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Avoid pretentious cocktail bars in favor of a dive bar with no pretenses or airs: the main purpose is to enjoy a less polished setting with cocktails and beer neon. Austin has plenty of such establishments that thrive at keeping things really strange: dark drinking places with cheap beer and shots, wild personalities, and strange atmospheres. With that, here’s Eater’s guide to the city’s legendary dive bars, including Donn Depot’s railway station setting, Little Longhorn Saloon’s chicken shit bingo, and Lala’s Little Nugget Christmas-forever feel, among others. Since with other companies right now, phone ahead to ensure that each bar is still operating or if there are any changes on current offers and service methods, as things are always changing. Follow the norms of the company, wear a mask, and tip well.

Nickel City

Nickel City

Nickel City is a retro hangout with craft cocktails and a relaxed atmosphere featuring a Coney Dog food truck. The former Long Brunch Inn has been transformed into Nickel City, a refreshing and unpretentious cocktail bar with classic cocktails, imaginative twists, coney dogs, sliders, and a backyard food truck offering wings. Both patrons and newcomers praise Nickel City’s Aperol Splits for taps, but one of the “unknown” cocktails like Tiki Drinks, Boilermakers (Beer and Shots), or Dickel Inboxes. Don’t be afraid to try. Wednesday whiskey is especially popular. Nickel City is pretty close if you don’t think there is a perfect bar. Damn, we don’t have a bad time here! 

Everyone here is having a party, and it feels good. The heart of Austin is always crowded with people. The bartender is very friendly, fast, and produces delicious drinks. You will have a great time! Professional Tips: During the vacation, they decorate the entire place for Christmas: Santa Tiki Style. There is a wild-themed cocktail menu! This time is another experience and a lot of fun! This laid-back East Austin neighborhood bar serves well-mixed cocktails and cold beers for both patrons and casual visitors. The atmosphere is clear (includes mood lighting and retro signs), and there is a craft cocktail menu to counteract it. The city of Nickel attracts regular cult followers. 

To blend in, dress casually and chat with your neighbors at the bar. Guests love Nickel City in a friendly dive bar atmosphere without substandard drinks. Nickel City Negronis and Aperol Spritzes are fresh, but the rest of the cocktail menu is divided into well-known, lesser-known, and unknown cocktails. In addition, there is a section dedicated to beer and shot combinations (boilermaker). Believe in our words and order frozen Irish coffee. Popular food trucks offer coney dogs to hungry patrons. Most of the bartenders here have been here for quite some time. If you want to get an order right away, be kind and make friends with the people behind the bar. So, this is one of the best bars Austin has to offer. If you are in town, then definitely give this bar a try.



Lala’s Little Nugget is a strip mall tavern with festive decorations all year round, with old-fashioned jukeboxes, drinks, and games. Lovingly called Lala’s Christmas Bar or Lala’s Little Nugget by the locals, Lala’s is located on Justin Lane’s dubious shopping street. Inside, the famous drinking fountain is festively decorated with colorful fairy lights, tinsel, and metal ornaments hanging from retro ceiling tiles (a Christmas tree is approaching in the corner all year round). The story behind Lara’s kitsch aesthetics is simple. In 1972, after the bar’s Christmas decorations were completed for the season, Lara’s founders thought the spaces were exposed and decided to put them back (since they’ve been exhausted).

Accept the kitsch and drink the bar’s reindeer water (tequila, triple sec, lime juice, rainwater) like a festival. Founded in 1972, Lala’s Little Nugget is a fortune teller and adorable bar in Austin, Texas. Lara’s is an arctic oasis in central Texas with a year-round holly-decorated hall, Santa and his reindeer on the roof, and generations of Christmas memorabilia. Here at Lala’s, we are excited to see the growth of  Crestview and the neighborhood of North Burnett and enjoy welcoming newcomers to our enthusiastic fan base. Enjoy a cold beer or a delicious cocktail with the town’s friendliest bar staff, or enjoy a warm Austin night on the patio. 

The bartenders are very friendly, and the locals are always here. No matter where you look, this Christmas pub has something exciting and fun. If you go in August, it won’t be crowded, but you can see everything. The parking area is strange and unattractive, but much of the internal space is small. You’ll find a good selection of craft beers and delicious holiday-themed cocktails with a tap. They have a Christmas countdown timer behind the bar! You will be excited to get closer to a holiday or one of their events. When you leave this bar, it feels soft! This is one of the best Christmas-themed bars in Austin! So, if you are in the city at this time of the year, you must visit this bar at least once!

The White Horse

Whitehorse is a live performance of country music served in this hip, bright, vast honky-tonk with an outdoor taco rack. At Whitehorse Saloon, hipsters, yuppies, college students, and authentic honky tonk all share one thing. It means that they are having a great time. Since its opening in 2011, Whitehorse has been a popular venue for Austin’s finest musicians, playing live sets from concerts and country to blues and pop. There are no windows, and the flow of spinning couples on the dance floor never stops. Not surprisingly, it’s easy to forget time here. 

