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Bars in Vancouver have recently received a lot of attention, and properly so. This list of the coolest bars in Vancouver will not disappoint, from their innovative concoctions like the Inception Negroni to their reputation for world-class hospitality. Vancouver, British Columbia, is one of Canada’s numerous hotspots. Canada’s third biggest city, which hugs the west coast, is attractive from every viewpoint. Vancouver has it everything, with mountains, ocean, beaches, and temperate temps. Most individuals who are not from “Van city” are unaware that every bar is required to provide meals. It is required by law. As a result, it is a competitive restaurant and bar scene on both counts.

The Keefer Bar

The Keefer Bar is an easygoing bar with a patio & mini-golf spotlighting classic & creative cocktails, plus Asian plates. The Keefer Bar is an Apothecary themed cocktail bar located in the heart of Chinatown, Vancouver. The bar has been noticed as #25 in North America’s Best Bars, offering over 25 unique cocktails in a dark, moody atmosphere to enrich guests’ experience. Keefer Bar, located in historic Chinatown, serves an extensive list of award-winning cocktails inspired by ancient remedies served in the neighborhood’s surrounding apothecaries. Never mind Vancouver bars; this was recently ranked the second-best bar in Canada, and it’s a must-visit for cocktail enthusiasts of all ages. I always order an Aperol spritz or an old-fashioned one, but why not try one of their unique seasonal prescriptions’? 

The herb-infused remedies on their apothecary-themed menu will cure whatever ails you, including hangovers. If Keefer was included, they could easily be one of the best restaurants in Vancouver for their Asian-inspired small plates made with fresh ingredients from local markets. Consider the Peking duck sliders and the crispy Shanghai pork belly. With an affordable happy hour, it’s easy to see why this Chinatown hangout is one of the most highly regarded bars in North America. The Keefer Bar, along with Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie, was one of the first outposts to revitalize this once-dreary Chinatown street. The dark space comes alive in the late evening, when hipsters crowd the bar, migrate to the back (just past a sign that says “Rubber Goods: Sick Room Supplies”), or choose a spot on the outside patio. 

There are two types of people who end up at the Keefer: those who enjoy the tense atmosphere, live music, and medicinally themed cocktails, and those who enjoy the edgy ambiance, live music, and medicinally themed cocktails—but have already put their names on the waitlist at Bao Bei, a few doors down. The Keefer takes on an apothecary theme, riffing on the area’s historic Chinese pharmacies (many of which are still in operation). The “List of Remedies and Cures” drink menu includes strawberry and rhubarb tea, glehnia root, and tinctures made from cardamon, magnolia bark, and red ginseng. The Keefer is equally serious about food, and some of the small plates would put Bao Bei to shame. The BLT Bao (pork belly with oven-cured tomato and Napa slaw) and the pulled pork and Peking duck tacos are winners. The place is bustling on weekends, but the staff is never stressed.

The Morrisey

Friday night at the Morrisey, Vancouver

The Morrisey has chandeliers & old-world decor adorn this bar, serving craft beers & pub food that hosts rock bands. It is an institution that has stood the test of time in downtown Vancouver. Old world charm packed with character. Experienced top bartenders and traditional pub fare. If you’ve tired out looking for downtown Vancouver bars along the Granville Strip only to get half-pints, weak whiskies, and watered-down cocktails, here’s the remedy. This self-anointed rock n roll hideaway is one of the few remaining spots in the entertainment district with fantastic specials (Industry Night on Monday is huge) and an unpretentious vibe. The music at the Morrisey is typical of the post-punk, gothic, and alternative variety, and there’s a dark, eclectic decor to match. 

Modern pub food and some of the best wings in Vancouver round it out. Rock legends Imagine Dragons, Pixies, and even Dave Grohl have stopped for drinks, so why not you? Do yourself a favor. The next time you find yourself on Granville Street—and the night is young, and you’ve got a serious thirst to quench—don’t settle. Stride determinedly past the grimy dive bars, the familiar five-dollar-a-meal haunts, and the music-blaring lounges that make even the essential task of communicating with the bartender an ordeal and move just beyond Davie Street. Here, you’ll find the Morrissey pub, an Irish-style oasis that could easily have belonged on a cabin edition of MTV Cribs. Warm up to the dark-stained wood bar and contemplate the shining taps of craft and imported beer. 

