speakeasy part and combine it with one nightclub. It has the timeless beauty of what you might like from the speakeasy (and the entrance behind the lower bar. The herd has gone to the Wok- a great Savannah restaurant that we might add) as well as nightclub features like a table bottle service.

Unlike the other pubs featured in this guide, the Peacock Lounge, by comparison, has a much smaller cocktail menu – almost a real one for six houses and six classics. 

While this is considered a solid cocktail list in itself, we only say this because the ready-made beer menus, cans, wine, and spirits service tables are all just about making this a good bar; no matter what you do, they want.

The hotel’s guest lounge offers a sophisticated lounge where guests can relax and enjoy a light meal, tea and coffee throughout the day. Building on Fairmont’s tradition of celebrating Afternoon Tea, menu offerings and service are unmatched in Jakarta.

Be sure to check out our series of professional signature eclairs – L’eclair by Peacock Lounge – which offer fun and delicious eclairs.

10. Artillery Bar Savannah

Artillery Bar Savannah

The Opulent and gilded exterior of the Artillery Bar, the iconic Savannah local landmark, suits the elegant and modern interior of the renovated armory. With distinctive white-and-black design elements marked by retro green deals, Artillery blends well with the past and the present. Champagne, wine, and unique cocktails are featured prominently on the beverage menu. The crowd is dressed to impress — no hats or flip-flops are allowed. It is a small bougie place for those who appreciate this kind of thing.

The Opulent and gilded exterior of the Artillery Bar, the iconic Savannah area icon, suits the elegant and modern interior of the renovated armory. With distinctive white-and-black design elements marked by retro green deals, Artillery blends well with the past and the present.

A valuable site in Savannah’s Downtown Historic District, the iconic façade of 307 Bull Street has long been a magnet for passersby. Built by Georgia Hussars in 1896, the magnificent storefront of the store adds extraordinary quality to its Jasper Ward. Inspired by Venetian Gothic design, additional columns, terra cotta, and arches adorned with pinnacles and quatrefoils distinguish it today as a unique architectural work in the Bull Street tunnel.

In its latest revival, this historical treasure has now become Artillery, a high-quality cocktail bar that honors a remarkable past. It was once a repository where the Georgia Hussars archive retained the Calvary arsenal, the site is aptly named, and its style conveys hidden clues to its history while introducing modern design elements representing the modern type of owner.

Prior to the renovations, the building used to be a place of sale. Most of the interior was covered with carpet floor, suspended pipes, and gypsum walls. The renovation has retained the existing brick walls, which, with the addition of windows and metal doors, now occupy the wine cellar. All the mechanical and electrical systems exposed in the universe were hidden and reused. Historical wood and sculpting were repaired where it happened and repeated in the same style to accommodate the missing items.

The interior concept honors the 19th-century eclecticism and romanticism seen in the original architecture and iconic façade while presenting the elements of modern design that our group is known for.

9. Lone Wolf Lounge Bar Savannah

Lone Wolf Lounge Bar Savannah

With wall-mounted and retro, Caribbean-inspired decoration, the Lone Wolf Lounge sounds like a step back in the 1970s. Velvet curtains, wallpaper on palm walls, and large wooden bars sound a bit ubiquitous in the best way possible. There is a well-thought-out wine list and a local beer, but you have to go straight to cocktails, which use high spirits and house blends; try piña colada or, for a real tiki; patient Zero.

The Lone Wolf tone is enhanced by a lighted map on the wall of the Caribbean region that includes Charleston and Savannah as the northernmost point. The owners say that the interior has impressed them with the kind of bar you can find anywhere in Milwaukee more than 50 years ago.

Lone Wolf’s unique cocktails feature catchy lyrics from the “She is the Night” variant of black Manhattan; to “Make Duran Duran Again,” an excellent blue vodka; or “Treating Things Like Women,” a nod to Big Lebowski, and a glowing mix of vodka and orange.

One of the fantastic things about the Lone Wolf Lounge is that they are always looking for new ideas that they can bring to their customer experience. The bar changes the beverage menu each quarter with exciting new products and mixing methods.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of barroom events, cocktail shows, and fun times, the Lone Wolf Lounge team found time to expand. The space was recently opened in a new backyard, Cobra Room, with a checkerboard dancefloor and a vintage bar that private groups can book. It symbolizes what is most important to its owners, making it fun, hip, and a place to welcome local people. The Lone Wolf Lounge is located at 2429 Lincoln St, just a few blocks from Victory Drive. It is open daily from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and on Sundays, it is closed.

Keep up with the latest Lone Wolf Lounge by visiting Facebook or Instagram.