The saloon is famous for its cold beer “Bomb Tacos” and the dangerously cheap house special two-step (whiskey and  Lone Star beer shots). This may be Austin’s coolest honky-tonk. Whiskey on the tap, diverse crowds, pool table, photo booth-need more to say? This may be Austin’s coolest honky-tonk. The no-frills space reassures newcomers, and patrons go to the dance floor every night as live music is played on a small stage. A photo booth, pool table, and a small courtyard with seats allow you to take a break between sets. The energy of this dive seems never to run out. 

And the dynamic crowd is one of the greatest surprises here- a multi-generational mix of hipsters, ranchers, rockabilly, and bikers gathering every night. A full-fledged bar with taps of whiskey will make everyone in the house have a good time. Drinks are as cheap as they get. From 5 pm to 1:30 am, tacos, Mexican hot dogs (with bacon, onions, and pico degaro), and burgers are served on a hungry barfly. If you’re looking for reliability, get Al Pastor Taco. The bartenders here are not kidding-they not only serve drinks, but also run parties. You may have to go through some elbows to take your order when struck. These are old believers of the rough, unruly nights in town, dancing and drinking in the early hours. Great for birthdays and the end of the bachelor events/bachelor parties. This is one of the best country bars that Austin has to offer. If you like country music and the vibes of a honky tonk, then this place is for you!

Cheer Up Charlie’s

Cheer Up Charlie's

Cheer Up Charlies is an LGBTQ bar on the East Side. A relatively sizeable gay bar with cabin-like interiors, outdoor music, drinks, and drug shows. For the best local and national music performances, head to the Cheer Up Charlie stage (returning to the stunningly illuminated cliff face) or a cozy indoor space. The bar offers specialty cocktails such as Golden Tickets (whiskey, kombucha, lavender bitters,  candied ginger) and  Kale Lime Ginger Rita (Kale and Ginger Margaritas). 

Still, you’ll always find a solid selection of beers. This vegan bar can be described as a colorful hut with a large outdoor music venue behind it. The staff is fun and offers kombucha and great cocktails made from organic juice blends, craft beers, and biodynamic wines. It is an excellent place for afternoon drinks, parachute-shaded terrace chats, nightly music and events, and other nights of movie screenings and storytelling. The location is cute, and there are some events worth attending. The drinks are reasonably priced, and the bar staff knows what they are. Big gay fun! 

The crowd is mixed and fun. The drinks are delicious. It is recommended to drink kale and ginger margaritas. This bar is a must-see! So, this bar is one of the best gay bars Austin offers. If you are looking for a gay bar with a diverse crowd, then this bar is your spot! Cheer Up Charlie’s is Austin’s premier vegan and queen bar and live music venue. The bartender prepares a delicious cocktail with fresh fruit juice and kombucha from the tap. They have a large selection of beers, with a wide selection of local beers. The outdoor terrace is great for listening to live music with a drink. They are also a dog-friendly facility, so you are welcome to bring your dog. Make Cheer Up Charlie the perfect bar for delicious drinks and fun events.

The Jackalope

The Jackalope

Jackalope is a dive bar where you can enjoy giant jackalope sculptures and other quirks, burgers, pizza, music, and happy hour. This bar was founded in 1878. Borders closed,  mischievous legendary Jackalope uses human barks to lure cowboys out of campfires. Tired of stealing whiskey, settling on 6th Avenue, hiding their stuff, and making friends, I decided to. As they say, the rest is history. Despite being in the middle of the Austin college scene, Jackalope welcomes everyone. Near the door, a giant half-rabbit, half-antelope sculpture overlooks a laid-back bar crowded with locals and tourists. Expect a TV B movie and a new wave sound from the 80s to blow out your speakers while a tattooed bartender is pouring a gushing Jameson recording. 

The kitchen menu is solid, with the honey jalapeno bacon cheeseburger acclaimed by the locals. The drink menu is a craft cocktail like Jacka Rope Old Fashioned (getting a spicy kick from Fire & Damnation Bitter). However, mainly whiskey and beer occupy the highest position in this place, and we are willing to take responsibility. Jackalope is Austin’s most popular and famous drinking fountain, serving excellent food. Offering burgers that have always been the best in the city known for their great burgers, our culinary excellence and rich and unique Austin bar experience are recognized nationally—located in the heart of Austin’s historic district, in the middle of 6th Avenue, one of the country’s most prominent red-light districts. 

