The Best Rooftop Bars In Dallas

One of the great things about the Dallas climate is that it allows us to enjoy the outdoors most of the year, and there is no better way to dip vitamin D than on the roof of a house. Suppose that roof comes with delicious food, refreshing drinks, and fine wine; even better. Get out there and enjoy some of our favourite roof artisans in Dallas!

Although enjoying a meal or a drink on a regular balcony is a good standard, sometimes eating al fresco is best for a bird’s eye view. Fortunately, Dallas is full of high-rise patios in the sky that offer a fantastic view of the city’s invincible sky.

9. HG Sply Co Bar Dallas

HG Sply Co Bar Dallashe atmosphere, the incredible beauty, and the atmosphere in the Moscow Mules (try to freeze) – HG Sply Co has the best roof in Dallas downstairs. The space includes the length of the restaurant below, as well as Social Mechanics and Gung Ho – three times larger than the basement, so you have enough space to sit and enjoy. You can see all the sky in the distance, and HG has a proven climate on the roof with heaters and misters.

Live brunch music and an excellent, lively air sound like a Portland hangout over a Dallas pub. Discover a delicious salad and some of its natural cocktails for a combination of sin and salvation to keep your body happy and your mind free. The popular restaurant and bar on Greenville Avenue have become a neighbourhood centre. The balcony above the second floor offers a magnificent view of the city, while the first-class dining room is filled every night with young and old diners. Many are on the menu for special needs with gluten-free, Paleo-centric, and vegan (vegan queso dishes are unique), emphasising “clean” foods, that is, to avoid processed foods. They were among the first to make the concept of “dishes” when choosing grains, proteins, and vegetables.

Take your group of best friends and make HG Sply Co. your next branch in Dallas. Eat on the top floor of the balcony and enjoy the fresh, edible-inspired food dishes and drinks that are guaranteed to take your taste on an unexpected trip.

8. Quarterly Bar Dallas 

Quarterly Bar Dallas 

Quarter Bar has one of the many characters of any Uptown bar with a New Orleans theme and many rooms full of fun, classic furniture. Go upstairs to find a hot rooftop terrace with a few tables overlooking McKinney Ave. They also offer a happy hour every day of the week, specialising in a time of relaxation and entertainment like karaoke night.

The Uptown Crescent-City-themed two-story bar shares its homemade iron and plant-filled venue (and some of its menu items) with its close neighbour and sister, Bread Winners. The bar manager says that there is even one popular snack that is not on the menu, but the connoisseurs of the bar know how to ask for raw chilli mac and cheese. The interior is like a library or a study with the walls off the books. Ornate leather, black wood and luxurious fabrics, and there are plenty of living spaces, and private chat rooms make it for the first date or a place to meet old friends. Their excellent daily deals, including $ 1.50 PBR on Monday and $ 3 sources on Thursday, make this a popular neighbourhood. It’s located in Uptown Dallas, but the two-tiered Quarter Bar sounds like something out of the French Quarter in New Orleans. You will find many rooms full of fun, old-fashioned furniture and a few outdoor spaces, including a fully furnished terrace. Enjoy a vast selection of French Quarter-inspired signature cocktails, beer and wine, and dishes set in the South, which serve as a happy hour of the day of the week and plenty of weekly specials. At the Bread Winners ’loop-up, a cousin inspired by the French Quarter, the excellent types of skaters offer a melting pot of parties, including Posh SMU Greeks, Parkies, tattooed rockers, and the community in training. The second extended floor is worth a visit.

7. Happiest Hour Bar Dallas 

Happiest Hour Bar Dallas 

Happiest Hour is Dallas’ magnificent bar with square footage, with its large outdoor lawn shed and a high bar overlooking Victory Park and the American Airlines Center. Walking just a short distance from the action, you can easily pass for a drink before or after a concert or game. It also knows the nightlife, and the roof overflows when the sun goes down with people wearing pyjamas.

Happiest Hour is located at 2616 Olive St. In the Harwood area, just steps from the American Airlines Center in Dallas. Follow the Happy Hour on Facebook and Instagram for more information and to stay up-to-date on all the exciting events. Happiest Hour offers one of the town’s enormous patio and leisure centres. The view of the city on its roof is fantastic! Their beverage menu includes many signature cocktails, tap wine, and over 50 different beers. Some of their best cocktails are Harwood paradise and The Boys Are Back.

