The Best Jazz clubs in Savannah

Savannah is a melting pot of history, art, and culture – so naturally, it is home to amazing music. Whether you want to go to a party for live piano playing, playing local punk bands, or relaxing to acoustic music on an open microphone night, Savannah is a place for music lovers. Do you mingle with the idea of ​​a night spent playing jazz live in one of Savannah’s most beautiful places? Then help us. From music festivals and jazz clubs to nightclubs held in secret locations, check out our guide to the best jazz discovery destinations in Savannah. Savannah loves all music, not just the genre that features fast-paced guitars against the backs of beating castanets. 

8. Good Times Jazz Bar & Restaurant Savannah

Good Times Jazz Bar & Restaurant SavannahGood Times Jazz Bar and Restaurant was born out of a desire to bring in Great Southern rides, Fine wines, and Jazz tours in one sophisticated lounge area. From Thursday – Sunday, we showcase the best live Jazz Low Country can offer. The owner of Stephen T. Moore’s love of Good Food-Good Wine-Good Music is what inspired the creation of his dream, Good Times.

The Good Times is a place where modern culture, wine, and food are mixed. Feel free to relax, sit and drink a cocktail or enjoy a glass of delicious wine. Bring your craving for food, delicious southern, to our menu will satisfy you. Let us entertain you with the best live Jazz music that Savannah can offer.

They are proud to bring you the most talented artists and performers in the southeast and beyond. If you want a good night’s entertainment and good food, look no further than Good Times Jazz Bar and Restaurant!

Savannah has always had plenty of good food, fine wine, and good music. The Good Times Jazz Bar & Restaurant is the culmination of three important events – providing the best South African food near some of Lowcountry’s most talented jazz musicians. As a couple, Danielle and Stephen T. Moore opened the Good Times in 2017 with a passion for live jazz music and honest Southern fare. Chef Joe Randall, a great chef and restaurant consultant, works hard to make Southern dishes with local ingredients, especially their amazing Gumbo Creole Seafood. Additionally, local musician Teddy Adams, founder of the Coastal Jazz Association, and Ben Tucker are working with Chef Randall to find talented bands that will play six nights a week – and Sunday with the only live gospel music event offered in the city. The Good Times has a fully furnished dining room and jazz lounge on the ground floor, creating a comfortable, sophisticated Savannah native and sophisticated setting.

7. Rancho Alegre Cuban Restaurant Bar Savannah

Rancho Alegre Cuban Restaurant Bar Savannah

Want a little jazz with your lechon asado? Then head to Rancho Alegre, a Cuban restaurant that features live entertainment on the weekends. In addition to enjoying the smooth sounds of a jazz trio, you can indulge in Rancho favorites, including Pollo Asado o frillo (half a chicken roasted or fried with mojo), churrasco (a grilled skirt steak accompanied by chimichurri sauce), the aforementioned lechon asado (Cuban roasted pork) and Paella Valencia (a traditional Cuban dish with rice, chicken, pork and a medley of seafood that the restaurant suggests you order two hours prior to your meal). Most entrees are served with beans and rice and accompanied by fried plantains. The drink menu features both alcoholic and non-alcoholic Cuban favorites, among them parcha (passion fruit juice), Cuban coffee, sangria, and mojitos.

Welcome to Cuba; Rancho Alegre Cuban Restaurant is a colorful, bright restaurant that touches your senses with jazz-inspired live jazz on arrival. Especially the locals know and love Rancho Alegre Cuban for its live music and drinks. Try Mojito, Cubre Libre, or red or white sangria. There is also a wide range of wines by the glass and bottle.

This authentic Caribbean restaurant is the only one of its kind in Savannah. The menu includes dishes such as lechon asado, as well as all kinds of chicken and beef accompanied by rice, beans, and oysters. Listen to music at your leisure; no rush to order. However, listen to staff recommendations; paella and sangria are both very good.

The best live music in Savannah’s Historic District because A band takes the stage at Rancho Alegre every weekend. Enjoy the soothing sounds of jazz while sipping on sangria and savoring paella. You can never drink just one of Rancho Alegre’s mojitos, so order a pitcher for the table.

6. Saddle Bags Bar Savannah

Saddle Bags Bar Savannah

This country bar and dance hall, located on the west end of River Street in the Historic District, features a mechanical bull, scantily clad waitresses, and perhaps the city’s best selection of top-shelf bourbon. But the bar–the brainchild of Johnny Gosyne, co-owner of popular dance clubs The Crypt Pub and Club 51 Degrees–really shines as a venue for live country music and line dancing. The club regularly hosts line dancing nights, including free lessons for beginners, and has a great live lineup on weekends, when it welcomes performers from around the country. Add in unique special weekly events, like the popular Red Solo Cup night on Thursdays, in which patrons can fill up their plastic cups for crazy low prices, and you’ve found one of the best places in town to throw down.

