The Best Dive Bars in Savannah

With a growing bar scene, Savannah is a city that has expanded its web game in more than one way. From the old local dives that live the only life of money to the high-end cocktails hidden under the historic buildings, Savannah includes everything it offers, including its open container law. Dive bars are dirty, full of unusual characters, and often smell very bad. The music is usually deafening, the bathrooms are overly crunchy, and the food (if it is served anywhere) is fried and oily. But here in the South – especially in Savannah – we really adore them. Especially cheap drinks and the attitude of “anyone is welcome.”

5. Warehouse Bar Savannah

Warehouse Bar Savannah

Enjoy the main area on River Street, Warehouse Bar and Grill equals bar sections, restaurant, and live music area. Local and regional bands usually enter the Warehouse section several times a week, providing live entertainment for everyone to enjoy. The bar is full, but many people are coming in to use Warehouse’s cheap beer and ice cold. The menu, which is provided late, includes standard fares including nachos, quesadillas, burgers, and sandwiches. If you feel strong, try Gut Buster, two and a half pounds of Angus meat stuffed with a pound of bacon, cheese sticks, peppers, tater tots, Philly meat, and three kinds of cheese, served with a grilled cheese band. 

Head down to The Warehouse, Savannah’s hot spot for a cold, cheap beer either in a pint or in a pot. Join us on River Street for a great time, great beer, and live music all night.  Offer local drinks and bar cuisine. Need to say more? Follow the best cups and guitar bumps to find us on the cobblestone road – don’t just slide down! Proper Warning – are cards for everyone, gray or absent. Check the board for specials and come in to catch any game – we promise more fun than your living room. See you there. Savannah hot spot for cold beer, the cheapest whether it is a pint or a pot. Join us on River Street for a great time, great beer, and live music every weekend. Offer local drinks and bar cuisine. Need to say more? Proper Warning – are cards for everyone, gray or absent. Check the board for specials and come in to catch any game – we promise more fun than your living room. See you tonight! Great moments and live music all under the blue sunset!

Actually, a hole in the wall, the Warehouse opened in 1992 after being used as a candy store for River Street Sweets.

“The family in charge started selling unusual beer outside the door on St. Patty’s Day,” said Mike Vaudrin, general manager. “They had been left, so they opened the following weekend, and the following weekend – and 21 years later.”

The cavernous River Street bar still sells the coldest beer in town but also has a large menu, including burgers stuffed with Sweet Water beer and live music six days a week.

4. Long Branch Bar Savannah

Long Branch Bar SavannahIf you come out of a hit bar on Skidaway Road, Long Branch is an old bar-turned post office, which means there is plenty of space. Ample space for pool, darts and poker leagues, karaoke night, DJ on Friday night, full kitchen, and more.

The solid menu contains local and traditional cocktails and imported beers such as Lucky Buddha and Singa. Limited space means you will receive a personal, warm service from vendors. This is the kind of bar where you can do it all day. Owner Joey Ruiz used to frequent the bar at the age of 15 before taking it seven months ago, saying the most important thing was to keep the same “local bar that makes everyone feel welcome.” However, one thing he did not change was the menu. It now includes burgers, chicken fingers, and, according to Ruiz, “the best steaks in town.”

In an old corner building, Fitzroy sets up its high-quality bottles and mixes them on the exposed brick wall. Dark walls, rich leather seats, wood floors, and green sandals complete the high, well-designed feeling. There is a well-thought-out wine list and a local beer, but you have to go straight to cocktails, which use high spirits and house blends; try piña colada or, for a real tiki; patient Zero. For a unique dining experience with your cocktail, this rooftop bar that offers uncooked fish from around the world can be just what you want. Happy Hour is 10 am 7 pm, with $ 2 homemade bottles and $ 3 springs. 

3. Rail Pub Bar Savannah

Rail Pub Bar Savannah

Rail Pub boasts the 7th most popular Happy Hour Special in the world!

Like many things in Savannah, Rail Pub has a colorful and ugly past. Savannah’s favorite dive has been everything from the train crew’s watering hole to the lodge and brothel since it opened in 1890. Located in an area known as the Savannah, Georgia region, “Red Light,” the Rail holds firmly to that. Its roots and is still a “happy” home today—home of $ 5 Forties, #FFCF, and the best city collection for lunch. A rustic plaque on the Rail heavy wooden door reads, “bordello once popular, now a luxury home, Rail Pub is the cheapest old on Congress Street.”