8. Service Brewing Co Bar Savannah

Service Brewing Co Bar Savannah

Located under the Talmadge Bridge, Service Brewing is a large warehouse and drawer with outdoor tables, open doors, and a sizeable tap-lined bar. Everywhere you go in the bar, you will be bombarded with the ultimate party music, both industrial and modern. Beer lovers flock around Service Brewing from near and far in search of new and unusual pouring that they can add to their collection. Most people fly before taking a seat.

No hats or flip-flops are allowed here; this is a bougie bar for those who are trying to dress very well.

Champagne, wine, and craft cocktails are featured prominently on the drinks menu. The wine list is full of great format options, and the glass pours equally well. Choose from classic cocktails like Old Fashioned and modern house creations. The food menu is limited but includes the sacred trinity of bar snacks: nuts, pretzels, and Chex mix.

The staff is attentive, well-dressed, and always ready to refresh your drink or pick up a second round. They are polite and willing to please.

Located under the Talmadge Bridge, Service Brewing is a large warehouse and drawer with outdoor tables, open doors, and a sizeable tap-lined bar. Everywhere it sounds both industrial and modern.

Beer lovers flock to Service Brewing from near and far in search of new or unusual items they can add to their collection. Most people fly before taking a seat.

Beer, and then more beer. This is a liquor store, after all. There are free popcorn and food truck hijackers around. The staff are friendly and eager to talk about beer; be sure to ask for samples if you are unsure where to start — that is part of the fun here.

Come with great beer lovers and groups of friends, or arrange a bachelor or bachelorette party here.

7. Alley Cat Lounge Bar Savannah

Alley Cat Lounge Bar Savannah

Alley Cat Lounge is located in a cave underground with a speakeasy vibe. With exposed brick walls and ambient light, a live, low-light bar sounds like a side study. With over 500 spirits, this bar is among the most impressive cocktail and spirit lists in Savannah and has some of the best mixologist staff in town. Doesn’t it matter if you’re not into cocktails? You can either order wine or beer if cocktails don’t appeal to you. This is the kind of bar where your cool, well-groomed uncle drinks old whiskey. You’ll see a lot of familiar moments, but people out of town with good taste will come in there.

With over 500 spirits, this bar is between Savannah’s impressive list of cocktails and spirits. The menu is designed as a newspaper – called “Alley Cat Rag” – and is divided into sections. Try a house cocktail like “Rosa Rose,” or find a favorite offered entirely in the Classics category. You don’t get into cocktails? 

Alley Cat Lounge has some of the best mixologist staff in town. Bartenders have an incredible amount of information about the spirits and the history of the cocktail.

This is where you come in to celebrate a special event with high-quality whiskey.

Alley Cat Lounge has a cool, collected speakeasy feel but without any arrogance or pretense. The menu comes in the form of a real newspaper, printed on thin, waxy paper and cut in half. Alley Cat Rag has seen nine programs whose pages are grouped into sections such as “Infusions and Originals,” “Tiki Time,” and “World Cocktails.” 

Here, choosing a cocktail is not just an art but a challenge. Sometimes, it is best to let the ending choose you: If you feel unsure, you can order a cocktail based on your horoscope. Capricorns, a menu that appropriately compliments them on sharing the brand with Michelle Obama and Dolly Parton, can enjoy Poinsettia, a holiday-inspired cocktail made with cranberry, curacao, and sparkling wine. Bullish Taurus can order Bullfighter.

6. Six Pence Pub Bar Savannah

Six Pence Pub Bar Savannah

Marked with British wire and Union Jack flags, Six Pence Pub is the center where it feels like Savannah did not ask England to leave. Beer from across the lake: Guinness, Newcastle, and Smithwick’s. The menu is pretty generous and hearty: Shepherd’s pie, bangers and mash, and salmon – a real British attack. Order a pinch and a side of whiskey; everything will be all right.

Savannah’s Six Pence Pub is one of the most British-style publishing houses in the heart of a historic region. It is a place where local people often feel inclined to hold an ale or take a picture in a red fence-sitting outside the front door.

And no wonder – its original owners, when it was known as “Wally’s Sixpence, originally from England. It is located in the heart of the History District, just steps north of Liberty Street. Enjoy lunch, dinner, or supper in a cool place. Or, choose our side restaurant to find the perfect “viewing place” while enjoying a variety of cuisine, American delicacies, and British cuisine. You will be sure to find your favorite art or seasonal beer at the tap as well.

It is located in the heart of the History District, just steps north of Liberty Street. Enjoy lunch, dinner, or supper in a cool place. Or, choose our side restaurant to find the perfect “viewing place” while enjoying a variety of cuisine, American delicacies, and British cuisine. You will be sure to find your favorite art or seasonal beer at the tap as well.

