The Best Cool Bars in Maui

Like every other city, Maui is not short of bars for you to have a good time. From the variety in their menu to their cool decor, there are many spots for you to visit. You see bamboo bars and stools with lights hanging from the ceilings. Thatched umbrellas act as a shade for you on top of your tables. The drinks are refreshing and fruity with a bit of a tangy taste. Just have one of their Mai Tais, and you will want to swim in the ocean. For some cool bars to be at, scroll down.

6. The Pint and Cork Bar Maui

The Pint and Cork Bar Maui

With high energy all around you, The Pink and Cork have some excellent drinks and music going on for you. You will find a mix of locals and tourists here watching a game while sipping on drinks and eating. Open from 11 am to 2 am, they continue to serve food and beverages to you throughout the day. Bring the kids with you and enjoy custom cocktails or unique craft beers while the kids savor some of the killer dishes on their menu.  

The sitting area is big with wooden floors and walls. Tables are placed all around, and there is seating at the bar. The blue chairs add a nice touch of color to the space. The space has a more industrial feel to it. Lights hang low from the ceiling on the wooden shelf behind the bar, which showcases all the drinks offered. Multiple TV screens are placed along the walls so everyone can view the game well. 

The drinks menu is divided into sections called ‘Rock and Rolled,’ ‘Shake and Bake,’ and ‘Boozy and Stirred.’ The drinks, namely ‘Soup to nuts,’ ‘Pleasure Spiked with Pain,’ ‘Yacht Rocki,’ ‘one Night in Paris,’ have some delectable ingredients which complement the names. Like ‘Port of Envy’ is a mix of angel’s envy bourbon, dubonnet, amaro lucano, black walnut, and orange bitters. We hope you have a ride back home cause, after this, you will need it for sure. There are also red and white wine lists for you to pick from, along with many types of beers. 

The food menu has some starters like garlic parmesan fries, soup and salad options, and sandwiches. Their signatures include Ami tacos, a must-try, and baked mac and cheese. There is also a special Keiki menu for the kids.

5. South Shore Tiki Lounge Bar Maui

South Shore Tiki Lounge Bar Maui

As the name says, this place is a fun Tiki bar. It is called the best Pau Hana, which means it’s the place to be during happy hour. The local DJ spins here after 10 pm, so your night out will become a lot more fun while you’re here. The decor has plenty of bamboo and tikis scattered across the place with a thatched roof. The table tops are painted beautifully by artist friends visiting this place. From mermaids to underwater animals, there are stories painted around the area. 

From regular locals here to tourists out to explore the area, you will find the place crowded every night. Their website has a calendar that mentions the events and performances coming up in the next month. They offer you hot sandwiches, pizza, and burgers along with pups which are local and main dishes. Their pizza is famous as it is made from scratch and is the best you will find on the island. There are a few salad and vegetarian dishes that you can try out. The kids’ menu is curated separately, keeping them in mind.  

The drinks menu offers you some specials and classics like ‘Sneaky Tiki’ and ‘Painkiller.’ Other options have blended drinks and some light and refreshing options as well. ‘Tiki Rita’ is a mouth-watering combination of Tres Generaciones tequila, citrus, and lime with a float of Grand Marnier for just $11. That is a steal. Juices and non-alcoholic drinks are also available, along with beer cans or those on tap. The bartenders are full of energy and very chatty so that you will be part of some interesting conversation at some point. 

4. The Dirty Monkey Bar Maui

The Dirty Monkey Bar Maui

A place that is a bar, restaurant, and nightclub all in one! It is located on the second floor. As soon as you step into The Dirty Monkey, you will see a dark gray L-shaped bar with seats for around 25 people. There are booths with charging stations scattered about, and the seats are soft and comfortable. The walls are a dark brown, adding allure to the space. There at Tvs installed all around for you to watch for a while. Behind the bar, you see about 200 varieties of whiskey and bourbon. 

Live matches, Jenga, shuffleboards, and Plinko games are going on around you if you step in during the evening. Live music and Dj nights are typical here, and you must go to one of these! Other events include Taco Tuesday, Karaoke Night, Whiskey Wednesday, and NFL Sunday. The place overlooks Front Street and is family-friendly. You’re here for the whiskey as they have around 100 bottles worldwide and many American bottles. Other options include beers from microbreweries in Hawaii. They have about 15 different options for these. 

You should try the New Belgium Blue Paddle, which is available here exclusively. There are about 265 bourbon options, and many locals and tourists alike are new to all these flavors and want to try them out. The staff is educated and trained about all these available varieties to guide the customers and help them make an informed decision. There are also a few high-end options available now.   

