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The people of Lexington love sports, and try to make every game as fun as possible. They create get-togethers of friends and colleagues for watching important games to have more fun. Having different sports lovers watching a game together doubles the fun, because everyone expressed his or her opinion. For this jam packed ride of sports fun, Lexington has many sports bars. These sports bars allow the sports lovers from the whole city to enjoy different games of sports along with their favorite drinks and palatable food. The screens are big and high-definition enough for everyone to have a good view of the game. The Lexington sports bars have much more to offer than broadcasting sports. We know that Lexington has great sports bars, but trying to find out everything about them is a huge problem. The list given below has a solution to this problem. This list contains detailed accounts of some of the best Lexington sports bars. It is easy for you to decide on one of these sports bar using this list. Hopefully, it helps you in finding your dream sports bar, and you have a good time there.

9. The Elkhorn Tavern Bar Lexington

The Elkhorn Tavern Bar Lexington

Lexington is proof of a rich American nightlife. It is a city where you can just leave it to the bar to make you visit it due to its multiple attractive features. One such attractive bar is Elkhorn Tavern. Even if you are just passing by Elkhorn Tavern without intending to visit it, its attractive building will still make you want to come inside it. The interior of Elkhorn Tavern attracts many customers from different parts of Lexington due to its old-school interior. In fact, the whole bar looks like an antique with its brick-lined walls and extensive woodwork on the ceiling. Its furniture has also been carefully picked according to the customers’ preference. If you want to take it easy and have your food or drinks in a comfortable setting, then one corner of this bar has the most comfortable sofas you would ever sit in. However, suppose you are active or in a jolly mood in the company of your friends. In that case, the other side of the bar has a lovely arrangement of chairs around tables. Moreover, the fireplace is a cherry on top.

This bar also provides its customers with the option to enjoy outside seating. If you feel like enjoying your food and drinks under the sky, then you need not worry, as the Elkhorn Tavern provides you with that opportunity. There is also an option of taking the food away with you since you may want to have your meal at your house.

The ambiance is lovely and serene due to the live music being played in the bar while you eat or drink, and it makes your visit even more fun. In addition, the drinks offered at this bar are a class apart, and the food provided along with these drinks is also palatable. It is also a fun place to watch sports even if you want to watch any game by yourself or in the company of your friends. All these features of the Elkhorn Tavern often attract not only the citizens of Lexington but also visitors and tourists from other places.

8. The Beer Trappe Bar Lexington

The Beer Trappe Bar LexingtonLexington bars are known for prioritizing the citizens of this city above everything else; therefore, they formulate their working frameworks and choose their products according to the demand of the people of Lexington. Since the people of Lexington love beer, “The Beer Trappe” has dedicated most of its attention to providing quality beer to its customers. There is a wide range of beers for the customers to choose from. Wherever you look, you will find the beer of different kinds. This wide variety of beer allows the customers to try different options and return for the others next time. This beer is presented in cans or glasses to the customers of this bar, but either way, the presentation is so attractive that it makes you want to have more. This bar is mainly about beer; however, there is more to it.

The food in this bar is cooked according to the typical culinary appetite of the people of the United States of America. It offers casual fast food like French fries, burgers, and more, and fancy food like juicy steaks. If you try this food with its famous beer, you are likelier to keep licking your fingers. This would be a meal you will not be able to forget for a long time, and it will make your visit to this bar worthwhile.

If you are a lover of sports, then we have a good piece of news for you. This bar has appropriate arrangements for broadcasting sports for sports lovers of Lexington who are birds of a feather that flock together. All these amenities this bar provides become more enjoyable due to its interior, which is as typical of a bar as it can get. The walls have racks all over them, filled with attractive beer bottles of different types. The wooden stools and wine barrels-like tables give this bar an air of a medieval tavern. The couches also allow you to rest as you sip your favorite beer from the vast collection of this bar. You should definitely visit it.

7. Drake’s Bar Lexington

Drake's Bar Lexington

Lexington bars are known for their beautiful buildings and lovely interiors, and it is valid for “Drake’s Lexington,” too. This bar looks like a giant wooden hut, making its façade attractive for not only the citizens of Lexington but also the tourists. The façade is attractive, and the interior of this bar is lovely too. The bar’s ambiance is soothing due to the brick-like floor, dim lights, and music being played in the background to entertain the customers. The DJ is one of the best; therefore, you do not have to worry about your entertainment as he will take care of it, and you will most likely love it. This serene atmosphere sets the tone for a romantic meal with your significant other and your friends and colleagues.