Designed as one of the best pubs in the state of Georgia, we would like to keep our customers happy and informed. Come and get a beer and ride a bull so you can sleep well.

Above all, we have famous Nashville recording artists who will perform here, from Michael Ray to Chris Lane to Walker Hayes. If you like country music, we are your place to be every Friday and Saturday.

Recommended for Best Live Music in Savannah’s Historic District because: Country music fans will adore Saddle Bags, which features local, regional, and national country artists. And who can say no to a mechanical bull? Try Saddle Bags’ bourbon slush, a frozen concoction that will have you going back for more.

5. The Warehouse Bar and Grill Savannah

The Warehouse Bar and Grill Savannah

Enjoy the main area on River Street, Warehouse Bar and Grill equals bar sections, restaurant, and live music area. Local and regional bands usually enter the Warehouse section several times a week, providing live entertainment for everyone to enjoy. The bar is full, but many people are coming in to use Warehouse’s cheap beer and ice cold. The menu, which is provided late, includes standard fares, including nachos, quesadillas, burgers, and sandwiches. If you feel strong, try Gut Buster, two and a half pounds of Angus meat stuffed with a pound of bacon, cheese sticks, peppers, tater tots, Philly meat, and three kinds of cheese, served with a grilled cheese band. 

Head down to The Warehouse, Savannah’s hot spot for a cold, cheap beer either in a pint or in a pot. Join us on River Street for a great time, great beer, and live music all night.  Offer local drinks and bar cuisine. Need to say more? Follow the best cups and guitar bumps to find us on the cobblestone road – don’t just slide down! Proper Warning – are cards for everyone, gray or absent. Check the board for specials and come in to catch any game – we promise more fun than your living room. See you there. Savannah hot spot for cold beer, the cheapest whether it is a pint or a pot. Join us on River Street for a great time, great beer, and live music every weekend. Offer local drinks and bar cuisine. Need to say more? Proper Warning – are cards for everyone, gray or absent. Check the board for specials and come in to catch any game – we promise more fun than your living room. See you tonight! Great moments and live music all under the blue sunset!

Actually, a hole in the wall, the Warehouse opened in 1992 after being used as a candy store for River Street Sweets.

“The family in charge started selling unusual beer outside the door on St. Patty’s Day,” said Mike Vaudrin, general manager. “They had been left, so they opened the following weekend, and the following weekend – and 21 years later.”

The cavernous River Street bar still sells the coldest beer in town but also has a large menu, including burgers stuffed with Sweet Water beer and live music six days a week.

4. Jazz’d Tapas Bar Savannah

Jazz'd Tapas Bar Savannah

Always packed, always lively, and always entertaining, Jazz’d be the place to be seen in Downtown Savannah. Located in the basement of the historic Kress building, this tapas-style restaurant has a long, sleek serpentine bar and ample seating in the bar area. The eclectic drink menu boasts more than 25 types of martinis, including the pineapple upside-down cake, with vanilla rum, pineapple rum, pineapple juice, and grenadine, and the plumsake tini, with plum sake, vodka, raspberry schnapps, and a squeeze of lemon. Those who want a late-night bite to eat will have plenty to choose from on the tapas menu, from chorizo-stuffed mushrooms to basil shrimp and grits. Live music Tuesday through Sunday rounds out the Jazz’d experience, making it one of the best places to spend an evening in Savannah.

Recommended for Best Live Music in Savannah’s Historic District because: The live music at Jazz’d Tapas Bar always hits the mark. Sinatra crooner Trae Gurley’s regular Thursday night performances are a sure bet. Jazz’d honors service industry workers every night. Bring a service industry ID. 

3. Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos Bar Savannah

Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos Bar Savannah

This dueling piano bar has been delighting locals and visitors since it opened its doors in 2000. Located just steps from River Street in Savannah’s Historic District, Savannah Smiles is an all-request show in which four piano players duel it out for the audience’s affection. The bar’s talented musicians wow the audience with their ability to play everything, from jazz to rock to rap to country. In addition to the entertainment, guests can order beer, wine, and cocktails from Savannah Smiles’ full bar or food off the menu, which includes standard fare such as chicken fingers, fries, mozzarella sticks, and jalapeno poppers.

The piano bar has been entertaining locals and visitors since it opened its doors in 2000. Located on the steps from River Street in Savannah’s Historic District, Savannah Smiles is an all-inclusive program where four pianists compete to impress the audience. Talented bar musicians entertained the audience with their ability to play everything, from jazz to rock to rap. In addition to entertainment, guests can order beer, wine and cocktails from the full Savannah Smiles bar or food from the menu, which includes regular fare such as chicken fingers, fried, mozzarella sticks and jalapeno poppers.

