The Best Cool Bars in Tucson

Whether you’re in the mood to shout out your order to the bartender over loud music or sit and have a conversation at a lowkey local bar, Tucson has all sorts of options for you. From the local favorites to the tourist favorites, they have it all! Some places are more laid back and easygoing, while others require you to dress up as they are more sophisticated. You can choose your spot for tonight by scrolling down. 

5. Noble Hops Gastropub Bar Tucson

Noble Hops Gastropub Bar Tucson

Tucson‘s original gastropub, Noble hops, offers craft beer, and the fine fare is a big hit here and the reason for its fame. The name was carefully selected. Hops are an integral part of beer, and Noble hops are old European hops that have a rich aroma and low bitterness. Their food menu is seasonal and delicious according to what is available at the farmers. Daily specials, salads, sups, burgers, entrees, and desserts exist. 

The bar runs 30 ft long and is indoors as well as outdoors. The patio is occupied no matter what the weather is. Water coolers and firepits, and heather are also available for winters. The bar itself is mesquite and has seats by it along with indoor tables. There is also a dining room that is used for private events. Slate is used in the architectural elements around the place. 

There are 28 beers on tap, some local ones, but there are also interesting Belgian ones and fruit beers. There are also kegs of house wines, and some fancy bottles are up for grabs. The happy hour is 4-6 pm daily. Margaritas and sangrias go for $5; house wine is $5 per glass, and a cocktail of the day is $7. The food menu includes an ahi poke bowl, crab cakes, pub nachos, bacon bleu fries, wings, steak sandwiches, lots of taco options, and burgers. There’s a yummy carrot cake for dessert too.

4. Portal Cocktails Bar Tucson

Portal Cocktails Bar Tucson

The place in itself is an experience, and it aims to create an inspiring experience for the patrons of craft beer and drink lovers. The place is classy, chic, and has a super luxurious feel. Lines are running along the whole space, which directs your eyes to the inside of the room. A glass kaleidoscope stands at the end, reflecting the entire space. The name itself inspires interior design. The place is like a cavern that feels like a portal into another world. The place is described as ‘somewhere where you can find intimate connections to others. Tell us that does not sound inviting!

The lighting is indirect and creates this subtle glow which gives a sexy mood to the place. The colors change sometimes, and so does the aura of the space. The wooden and concrete furniture is also in dark tones, so everything goes together perfectly here. There are very few seats at the bar itself; other tables are scattered around the space with some plus sofas. There’s a whole bookshelf-like library of all the spirits offered here. The corridor directs the customers towards the bar. The seating is 30 to 40 people at max. So it is very exclusive. 

The place is open Sunday to Thursday from 4 pm to 12 am and Friday and Saturday till 1 am. They offer quickies like ‘Penasco’ or nightcaps like the ‘Espresso Martini.’ Other than that, there are modern classics like ‘Pornstar Martini,’ ‘Portal Cosmopolitan,’ and ‘Saturn.’ The ‘Saturn’ features gin, passionfruit, falernum, lemon, and orgeat. Just don’t have too many of these; you might see stars. Their original drinks include the ‘Portal Daiquiri,’ ‘Hairtoss,” Kiss the Ring,’ and ‘Goldmember.’ The latter mixes bison grass vodka, rye whiskey, ginger liqueur, and bitters. You must let your taste buds have a treat! There is also a long list of spirits like agave, gin, vodka, rum, cognac, and whiskey.  

3. Highwire Lounge Bar Tucson

Highwire Lounge Bar Tucson

Highwire Lounge is a cocktail bar in the heart of Tucson. They specialize in molecular mixology, and every drink is served in such a picturesque and unique way that you think twice before ruining its beauty. They do pearl shots which are vodka shots served in spoons. These come in unusual flavors like pop rock and even candy flavors! The place is now available to be booked for parties, receptions, yoga classes, and some fun entertainment, however, you would like! 

The drinks menu has some yummy mimosas like ‘Molecular Mimosa,’ which you can get in strawberry, mango, or peach flavor; there’s also the ‘Glitter Bomb Mimosa,’ which has some cotton candy in it! Get a mimosa tower if you’re a bigger group. Cocktails include ‘Hibiscus Cooler,’ ‘Cucumber Smash, and ‘Sweet Thai Chili Mary.’ The latter is a concoction of Drakes organic vodka and Highwire Thai chili bloody mic with Thai basil and poached shrimp garnish. A delicacy that your palette will savor. Their signature dishes include ‘Pearl Shots,’ ‘The Contortionist,’ ‘PB and Jealous,’ ‘Center Stage,’ and ‘Waffles and Coffee.’ If pinnacle whipped vodka, lime juice, white grape juice, pop rocks, and cotton candy sound amazing, then get ‘The Contortionist.’ Otherwise, try out what sounds appealing to you but try out their pearl shots. They’re tried and tested! There are three wells for the bartenders to prepare their drinks! A dream for them. 