In 1999, Wally’s Sixpence was sold to current owners, two boys “who had a lot of time in their hands buying their favorite irrigation well.” Six Pence went on to sell anything and everything, and, unlike Doris, they opened the kitchen inside the bar and offered a full English and Americana luxury menu. Although the interior of the pub has been updated, Six Pence Pub is still one of the most popular pubs in Savannah, Georgia, and is said to be ‘the most authentic English Pub in Georgia.’ Six Pence Pub is easy to find if you would like to go in for food or drinks. You don’t have to be part of the Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl to enjoy their good food, obviously. Six Pence Pub is located at 245 Bull Street, near Chippewa Square in the historic Savannah district.

5. AJ’s Dockside Restaurant Bar Savannah

AJ's Dockside Restaurant Bar Savannah

This famous Tybee Seafood restaurant overlooking the Back River of the island is a favorite of locals, who sometimes come by boat, dock, and eat. A-J’s offers indoor and outdoor seating and includes a good selection of seafood, including crabs, mahi-mahi, and ice crabs. There are plenty of options for those who do not eat seafood, among which are wings, burgers, and steak. The restaurant has a unique difference from being the world headquarters of Tybee Island’s Bomb Squad, a group of rumored nuclear weapons that went missing a few miles off the coast of Tybee in 1958, koozies, and more during their visit to the restaurant. AJ asks you to relax, smell the salty water, and take a look at Tybee Creek and the Atlantic Ocean. Distributing Florida keys with bright umbrellas, walls, decks, and tables, the bar has an unmistakable view and only Savannah film. Drinks are in the tropics, and in the summer, this is a tourist destination, bringing guests to the tops of the tanks and sunburn.

A-J’s Dockside Restaurant has provided excellent seafood since January 2003. It is located at 1315 Chatham Avenue on the beautiful Back River of Tybee Island. We have outdoor seating facing the river and an indoor dining room with a bar. A-J’s is happy to offer you 46 bottled beers, excellent seafood, friendly service, and a great setting for your restaurant on Tybee Island. Greatly attracting tourists in summer and places in winter, this gemstone behind Tybee is known for its uncontrollable sense of fun. Sponsors were seen wearing tanks, Tommy Bahama shirts, and sunburn. Tropical drinks, fragrant margaritas, and bottled beer are all good things here — basically anything cold and easy to drink. There are conch fritters and other seafood, including oysters and snow crabs. Local traders love their work — they seem to enjoy it as a consumer. Out-of-town people who want to be seen, a group of friends, and anyone who is relaxed and happy.

4. Wyld Bar Savannah

Wyld Bar Savannah

There is an outdoor bar overlooking the creek, as well as cable lights, fire pits, and the smell of a seaside apartment. But the fact that you can ride a boat to the top makes this sound like just a moment on the ground. Known as the “Pain Killer” slushie and sangria, the beverage menu also features traditional spirits, wine wines, and home-brewed beer (with some craftsmanship). And the food goes beyond the usual dock-bar food, with dishes such as quail and rabbit sauces, banana-leaf roasted tacos, and local shrimp rolls.

Wyld does not take bookings; please do not use this form when requesting booking; large groups are always welcome. Please call the restaurant yesterday and leave if you would like to tell us that you will come with a large group. With us the message.

Private events at The Wyld have shifted to full purchases; if the minimum amount of food and drink on the list is not reached, rental space will make the difference.

Wyld is what you might call a hidden gem. Not many people know that it exists; it saves local people, which makes it ten times better.

This place doubles as a real booth of a boat. You can drive your boat in and dock for fast food, or drive here and park your car to get to the top.

The whole restaurant is outdoors and has plenty of seats for couples, families, and groups of friends. You will have a view of the inland sea, which is a great opportunity to set your phone down and take your surroundings.

In Savannah, when you talk about ‘getting out of the way,’ the first place you need to say is The Wyld. Formerly a Bonna Bella Yacht Club and very popular with locals, Chef / Owner Tony Seichrist came down from Atlanta and prepared all the work. Named the typical seafood with a small twist of town, Wyld is not disappointed with the heavy seafood menu, but there is a decent burger there as well. Tony’s oysters are found in May River in South Carolina, which he loves. They are probably the most popular in the region.

All the fish fed here have just grown. From fish tacos to shrimp, you will not be disappointed.

3. Original Pinkie Masters Bar Savannah

Original Pinkie Masters Bar Savannah

Original Pinkie Masters is an old-school, the only money bar that stays the same throughout the years, down to neon PBR symbols, multi-colored strings, and fun decorations. A good example of not judging a book by its cover, diving has a real historical significance: Jimmy Carter once took a stand on the stage above it to make a speech. If the Original Pinkie Masters bar is deemed good enough for the President, it is safe to assume it might be pretty good enough for the average beer drinker.