The food in this bar is a blessing for the taste buds of every foodie who visits the bar. Americans love food that has meat and cheese in it. This preference of the people of the United States of America makes the food of this bar an ideal culinary choice. You can have burgers full of cheese and meat. You can even have sushi here, but there is more to this culinary rollercoaster than this. The desserts offered at this bar are divine. Suppose you are craving a chocolate cake that has chocolate oozing out of the layers of its moist sponge. In that case, you should visit Drake’s Lexington to satisfy your craving. This bar’s sweet syrups and soft desserts are famous for satisfying the sweet tooth of people throughout Lexington.

It is also an excellent place to watch a game of your favorite sport; however, that is not all. This bar offers its customers a wide range of wines and cocktails, who are free to choose from the wide variety the bar offers according to their preferences. If you want a brisk non-alcoholic cocktail or a fine wine, then Drake’s Lexington is the place for you. We assure you that you will not regret coming here.

6. Chevy Chase Inn Bar Lexington

Chevy Chase Inn Bar Lexington

One of the bars in Lexington with a rich history is Chevy Chase Inn, the oldest bar in Kentucky. The quality and dedication to serving the customers have kept this bar running for a long time. The bar’s interior is also suggestive of its old origin as its choice and arrangement of sofas and chairs are reminiscent of the past. This does not mean that the vibe of this bar is old-school and boring. In fact, the vibe of Chevy Chase Inn is refreshing and enjoyable as the singers keep dancing while singing and keep the customers’ moods lightened up and happy. Even if you bring your old folks to this place, I am sure they will also feel they have become young again. The vibe of this bar is refreshing and helps you regain your energy and strength. There is a suitable and well-maintained outside seating area for those who do not prefer to have a drink or bite inside the bar. The ones sitting outside can enjoy sun basking or a cold breeze depending on the weather.

There are also appropriate arrangements of screens for the sports lovers of Lexington to enjoy their preferred game. The exciting history, lovely ambiance, and sports lovers’ friendly features are not the only pleasant factors of Chevy Chase Inn. It also has a good variety of food which is good enough to seem like homemade food. You can bring your own food here and eat it in your comfort zone while sipping your favorite drink or watching a good game to make the most of your time at the bar. The wine and cocktails of this place speak for themselves as they are refreshing and pleasurable. You are also free to choose from the wide range of Wine and Alcohol at this bar.

It also creates no difficulty for the sick and differently-abled people as the people using wheelchairs are allowed and made to feel welcome at the Chevy Chase Inn. The bathrooms are also clean, so there is no need to worry about the hygiene of this place. The bar only sounds old and meets all the modern requirements. You should come to this place to experience its goodness.

5. Arcadium Bar Lexington

Arcadium Bar LexingtonArcadium is one of the Lexington bars known for their vintage and classic interior. The vintage interior indeed adds to the customer’s experience; however, it also increases the aesthetic value of a bar. Aesthetic value is essential for a bar as many customers choose to visit a bar due to its aesthetic brilliance. The interior of this bar would make you feel like a cowboy due to its wooden interior. The chairs and tables are made of apparently raw-looking wood, and their arrangement makes the bar seem spacious. There are chairs placed right next to the window, and you can have a look outside from there. The placement of a brown chair next to a white window makes this arrangement appealing. The walls have wooden racks filled with different kinds of premium alcohol bottles. The good news is that you are free to choose from that lovely-looking collection of drinks. The lamps hanging from the ceiling look like vintage light bulbs whose true beauty is realized after dark when they are lightened up at their full brilliance. There is an outdoor seating arrangement; if you wish to sit there, you are free to do so.

The incredible service of this bar staff would be the same for every customer. They consider it their duty to serve customers to the best of their abilities. They are successful in this attempt as many people visit this bar due to its excellent customer service. There is a wide variety of alcohol and cocktails for you to choose from. You can stick to your usual preference or try a new option; either way, you will not be disappointed.