The brunch menu has some yummy pancakes, eggs, and frittatas. Salads, shareable, sandwiches, and mains are on the menu if you fancy those. There’s an indoor Dj and outdoor live music simultaneously. Events include Disney-themed karaoke, muscles and mimosas, bingo night, and summer luau brunch! You can be a part of it if you choose to. The space itself has a big glass window front which lets in daylight and a view of the street.

2. Sky bar Tucson

Sky bar Tucson

The bar is solar-powered during the daytime and an astronomy bar by night. The place is inspired by the Southwestern sun and nighttime starry sky. The place is fun and also educational. Those under 21 can drop by before 4 pm without supervision; afterward, they would need someone older to be with them. You can study or work here during the daytime, and in the evenings you can have a good conversation with a cocktail in one hand. The place focuses on giving back to the community and those in need. They have helped out a lot of NGOs, shelters, schools, churches, and other foundations that aim to help others. 

You might want to grab one of the telescopes on the patio and look at the beauty the universe has to offer you today. They even have astronomers available on the spot to help you navigate your way through the constellations. The place also hosts events like team trivia, skyrocket, karaoke, the Jessica Micheal’s show, open mic, throwback Thursday with a Dj, and local artist performances every Friday and Saturday. 

Their cocktail menu has drinks with some fun, astronomy-inspired names. These include ‘Golden Sunrise Mimosa,’ ‘Lunar Lemonade,’ ‘Cosmic Mule,’ and ‘Starry Night.’ The ‘Golden Sunrise Mimosa’ features house vodka, peach schnapps, grapefruit juice, and a splash of fresh lemon juice, topped with champagne. Happy hour is every day from 4 to 7 pm. They also offer wine, beers, and virgin cocktails. Their cosmic jello shots and galactic jungle juice are famous, so you must try them out.  

You can order pizza from next door, the Brooklyn Pizza Company; they also have calzones, pastries, and bagels. You can grab a latte, cappuccino, americano, or espresso while you work. 

1. Kon tiki restaurant & lounge Bar Tucson

Kon tiki restaurant & lounge Bar Tucson

Named one of the best bars in America, Kon Tiki has been serving drinks and food since 1963. The place survived the downfall of tiki bars and stands firm to date. It spreads the spirit of aloha and is a kind place. It has the most extensive collection of Milan Guanko carved tikis and assorted island curios. There are lots of tiki cocktails and comfort food you can try out. It is located on a busy street and has malls and office buildings all around it. 

There is a tiny mosaic pond by a garden by the front. You can walk over it by a small bridge and go inside the bar. The place is dark and mysterious, and most of its decor is still original from when it was built. There are bamboo dividers along each table, so you feel more at ease. There is lots of bamboo and no windows inside the place. On the back is what used to be an aviary which is now converted into a back patio. Lights illuminate the space from every side and set a great mood. 

The crowd is mostly college students who pack up the place most evenings. However, it gets pretty crazy when that happens. Better to visit in less rushy hours to soak in the decor and enjoy the music more. They serve pupus, which are appetizers, and some Polynesian-inspired dishes as well, like barbeque ribs. There’s also fish and crab. Lobster and shrimps are available, fresh from the sea. If you fancy tacos, then drop by on Taco Tuesdays. 

There are cocktails with vodka, gin, and whiskey bases. The mixed drinks include the ‘Devil’s Triangle,’ their take on a Bermuda triangle. Their rum mixes have a lot of options. A must-try is the ‘Kon Tiki Mai Tai’ inspired by the outlying islands. 

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If it’s a hole-in-the-wall bar you prefer or loud music, both options are available in Tucson. The staff here is always smiling and very welcoming, and they will always help you out if you’re stuck somewhere while ordering. Their suggestions are worth trying. People come together to connect at bars, and whether you drop by alone or with someone, a quality conversation is always guaranteed. What better way to spend the night? It’s an upgrade from having pizza in bed, we would say!

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