The Original Pinkie Masters is an outstanding entertainer. Regardless of the moniker, our little haunt remains the same since it was opened in 1951. One of the oldest taverns in the city of Savannah, Pinkie’s continues its existence as a place to get cheap PBRs, listen to great music from the jukebox, and – most importantly – handle really colorful sponsors.

A boxer and lover of all things political, tobacco, and PBR, Pinkie set up a bar as a meeting place. The eclectic décor – a rich history – adds to the palm of our little member. And there is no lack of personality behind the bar as well. Things have changed a bit, there is no more internal smoking, in addition to PBR when you click, and our music has been updated over time. But you can still play a simple game of arrow, pay only cash and engage until you make the final call. If you feel lucky or very inclined.

Pinkie Masters is a piece of Savannah history fabric like anywhere else in the historic region. Ordinary people will give it to you once. Let it be known. Know that you are in the realm of legends. You will still be treated to hospitality to the south, delicious drinks, and warmth that you will never forget. Just make sure you tip your dealer. And tick your hat. We are Pinkie Masters and we are here to stay. Come in all. But bring money. We will reserve a seat at the bar.

2. Abe’s on Lincoln Bar Savannah

Abe's on Lincoln Bar Savannah

For all diving, Abe’s on Lincoln has remnants from former sponsors and nappies with Abraham Lincoln’s face filled with walls. The space is dark, small, and slightly sticky (as you would expect and want it to be). Workers come and go quickly on their feet; order a beer or a gun, and go aside. This is a different kind of bar in the historic region. It’s the no-frills of an unpleasant night.

Many tourists get acquainted with Savannah through popular movies shot here over the years. Visitors today love to live actively with these screenshots while on vacation, standing in front of the famous church where the feather floats in front of Forrest Gump, scurrying across the dreaded tombs from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and enjoying a drink at Six Pence Pu, which is located o Bull Street where Julia Roberts was seen standing in his pajamas with an old 1995 hit song Something To Talk About.

With its iconic pedestrian architecture and new urban designs, Savannah inspires visitors with its emerald tree canopy, deserted rocky roads, and stunning architecture. 

People tend to find out that Savannah offers a colorful mix of mixology collections, a well-stirred drink that moves behind bars in the city’s best restaurants, a speakeasy night, the first American museum dedicated to the Prohibition era, and a handful of state-of-the-art bars as well as brilliant brunch areas that give the restorative dog hair early in the morning next to hot dishes of shrimp n ‘grits and fried chicken.

1. Husk Bar Savannah

Husk Bar Savannah

Chef Sean Brock, the winner of the James Beard Award, transforms the context of Southern food and highlights unique Georgia coastal ingredients to Husk Savannah. Skip the stairs to the second floor, and your jaw will go down to the large Husk’s horseshoe bar. The space is adorned with colorful modern paintings with pictures that take you back to the city’s original objects. The local cocktail apothecary program offers an impressive bar team with a collection of house ingredients to make some of the most delicious drinks in Georgia while highlighting the spirits from Southern artisan distilleries.

If any bar has what we might call a try-and-true speakeasy vibe, it will definitely be this. But you will soon move away from the ambiance after sitting down as the menu, printed in the format of an old newspaper, includes a selection of its nearly 100 available cocktails!

So, if you need a bar that will satisfy all your interests, you’ve got your place—looking for a tiki cocktail? There are many. Spirit-forward twists of antiquity? They cover you. Or maybe the old ones? Naturally, you can too. This is really my kind of bar, and my only regret is that we could only visit once.

Past throwbacks are available in every corner, and modern design features are made in such a way that the bar suddenly feels timeless.

From there, you will do well to enter the menu to check out the solid wine selection and the approximately 35 cocktails available. Each has well-placed ingredients and glass conditions for good balance (a feature a lot of people love as it helps them avoid mules and anything in Collins glass). 

You will find yourself fascinated by the menu, and your eyes will wander everywhere and will be eventually directed to The Doc (which contains rye, china, bitters, spearmint, and smoked tobacco), or maybe you might just end up settling on the classic Vieux Carre (made with Armagnac, rye, vermouth, benedictine, and bitters). Let’s face it – most people do not get discouraged.

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Savannah is a beautiful and exciting city, full of friendly faces and fun activities to do during the day. Savannah stays healthy and varied at sunset. It is home to many bars that not only have drinks but also offer dance venues, live music, and great dinners. Read on to find out about the best bars in town. With a growing bar scene, Savannah is a city that has expanded its web game in more than one way. From the old local dives that live the only life of money, to the high-end cocktails hidden under the historic buildings, Savannah includes everything it offers including its open container law.

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