Wait or sink into a plush, velvet armchair in front of the working gas fireplace before knocking back a Biskvit Mule or another one of the pub’s inventive house cocktails. Biskvit Mule is a refreshing twist on the classic Moscow that uses vanilla vodka, fresh mint, and grapefruit bitters. And if your group grows, rejoice; you officially have an excuse to take up a long dining table, where you can continue your night under a dazzling set of chandeliers. Since 1999 A Rock’  N’ Roll Hideaway, The Morrissey has played host to many stars of the old and new guard of rock. Kings of Leon, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Raveonettes, and the Killers have all said hello. Vancouver’s faces of rock perform live and occasionally tear the roof off. Honest food. Honest service. So, The Morrissey is one of the best bars you will find in Vancouver. We highly recommend this bar!

The Narrow Lounge

a chandelier-lit bar at the narrow lounge in vancouver bc

The Narrow Lounge is a hip, dimly lit lounge pairing cocktails with elevated bar eats like flatbreads, tacos & sandwiches. Canadians were lucky never to endure an alcohol ban, but this prohibition-style bar under a mattress store on trendy Main Street looks at what it might have looked like. The retro cocktails pour a classiness that wrestles with the Narrow Lounge’s dive bar disposition – highlighted by its lonely red ‘open’ light barely visible from the shady bus stop outside. This is a dark and cozy place to have a stiff drink that won’t run you a fortune, though in Vancouver, in summer, the outdoor patio flourishes in the sun with yummy summertime drinks and delicious Mexican fast food. The intimate setting is ideal for sharing a plate of nachos or a stiff drink with your neighbor. 

The best bartenders in town serve inventive house cocktails, wine, and affordable Mexican-inspired fast food. Dancing on the bar is standard procedure as the lights dim and the scotch flows. Dare to be as wild as you dare. Their drinks menu features timeless classic cocktails like the Negroni and Aperol Spritz, mingling with inspired house originals. They have covered you for a beer with old reliables, local favorites, and seasonal rotating taps. And of course, wine wine wine! Guaranteed there’s something for everyone! Their restaurant is dark and mysterious, but their patio is bright and crazy! Hang at one of East Vancouver’s kept secrets. Their covered patio is open on warm summer days, and they serve beer, highballs, and other tasty summertime drinks. It has its bar and was recently expanded to accommodate more guests. 

Their food is so delicious that it has its moniker: Taco Bing Bong! This isn’t your grandmother’s cooking; it’s cheesy, crunchy, and super cheap Mexican-inspired fast food with an East Van twist! Their menu includes massive combos that are great for sharing or solo feasts, plus small bites for snacks. Look for the door with the red light above. Head inside and make your way down the dimly lit, long hallway and grab a stool at the bar. As the name suggests, the space is narrow and not huge, so that it can fill up pretty quickly. There’s nothing fancy about The Narrow Lounge, and that’s what makes this hole-in-the-wall bar so great. This place does the trick when you are in the mood for a cold beer, a casual bite, and some solid tunes while you catch up with friends.

The Shameful Tiki Room

The Shameful Tiki Room in Vancouver is a lively haunt with a tropical vibe offering Polynesian-inspired food, exotic cocktails & live music. Playful, tacky, and beautiful, the Tiki Room is a local haunt offering Polynesian eats like tuna poke, prawn cocktails, and pork tacos, as well as a wide variety of rum-based tropical drinks. One of the best aspects of this spot is the live entertainment. From music to comedy to burlesque, there’s guaranteed a different act every night of the week. The Shameful Tiki Room is dedicated to providing a tiki experience unlike any other in Vancouver. Dim lighting, no visible windows, music that doesn’t drown out conversation, share plates for groups, and expertly crafted vintage exotic cocktails like the Zombie, Jet Pilot, and Mai Tai. 

