The Best Rock Bars in Indianapolis

We’ve taken the initiative of compiling a list of the top places to have a great drink because craft beer isn’t always enough.

1. Old Towne Beer Hall And Growle Bar Indianapolis

This fresh new beer hall in downtown Franklin is a lot of fun. There is a large selection of craft beers on tap. For those who want tradition, beers such as Bud are offered. Wines and vodka-infused beverages are also available.

This is a fantastic little hideaway to have a few drinks, hang out, play games, participate in trivia nights, and karaoke; they have an extensive range of national and craft beers and a limited selection of wines and liquors.

When you check-in, you must show a credit card, which will be scanned, and a tab will be opened. You then receive a bracelet with a fob on it, scan the fob, and pour your brew while it tracks it for you. When you’re ready to depart, you can pay with the card on file, a different card, or cash.

2. Melody Inn Bar Indianapolis

The ideal divey music bar! This place has everything from the rickety tables and couches to the walls plastered in graffiti, band stickers, and who knows what.

Come on over if you like dive pubs with punk music! There is a different theme and specials every night. This establishment is 21+ and has a cover charge. There’s an outdoor terrace in the back where people may smoke and hang out.

Customers can order a great beer at this bar. You can select between indoor and outdoor sitting. The well-trained crew welcomes visitors all year. Guests here appreciate the excellent service. Melody Inn’s prices are predicted to be average. The tranquil environment and lovely decor will undoubtedly appeal to you.

They have an ATM, a wide selection of drinks, and a full bar. It’s dark and old on the inside. Out back, there is a smokers lounge. A historically significant location! Everyone should see it at least once!

3. Jamaican Breeze Sports Bar And Grill Indianapolis

This is a Jamaican bar restaurant in Indianapolis, close to the State Fairgrounds. There is plenty of parking, two patio areas, an inside dining room, and bar seating. They have a full bar as well as some distinctive cocktails. They also feature a pool table and a stage where bands perform occasionally. The front terrace is fantastic.  Jamaican tunes are playing inside and outside, and TVs are available at the bar. The restaurant and bar are spotless. The restaurant/bar is tastefully designed and exudes a genuine Jamaican atmosphere. The staff is exceptionally kind and helpful.

4. Chatterbox jazz club Bar Indianapolis

The Chatterbox might be the place to go if you’re looking for some of Indianapolis’ top musical talent.

Chatterbox hosts live jazz seven days a week, with entry free on Sundays through Thursdays and $8 on Saturdays and Sundays. The bar isn’t huge, but this isn’t the place for specialty cocktails. If you get hungry, there are some light snacks available.

If you are sensitive to cigarette smoke, remember that many customers come in and out of Chatterbox for smoke breaks. During the summer, the outdoor patio would be an excellent place to people-watch on Mass Ave. Street parking is your best bet with ParkMobile. Tripel is an example of a Chatterbox band. You should check out Chatterbox at least once!

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