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If you are looking for the best Rooftop bars in Tampa, where you can chill with your friends and family and enjoy some of the most delicious cocktails, then you have come to the right place.
So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best Rooftop bars in Tampa. (More in-depth further below)
These bars are a lot more than just cocktails and wines. The type of liquors and fancy menus alone can not guarantee that a bar will bring in revenue. One thing that is often neglected is the location of these bars. This list talks about some of the best rooftop bars in Tampa. Yes, you read that right. Rooftop bars have gained popularity in many cities, including Tampa. These bars are often built upon skyscrapers and tall hotels. They offer a beautiful yet unique view of the Tampa Bay and Downtown areas. The Tampa skyline is gorgeous at night, as the patrons over there at these bars will tell you. The idea of sipping your favorite cocktail made by experienced bartenders under the starry sky with your loved one just hits different. Some of these bars operate late at night, so you can bring your after-parties and all the fun here and enjoy till the late hours while the experienced staff takes care of you.

4. M.Bird Bar Tampa

M.Bird Bar TampaM.Bird is one of the best rooftop bars in Tampa. Tampa offers beautiful views and a fantastic skyline which these rooftop bars help you enjoy. M.Bird is one such bar, which is noteworthy for its cinematic views.
This bars offers some of the best tropical cocktails made from the most exquisite ingredients, along with a carefully chosen menu offering light snacks and other small plates that will pair well with the drinks. This bar is open throughout the week due to the high demand, so we recommend you make a reservation before going there to avoid long queues if you are going on the weekend. This bar caters to people of all ages above the age of 21. As we have discussed, the interior is beautiful as it offers green and gold work in several places to keep that Mediterranean tropical theme alive. This unique rooftop bar offers some of the best views of downtown Tampa and the nearby Hillsborough River. A delicious cocktail with your partner or friends while enjoying the Tampa Skyline at night is a fantastic experience. The menu at this café is very diverse as it offers a combination of cocktails, Rums, Scotch, and Wines, along with several small plates.
We recommend a cocktail named AFTERTHOT as it has delicious citric elements and Titos Vodka. If you are not in the mood for a cocktail, you can choose your favorite bourbon, whiskey, or gin from the ample choices they have on their menu. This offer has something for everyone. If you are famished, don’t worry, as the shareable plates are quite a meal, and you should try the Hot Fried Chicken Sliders on our recommendation. Overall, this is a great bar you should visit with your friends and family and enjoy the perfect view of quality cocktails.

3. Birchwood Canopy Bar Tampa

Birchwood Canopy Bar Tampa

Birchwood canopy is a sky cocktail lounge offering delicious cocktails and a beautiful view of Tampa. Downtown Tampa and Tampa Bay look beautiful at night, and the view is even better from a specific height; from these rooftop bars.
The skyline of this city makes you feel dreamy. The craft cocktails with attention to each ingredient and a specially curated menu will give you the experience of a lifetime. The décor is beautiful here. The super comfortable and plush sofas make you forget about all your worries the moment you sink in them, along with the canopy, which has these dreamy white curtains over it. The décor comes beautifully together when you see this rooftop lounge in the evening just as the sun is about to set. Due to the fantastic views and hand-crafted menus, Birchwood canopy does not accept any reservations over the phone or otherwise. The staff will serve you on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it is essential to plan your evening if you want to enjoy it at this cocktail lounge. There are some policies for this bar; you cannot smoke here, so you will have to go to some other rooftop bar if you are an avid smoker and want to enjoy your cigar and have a cocktail.
Moreover, pets are not allowed keeping in view that someone could be allergic and it might ruin their evening. These customer-friendly policies allow this bar to attract people of all types where everyone can enjoy. There are many different promotions at this bar, allowing you to enjoy. Every Wednesday, there is a ladies’ night where you can enjoy unique cocktails and wines at discounted rates. Moreover, there is a tasting session every Tuesday at this bar where you can try all the latest wines and drinks while enjoying a fifty percent discount on the appetizers, do not miss this! There are dedicated happy hours during the week where you can try signature drinks and exclusive liquors at a discounted rate so that the visit is not too heavy on your pocket and you can enjoy!

2. Edge Rooftop Bar Tampa

Edge Rooftop Bar Tampa

The edge rooftop bar is one of those places for Instagram influencers who want to add a little color and light to their lives. The rooftop bar focuses a lot on décor, and the artwork here attracts Instagram celebrities and influencers from all over Tampa. Edge Rooftop bar and restaurant are located on top of the Epicurean Hotel, which means that this bar is attached to one of the best hotels in the city. Many places in Tampa serve cocktails, but only some try to make it unique by using carefully sourced ingredients, like spices and herbs from different areas, to make the experience a lot more exquisite for you. A lot of thought goes into making these cocktails served at the Edge Cocktail Bar.
Moreover, this bar also served some of the best wines you can find in Tampa. They are hand chosen for the patrons, and the wine list is quite diverse. They are catering to the ongoing trends in Tampa about wine. Microbreweries and in-house breweries have recently been trendy in the city, so this bar offers fine quality beer through microbreweries. This bar operates five days a week so that you can plan your evening. The cocktails start from around $11, while the wines start from around a couple of dollars and go up to a hundred dollars for the best ones.
Moreover, the small plates are what this bar is famous for, and you should try their shrimp cocktail and Dahl. You can also do that if you want to reserve this bar for a private party. The staff will design the décor according to your preferences, along with a custom menu that would make for a splendid evening. This rooftop bar is one of the best in Tampa!

1. Vantage Rooftop Bar Tampa

Vantage Rooftop Bar Tampa

Downtown Tampa looks beautiful at night. The skyline, lights, and everything else come together very well in the evening when the sun sets, as the patrons will tell you over at the Vantage Roof Bar. Moreover, this rooftop bar offers some of the best lighting in any of the bars in Tampa, with neon lights, mood lights, and other things to make your stay enjoyable and get those fantastic nightlife pictures. The staff here is very welcoming and courteous, so do not be shy when asking them for recommendations for cocktails or wines. This bar has some of the best outdoor and indoor seating with comfortable chairs so that you can sit here for hours with company. Specialized bartenders who know their stuff and will come up with custom creations for you, should you desire, create the cocktails made here.
Moreover, if you are a fan of watching your favorite games while sipping your favorite cocktail, then don’t worry, as this bar provides you with Large Screen HD TVs to make the night even better! This is the ultimate place to party! The beer offered here is brought from specialized breweries, making it one of the best in the city. The wine list is carefully crafted, keeping in mind the latest trends in Tampa. Moreover, this place offers amenities like a fully functional Air conditioning system, which makes the Florida heat bearable so that your night is not ruined by sweat and a humid atmosphere.
This rooftop bar operates seven days a week and has happy hours from 4 to 6 pm every week, where you can get all the signature drinks and craft beer for discounted rates! Make sure to visit this fantastic rooftop bar, which sits 12 stories high, whenever you are in Tampa, Florida.

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Good views equal an excellent mood. That is something we can agree on once you visit any one of these bars that we have talked about. These bars will offer you some of the finest quality craft beers, and unique cocktails made using the finest of ingredients, served to you by courteous staff while you can enjoy the beautiful view these bars offer. There is just something magical about observing the sunset. That magic moment can be made even better when you are in the company of like-minded individuals, like the patrons at these bars with your favorite cocktail in your hand. When the weather is good, these rooftop bars can be an excellent place for you to relax and enjoy with your friends while sipping some craft cocktails. We have compiled a list of the best bars in Tampa for you. If you are in the city or nearby, we urge you to try these bars!

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