The food is very Californian, with share plates like tacos, fries, pickle chips, corn lollipops, shrimp, and avo salad. If you’re here with friends, you grab some food and drinks and share them. The place is most fun during the weekends when there is live music by a Dj in house, so if that is your vibe, do try it out! 

3. Ohia bar at Duke’s beach house Bar Maui

Ohia bar at Duke's beach house Bar Maui

Palm trees, palapa umbrellas, and tiki torches welcome you to the Ohia bar. You might hear someone strumming on the ukulele in the background. Open from 3 pm to 9:30 pm; you will have a fun time here whether you’re with family or a significant other. Watch the Molokai sunset here amongst the mix of eccentric tourists worldwide.  

Tikis and wooden furnishings surround the bar. Glasses hang from the top, which reflects the light that hits them. This beach bar has fresh mojitos and fruity daiquiris on their cocktails menu, which suits the ambiance very well. The menu mainly focuses on cocktails like their Mai Tai or Lava Flow which has rum, strawberries, coconut, and pineapple juice. The prices here are like most of the bars throughout Maui, around $10 to $15. You should also try ‘Lokilani,’ their locally made sparkling rose. They also have bottled wine and bubble options on their menu. 

Beers are only served on tap to reduce the usage of single-use plastics, which is a commendable effort. The food can be ordered from Dukes, but Ohai has one of their own. Locally grown tomatoes with feta cheese and a drizzle of olive oil or Korean fried chicken will make you lick your fingers. They even have a cheeseburger, nothing fancy but straightforward yet delicious food. Ask the staff, and they will recommend something tasty to you.  

2. Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman Bar Maui

Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman Bar Maui

Monkeypod Kitchen is open daily from 11 am to 11 pm. If you’re staying in Wailea, this is a restaurant you cannot miss. The place itself is significant, with many tables scattered around the restaurant. Wooden table tops and printed sofas complement one another and add a touch of elegance to the whole place. There are surfboards of every color hanging from the top. Waiters are running around carrying colorful foamy drinks everywhere. Foodies, beer lovers, and families gather here every night. The crowd is full of honeymooners, locals, and visitors. 

There is also live music every day, which you can listen to while eating and drinking. It is not so loud as to disturb you or your conversation. Their jalapeno mashed potatoes and rosemary roasted chicken wings are a big hit. They sound so simple but taste good. Find how you would like your fish—a sandwich, burger, taco, or on its own with a crust. You must try out one of their pies to wrap up your meal. 

They boast about their drinks, but their Mai Tai is excellent for a good reason. It was full of light juicy flavors and foam on top. Their Makawao Ave high west double is a mix of rye, angostura bitters, lemon, and house-made cayenne-ginger beer. Over 50 or more carefully curated bottles of wine are also up for you to taste. Many seasonal and limited-release beers are also available. The serves are fun; you know what you should get when you’re here.  

1. Grotto Bar Maui

Grotto Bar Maui

Located inside the Hyatt Regency hotel, Grotto bar is inside an artificial cave that rests between two waterfalls that separate the resort’s swimming pools. The bar is open all seven days of the week from 11 am to 5 pm. So you have to grab a drink here before the sun sets. The sunlight shines through the cave’s opening and is reflected in the water, creating a magnificent view for all who come here. The setting is rustic with a touch of contemporary. Lights hang from the cave top and are reflected on the marble top bar. 

The bar is open for all, even those not living at the resort. You can grab a drink from their exotic menu and step into the pool—the ultimate relaxation dream. The happy hours are from 11 am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 5 pm. If you’re a guest at Hyatt, you can walk through the waterfall and be at the Grotto bar. Otherwise, you can walk on the oceanfront Kaanapali beach trail, it will lead you to it. You can watch any game on the TV put up on one side. 

The menu includes pupus like flatbread, calamari, hummus, poke, and nachos. Their cocktail menu reflects the culture and the personalities of the bartenders who make them. The location itself inspires the names and mixes. Like ‘The Merciless Sun’ is a mix of tequila, mango liqueur, our house-made jalapeno syrup, fresh lime juice, and cucumber. That sounds like such a tasty combination! 

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See, there are quite some options for you to look at and try out while you’re in the city. Their menus are fun and experimental. Many places have their takes on classic drinks that each bartender adds their flair to. Each glass represents the culture of the island. Its traditions, ceremonies, and lifestyle is something mesmerizing and the escape we all need from city life.  

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