Tapas cloth from Tonga and Fiji, one-of-a-kind Tiki carvings from unique Californian carvers, puffer fish lamps from around the world, and even a recaptured piece of artwork from Vancouver’s historic Waldorf hotel. The Shameful Tiki Room is an authentic 1960s-style tiki lounge. From the period swizzle sticks and drinks—the Blue Hawaiian, for example, pays homage to the 1957 original from Harry Yee, the dean of Hawaiian tiki-era bartenders—to the hula dancers and blacked-out windows, they’re serious about tiki here. Even if the sun shines outside, it’s always midnight in Polynesia here in the Shameful Tiki Room. Some people have come because they’ve never been to an authentic tiki bar. Others, on the other hand, are serious about tropical cocktails. 

Although there are a few lone stragglers, the majority of the attendees are couples or foursomes. Tiki drinks are strong in both quality and alcohol content. Of course, the rum-based Zombie and the Trader Vic’s Tiki Puka Puka are on the menu, as are originals like Day of the Dead. But what’s the real show-stopper? The Volcano Bowl is a four-person concoction complete with a blue flame shooting out from the center (and thunderclaps announcing the arrival of the sacred libation at your table). The food is a little disappointing, but the Pupu platter (ribs, pulled pork sliders, mango and coconut rice, and dumplings) is thematically appropriate. The party atmosphere is contagious, and the staff does an excellent job of maintaining it. If you’ve never been to a tiki bar, you should go. Go if you’ve never been to a tiki bar. So, The Shameful Tiki Room is one of the best bars in Vancouver for you.

Electric Bicycle Brewery

Brewing on an electric bicycle is a brewery experience unlike any other! Once upon a time, the building at 20 East 4th Avenue in Vancouver, BC, housed an electric bicycle factory. Then they came along and decided it would be an excellent location for a brewery! The Most Amazing Electric Bicycle Brewery, not just any brewery! Electric Bicycle Brewing adds a new twist to Vancouver’s craft beer scene by focusing on music and art, which local record shops and artists fuel. Sushi is a new addition to the menu of grilled cheese sandwiches! Sushi Radio is located just above the brewery. It is open Thursday through Saturday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Electric bicycle brewing provides an ideal blend of delicious beers, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, a great atmosphere, and grooving music. 

Elon Musk wishes to travel to Mars, but they wish to transport you to the far reaches of the beer universe. Your coworkers will lose their inhibitions, your in-laws will fall in love with you, and your boss will finally give you that raise. There are high tops, comfortable booths, extended table seating for larger groups in the tasting room, and a few spots at the bar for you and your future ex-so-and-so. Their lounge serves various foods, including grilled cheese sandwiches and small plates. Purchasing beer to take home: Beer is available in various growler sizes, with plans to add cans in the future. We only visit the breweries when it is convenient for them to have large groups, so tours are subject to availability. Drink IPA if you’re in the Pacific Northwest. 

Most beers on tap at this vibrant, funky brewery are hop-forward. But don’t worry, there’s a wide range of options within that category. Equinox hops add citrus and pine notes to Paddy’s Goodbye brew, while Galaxy hops add pineapple flavor to the Galaxy IPA. However, those afraid of clowns should avoid the wooden characters outside the brewery. After all, setting up offerings like a ramen noodle-infused altbier and a Double-Stuffed Oreo stout takes a certain kind of atmosphere. This is a nostalgic operation filled with bright pink and turquoise. It’s a sensory overload, from the impressive and loud paint job on the exterior to the funhouse mirrors near the bathroom. So, Electric Bicycle Brewery is one of the best bars Vancouver offers you and your loved ones.

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Vancouver has long been a place where nightlife is enjoyed in a big manner. Vancouverites work hard throughout the day, and then it’s time to party hard at night. One of the coolest things locals and visitors can do in this dynamic city is hit the town and visit Vancouver bars, cocktail lounges, and pubs. This is where cocktails were reinvented, where mixology reigns supreme, where bars offer the greatest local and foreign alcohol alongside the best cultural food, and where craft is an art form. It’s also a great place to let your hair down, relax, and have a good time while sipping a drink!

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