Recommended for best live music in Savannah’s Historic District because: For live music of a different variety, head to Savannah Smiles, a dueling piano saloon guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face. Plan to arrive early if you want a seat.

3. Congress Street Social Club Savannah

Congress Street Social Club Savannah

Just as its name suggests, Congress Street Social Club has become a popular spot for those who want to meet and mingle. The always-bustling establishment, which is just a block away from City Market, has a large outdoor patio and bar, along with a bar on the ground level and another in the basement. Among Congress Street, Social Club’s interior accouterments are pool tables, dartboards, and an old-fashioned photo booth, which you may or may not want to take advantage of depending on how much photographic evidence you want of your night on the town. Drinks are reasonably priced, and the food menu is diverse and surprisingly good.

Recommended for Best Live Music in Savannah’s Historic District because Congress Street Social Club rocks out every weekend with live music on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, plus a DJ spinning tunes on Thursday nights.

Check out Congress Street Social Club’s website or Facebook page for a schedule of upcoming live performances.

Come and enjoy their open outdoor area with live music, a great dinner and a dog-friendly balcony. They take pride in working for the information you have been looking for!

Offering delicious, affordable food and refreshing drinks everyone can enjoy, their goal is to see their favorite food sitting next to their favorite beverages. Choose from their in-house cocktails, a wide range of Georgia Craft Beer, or get lost in their Bourbon wall fitted with their hand-picked barrels and an excellent selection of unusual assignments in Savannah. Get down after 7 pm to get billiards, arrows, foosball, shuffleboard, skeeball, and more! There is entertainment for everyone here at Congress Street Social Club.

2. Casimir’s Bar Lounge Savannah

Casimir's Bar Lounge Savannah

This luxurious 1888 hotel is home to some of the best jazz sounds. Few Savannah clubs can compete with its warmth, chic design, and beautiful view of Forsyth Park. St Casimir’s Lounge, guests, relax with a martinis signature or drink a glass of wine in a wide range as they listen to lively live music. There is no other place in Savannah like this hotspot. When it comes to world-class cuisine, details are essential. The difference between the good and the bad can be measured in seconds, the ingredients found locally, and knowing the proper wine to be served. They focus on these details to enjoy the side of Georgia cuisine in a way you have never tasted before. Get out of the crowd and be the owner of time. This is your day, your night, your world. With a few exciting places to choose from, a private Savannah dinner is more than just food. It is a memory.

For a new look, head back to Casimir’s Lounge for signature cakes and some of Savannah’s best blues and jazz. Get rid of time and run to the truth for just a moment with an unforgettable hour of happiness and even better conversation.

1. Wild Wing Café Bar Savannah

Wild Wing Café Bar Savannah

Occupying a prime spot in City Market, Wild Wing Cafe is a favorite place to catch live music and eat wings. Most of the sports bar and restaurant’s live performances take place on the outdoor patio in City Market, meaning that even passersby can enjoy the music. Wild Wing’s regular lineup includes local favorites such as Liquid Ginger, Jeff Beasley, Chuck Courtenay, and Bucky and Barry, along with visiting regional acts. Guests hoping to snag one of Wild Wing’s coveted outdoor tables can choose from an extensive menu that includes an insane selection of wings, along with burgers, sandwiches, salads, and more.

The Wild Wing Cafe is home to Savannah’s hot wings, cold beer, and fun times. It has a reliable local venue, and its front-line layout is perfect for every sports fan to follow their visual shows. Whatever your party style, and no matter how big or formal, their team creates your event in a memorable moment. You can help Wild Wing Catering create a fun, fun atmosphere that will make you a great host or host. All their chickens are cooked without hormones and steroid-free. They wrap their wings like real and never frozen; their nuggets make a handful of bread and all those appetizers from the beginning.

Recommended for Best Live Music in Savannah’s Historic District because: music lovers owe a debt of gratitude to Wild Wing Café, which provides free entertainment on its patio for all City Market passersby to enjoy.

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Respect for high-quality music is natural, and the audience is enthusiastic. Central has been mixing live jazz and blues since 1982 in a 19th-century building that housed a fine shop selling paintings, glass, mirrors, and frames. It is easy to imagine this, given the club’s high ceilings and beautiful Iberian decorations. Musically, the focus is on mainstream and gypsy jazz with a good mix of well-known (in jazz circles) US instrumentalists and local heroes – some of whom play guitars very quickly.

The famous’ 20s have arrived, and, naturally, that means jazz is looking forward to a comeback. Here in Savannah, jazz has never gone out of style, with healthy clubs dedicated to the city’s hepcats. Whether you are following a full dinner show or just somewhere you can relax and enjoy some whiskey and some Coltrane, these are the top jazz music venues in Savannah.

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