A lively neighborhood bar with craft cocktails, beer, wine, and delicious burgers. Go out on a sizable dog-friendly patio where you can play lots of games and relax. Find a seat in the bar, alcove, or pool table if you are indoors. There is good food, cheap and strong drinks. They were selected as the best pub in Austin. Well, this bar has a neighborhood-friendly downtown action. They are located in the heart of 6th Avenue, an old historical school. The grill (providing the famous burgers) and the pizza joint (baking delicious beer crust pizza in an open-fire oven) are open 24/7 from 11 am to late at night. So, this is one of the best bars in Austin.

Violet Crown Social Club

Violet Crown Social Club

Violet Crown is one of Austin’s most affordable neighborhood bars. It’s a fashionable pub with a relaxing dim bargain, a red booth, and a large terrace. Expect pub prices for a decent selection of local draft beer, domestic bottles, vodka, and whiskey. If you’re feeling experimental, try their specialty drink,  Iron Whip. This is a frozen slash flavored with an orange creamsicle. Outside, the patio is full of the 20s and 30s, while the Via 313 pizza puts Detroit-style pizzas (slices or pies) directly onto the bar stool. Dogs are welcome from Sunday to  Thursday. Violet Crown Social Club is a punchy East Side Lounge. Luxurious red alcove lines the interior, and benches and tables decorate the outdoor terrace. 

Behind the bar, their television shows some of the best movies and live broadcasts of the hottest sports. Cheap drinks, plenty of drinks, and friendly staff will bring you back. They also have one of the best CD jukeboxes in town. For just $ 4.50, you can find what the Forbes Travel Guide considers to be one of Austin’s top 10 frozen drinks of the year. They have a rotating faucet. Our beer faucets rotate weekly and proudly serve craft beer from all over the country! Detroit-style pizza is a crowd favorite. 

Via313 offers some of the best Detroit-style pizzas in town from the trailer in front of the bar. The pizza will be delivered if you order on the trailer and come to buy a drink. Via313 is open Monday-Wednesday: 5 pm-12pm, Thursday-Saturday: 5 pm-2am, Sunday: 5 pm-12pm. Happy hour is open Monday to  Friday from 5 pm to 7 pm. Get a 50 Cent discount on all good drinks and beer. Their dog policy is as follows: From Sunday to Thursday, dogs on the leash are always welcomed on the terrace. For the safety of everyone, including dogs, please refrain from bringing pets to the terrace on  Fridays and Saturdays. This is one of the best bars that Austin has to offer. If you are in town, we highly recommend you to check out this bar at least once with your pals.

Casino El Camino

Casino El CaminoCasino El Camino is a no-frills, no-frills rock’n’roll dungeon. Gargoyles stand overhead while television shows scary and cheesy cult movies. It’s a plain bar and grill with giant burgers, patios, and jukeboxes for music geeks. The kitchen is known for the burgers recommended by Guy Fieri. If you’re here on the weekends, you can try their finest Bloody Mary. A mix of vodka and bloody mary is topped with a bouquet of skewered snacks. Some amenities include Taquitos, bacon, corn dogs, meatballs, pizza bagels, mini sliders, and sandwiches. Despite being painted light blue, it’s easy to go around Casino El Camino and all the restaurants around it on Dirty 6th, and I think it’s another dive bar. 

But there’s one of Austin’s best-preserved burger secrets. Order Amarillo with roasted Theranos, start by slicing it in half, and then hurt your jaw trying to bite into an ultra-thick patty. When you’re done,  share your experience here only with those who appreciate the art of hamburgers in the pub. Shaking jukeboxes, horror movies on TV, and a good selection of cheap beers make this a great Six Street hangout, and burgers seal it. You can choose from about half a  dozen huge (12 ounces) burgers, so there’s no mistake. If you are looking for a delicious culinary pub in the city center, the casino is the place for you! So, this bar is one of Austin’s best bars. 

They have great service, great food, excellent movie overhead, and cold beers with cocktails. Casino El Camino is the perfect bar and grill to get to the dirty six areas. We don’t feel like competing with people or shouting orders with loud music. There are plenty of seats inside, outside, and upstairs, so look around to find the crew’s location. It is highly recommended to order immediately and as soon as you have decided what you want to eat. Depending on the number of preceding orders, you may have to wait, but don’t worry. While doing this, grab a cocktail/beer and take a shot to see what’s happening on your TV. They love showing ambiguous horror movies and playing great music in the background.

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Do you want to find the top dive bars in Austin, Texas? Head to the aforementioned establishments, where the drinks are stiff, the people are welcoming, and live music and jukeboxes are available all night. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest dive bars in Austin, including those on 6th Street and in the surrounding area. Austin is full of personality, with a quaint, friendly, informal, and no-frills adjacent dive bar! When you’re looking for a hole in the wall with weird stories, restroom graffiti, and inexpensive drinks, we’ve compiled a list of our faves.

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