It is located in one of the most famous places in Dallas with a large patio bar and lounge, a beautiful roofed terrace and four full-service bars covering more than 12,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor fun. A menu that guarantees that it cures any desire and a great beverage program with signature cocktails, tap wine and over 50 beer options.

Get drinks at the main paan excellent bar and lounge in Dallas at Happiest Hour. This place is perfect for afternoon drinks or a night out with friends. Relax on the house’s roof with a few snacks to share before you see a show or play a game near the American Airlines Center.

6. Green Room Bar Dallas

Green Room Bar DallasCheck out the Green Room on Elm Street in that Deep Ellum grungy, hipster vibe. It sits across from another Deep Ellum store, Wits End, and allows you to grab a vodka soda or beer while enjoying our downtown location. It also allows you guys to look down when things get hectic on a Friday or Saturday night.

This Deep Ellum foundation has a long history of being a bar before any concert in the area. The space offers three restaurants and a rooftop terrace with plenty of seating to enjoy their weekly fun hour specials. The Green Room has been a base in Deep Ellum for many years. Our sponsors enjoy a fantastic view of the Dallas sky from the Rooftop Patio and some of the Best Damn Bar Foods in Deep Ellum! Our menu is a fresh take on old-fashioned pub food favourites, but we also have some of our special creations, such as Short Rib Texas Poutine and Blacktooth Burger.

The venue stands out as a particular event centre due to the variety of options to party organisers and guests. It has three full bars and three restaurants The Green Room has many nice features that you can use to create a fun event. The view is amazing, as well as calm. Their vendors offer unique cocktails, as well as wine in a glass or bottle and local beer. Dining inside still gives you a great view, but if you care about staying outside, you can relax until you reach their open wall of the fireplace and enjoy the amazing views of their rooftop restaurant in Dallas.

5. Sky Blossom Bar Dallas

Sky Blossom Bar DallasThe newest roof on the list, the Sky Blossom, does not look good, hides in a door, and climbs the elevator on Main Street in Downtown Dallas. It’s close to Campisi if you don’t get it, but once you get it, you’ll be blown away. You will feel like you are standing in buildings and high in the clouds. Your view is one of the best in town.

Sky Blossom introduces a new concept of fast food during the day and offers a great diner/lounge experience. They are inspired by the idea of ​​putting a variety of foods together to create a menu that will not only enhance the culture and cuisine of Viet Nam but spread the potential that food from all cultures can flourish together. 

Sky Blossom Rooftop, Bistro & Bar is an attractive place on the roof of Dallas, offering a great mix of authentic tasting and beautiful views. Six floors above the chaos below, the chic roof comes with an indoor lounge area and a terrace near the roof, overlooking the buildings in the city center and a sculpture of The Eye. Encouraged by the idea of ​​mixing a variety of foods together, the Sky Blossom menu comes from the Vietnamese kitchen, accompanied by a selection of ‘must-have’ colorful ‘cocktails.

4. Sundown in Granada Bar Dallas

Sundown in Granada Bar Dallas

Located near the historic Granada Theater, this wooded-and-beer restaurant becomes a farm-to-table ride with an impressive selection of wine, beer, spirit and craft cocktails. All of this is offered at refreshing prices, which is probably why it is one of the most popular hangouts on Greenville Avenue. Not to mention that there is a large rooftop terrace, with free live music (think rock, folk, funk, R&B and hip-hop) offered six nights a week. Watch out for movie nights and popular TV shows too.  

Sundown offers fresh, seasonal food and offers all kinds of different foods, including a variety of Vegetarian, Vegan, and gluten-free foods. When paired with our 60 hand-crafted beers or a special refreshing cocktail, there is a world of fun! Join us for $ 2 brunch mimos, $ 10 lunch deals, and fun hours of the day!

The Lower Greenville center has many amenities: a relaxing balcony, a rooftop terrace, live music, and a menu that includes salads for a hefty ride, just like its burgers. With the $ 10 “light lunch” special offer, the focus is on healthy eating. Vegan specialty stir-fry and bow to Mediterranean influences (falafel, caprese wraps) make sure fans are full, in a fun-but-sensible way.