Dedicated to its exciting ways, the fun now comes in the form of $ 5 40-ounce bills, grand festive celebrations, wild karaoke (upstairs), and other forms of immorality.

Each day, The Rail has different tempting offers like a day of fun all day, buy one and get the next one for $ 1 (Monday) and Free Fried Chicken Friday, making it the base of the city bar. Oh, and don’t forget the nuts.

Like many things in Savannah, Rail Pub has a bad past. This bar has been everything from a dormitory to a brothel since it opened in 1890. Located in an area known as the Savannah, Georgia region, “Red Light,” the Rail clings to its roots and is still a house of entertainment.” Today. Rail Pub has been in Savannah since 1890 when it opened as a retail space. On Friday, come and listen to live music and free-fried chicken in the yard. Karaoke takes place at 9 p.m.

2. Abe’s on Lincoln Bar Savannah

Abe's on Lincoln Bar Savannah

For all diving, Abe’s on Lincoln has remnants from former sponsors and nappies with Abraham Lincoln’s face filled with walls. The space is dark, small, and slightly sticky (as you would expect and want it to be). Workers come and go quickly on their feet; order a beer or a gun, and go aside. This is a different kind of bar in the historic region. It’s the no-frills of an unpleasant night.

Many tourists get acquainted with Savannah through popular movies shot here over the years. Visitors today love to live actively with these screenshots while on vacation, standing in front of the famous church where the feather floats in front of Forrest Gump, scurrying across the dreaded tombs from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and enjoying a drink at Six Pence Pu, which is located o Bull Street where Julia Roberts was seen standing in his pajamas with an old 1995 hit song Something To Talk About.

With its iconic pedestrian architecture and new urban designs, Savannah inspires visitors with its emerald tree canopy, deserted rocky roads, and stunning architecture. 

People tend to find out that Savannah offers a colorful mix of mixology collections, a well-stirred drink that moves behind bars in the city’s best restaurants, a speakeasy night, the first American museum dedicated to the Prohibition era, and a handful of state-of-the-art bars as well as brilliant brunch areas that give the restorative dog hair early in the morning next to hot dishes of shrimp n ‘grits and fried chicken.

1. Original Pinkie Masters Bar Savannah

Original Pinkie Masters Bar SavannahOriginal Pinkie Masters is an old-school, the only money bar that stays the same throughout the years, down to neon PBR symbols, multi-colored strings, and fun decorations. A good example of not judging a book by its cover, diving has a real historical significance: Jimmy Carter once took a stand on the stage above it to make a speech. If the Original Pinkie Masters bar is deemed good enough for the President, it is safe to assume it might be pretty good enough for the average beer drinker.

The Original Pinkie Masters is an outstanding entertainer. Regardless of the moniker, our little haunt remains the same since it was opened in 1951. One of the oldest taverns in the city of Savannah, Pinkie’s continues its existence as a place to get cheap PBRs, listen to great music from the jukebox, and – most importantly – handle really colorful sponsors.

A boxer and lover of all things political, tobacco, and PBR, Pinkie set up a bar as a meeting place. The eclectic décor – a rich history – adds to the palm of our little member. And there is no lack of personality behind the bar as well. Things have changed a bit, there is no more internal smoking, in addition to PBR when you click, and our music has been updated over time. But you can still play a simple game of arrow, pay only cash and engage until you make the final call. If you feel lucky or very inclined.

Pinkie Masters is a piece of Savannah history fabric like anywhere else in the historic region. Ordinary people will give it to you once. Let it be known. Know that you are in the realm of legends. You will still be treated to hospitality to the south, delicious drinks, and warmth that you will never forget. Just make sure you tip your dealer. And tick your hat. We are Pinkie Masters and we are here to stay. Come in all. But bring money. We will reserve a seat at the bar.

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Using all of these requirements, we listed the top bars in Hostess City. Problems with our selection? Ask the tall guy to hear it – maybe. Their low-to-earth atmosphere, comfortable atmosphere, and historical charm make Dive Bars in Savannah unique. From cheap drinks to colorful locals, a visit to these taverns is a must-have for any outing! Feel the nightlife like any other on our list of diving sites you should visit while in Savannah! Do not say that we didn’t warn you. You take a break with great new friends and unforgettable memories.

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