One of our favorite places during the Hour of fun or reunion before the concert, Sundown in Granada, has a beautiful view over Greenville Ave. It is nice and shady, has a wooden cover, and is usually quieter. It is a little-known or common roof bar so if you are looking for a certified table, check out Sundown!

3. The Henry Bar Dallas 

The Henry Bar Dallas Located right on the border of Uptown and Downtown near Victory Park, Henry not only has a lovely dog ​​park but also has a magnificent rooftop bar where you can enjoy delicious cocktails (try figs), delicious appetizers and small plates, and a tour of the city and the Perot Museum. The roof provides comfortable seating for large, comfortable booths and high ceilings, and if the weather is inclement, there is even room for a roommate nearby!

One of the latest additions to Uptown, Henry offers a chic rooftop porch for a full hour of fun. Drink one of their best drinks while enjoying the beautiful view of the Dallas sky.

Combining industry and ancient influences, our open-air restaurants are full of beauty and energy. Come for a walk and have a cup of coffee, enjoy lunch with a partner, gather the family together for dinner, or have a post-workout drink at a bar. With desirable food and delicious cocktails, don’t look for a place to stay among friends, a place that sounds like home: The Henry. Henry is a delightful local restaurant and bar open daily for Dine-In, Takeout, and Online Ordering. It is a great place to catch a bite to eat and enjoy cocktails after work. We love their balcony when you have a beautiful view of the city of Dallas. Upstairs offers a good selection of small bites. Be sure to try Henry’s Summer Sangria during your visit.

2. Gallery Rooftop Lounge Bar Dallas

Gallery Rooftop Lounge Bar DallasFormerly the SODA Roof Bar from the 2019 Rooftop Lounge Gallery, perched on a renovated and stylish hotel, Boutique Canvas Hotel Dallas. It is located in the Cedars area, South of the city of Dallas.

From the 6th floor library, you will probably find the best views of the whole of Dallas, with amazing views of the city sky and more around you.

The most impressive feature here is the infinity pool on a hot and humid roof. It is usually only available to guests staying in a hotel, but occasionally there are also popular rooftop swimming parties. And besides, this Gallery Bar rooftop is open to everyone to enjoy a sunset drink or an entire weekend night out.

The bar on the roof of the gallery is festive and chic and comes with an elegant and modern interior, both on the terrace and in the indoor lounge.

Enjoy refreshing and inspiring cocktails, homemade and imported beers, bubbles, Ice Wine pops, and a few bites to share. Excellent pool-lounge menu and the only downside is that the poolside also means plastic cups.

Visit during the day to get the lounge vibe of the most relaxed, while the weekend nights are packed and crowded. And keep an eye on the brunch on the Sunday roof, which is always available.

1. Upside West Village Bar Dallas

Upside West Village Bar Dallas Located on the Canopy By Hilton Dallas Uptown, Upside West Village is one of the hottest places in town to enjoy a great drink. Here you find a stylish indoor lounge with panoramic windows open to the expansive terrace on the roof, surrounded by an unobstructed view of the Dallas sky. Open every day for a casual bite and drink with an idea; here, you can indulge in chefs prepared for sharing, unique cocktails, a glass of wine or a bottle, and local handmade beer.

The Uptown Dallas bar is constantly changing. Upside West Village is one of the most beautiful new places to see, see, relax, and enjoy cocktails and easy bites with friends. As one of the best rooftop restaurants in Dallas, Texas, you can enjoy the unobstructed view of the city sky while enjoying the excellent food prepared by the chef in the rooftop restaurant.

Considering a cocktail party or a reception area with rooftop restaurants near Dallas, TX, Upside West Village is a rare gem just minutes from downtown Dallas in Uptown fashion. Its open and inviting bar and modern downstairs furniture are a perfect backdrop for any special occasion. Ideal for an after-work meeting and greetings, bachelor or bachelorette event, a custom dinner or a particular business start-up party, you can relax and enjoy our rooftop lounge knowing that we will take care of you. Vegan bites from the menu garden section, as well as the gulf and ranch sections, offer something delicious for everyone at your party. Make it a memorable night. Speaking of bars in Uptown Dallas, Upside West Village is where it happens.

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