There are screens for you to watch games at. You can also play bar games if you do not feel like watching a game but playing. The toilets are clean, and you are free to use them. All of the amenities mentioned above can be enjoyed at Arcadium, and you are highly recommended to visit this bar in Lexington.

4. KSBar and Grille Bar Lexington

KSBar and Grille Bar Lexington

“KSBar and Grille” is one of the best sports bars in Lexington. Appropriate measures have been put in place to broadcast popular games of generally favored sports. You would not find any American not crazy about sports. Americans are not as excited about their weddings as they are about Super Bowl. This joke is a reality for the people of the United States of America, including Lexington. The people of Lexington also prefer to watch these games as a celebration. They prefer to watch their favorite games in the company of their friends and family. Usually, the tables at bars are not big enough to accommodate large groups, but this bar is different. This sports bar has kept this in mind and has placed large semi-circled tables on one side. Behind these semi-circled tables, there are comfortable semi-circled couches. These couches are big enough to accommodate your whole group. You can sit with your mates at this bar and enjoy the game. Furthermore, unlike most sports bars, “KSBar and Grille” has many screens put together to form a massive screen so that you and your friends do not miss the minute details of the game that you are watching. With screens and trendy wall art, this is a sports bar through and through.

However, there is more to this bar. If you are bored sitting around, you can play one of the many bar games this bar offers. The food at this bar is delicious, and the menu has a good variety for you to choose from. The food becomes tastier, and the experience is wholesome due to the live music played in the background. These bands choose this music according to the crowd’s preference, which eventually pans out well.

This place also does the traditional job of a bar well by selling the most refreshing and tasty cocktails and beer. The best part is that you can choose from a wide variety of cocktails, Alcohols, Wines, and beers. This place is famous not only among the citizens but also the tourists. It has free Wi-Fi in case you need it, and the clean toilets are at your service. This bar is one of the best Lexington bars, and you can come here to find out.

3. The Sports Page Bourbon Bar Lexington

The Sports Page Bourbon Bar Lexington

The sports page bourbon bar and grill perfectly combine the old and new settings. It looks like a cottage from the outside, but from the inside, it looks like a modern and old bar. Its aesthetic appeal due to its brilliant interior design is so splendid that it is off the charts. One part of the bar looks like an old-school bar having wooden stools placed next to the counter. This arrangement looks beautiful, and the lights make the setting of the whole bar even prettier. The orange lights make the wooden table, chairs, and stools glisten. On the other side, this bar consists of the most comfortable black-colored couches that will save you from a stiff back. The most beautiful display of this bar’s interior design is manifested in the arrangement of a modern and stylish fireplace between stylish sofas. The walls have a brick lining which adds to the architectural prowess of this bar.

Several screens on the walls are almost always airing a football, baseball, basketball, or wrestling game. This makes this bar a perfect place for watching important games of several tournaments along with your friends and family. It is also suitable for sports lovers to catch up with like-minded people. If everything goes right, you might even make some friends with common interests here. If you or your friends are looking for an excellent bar to watch the final of some exciting tournament, then there can be no better option than this place. If you love to spend your leisure time playing games, then the bar games at the sports page bourbon bar and grill will most likely entertain you. At least you will not feel bored or sleepy, and this is a promise.

The booze at this place is good to taste, so if you want to blow off some steam by drinking, it would be wise to head to this bar. Sometimes you are so tired from the routine office work that you want to recharge your energy eagerly. At this moment of tiredness, you crave a hot and frothy cup of coffee, and if you want that, you will get it at this bar. For all these services, visit this bar.

2. Applebee’s Grill Bar Lexington

Applebee's Grill Bar Lexington

One of the best known bars of the United States of America is Applebee’s. One branch of Applebee’s is situated in Lexington. It is not wrong to say that Applebee’s is Americans’ go-to place. With its signature, Apple picture on the building, Applebee’s has a refined and well-maintained building. Many bars usually do not have parking spaces for their customers’ vehicles; however, Applebee’s has a vast parking space to accommodate many people who come to visit this bar on a daily basis. Applebee’s is popular because it has everything that an American can ask for, i.e., good food, great drinks, appropriate screening for sports and games, and an inclusive environment for the members of the LGBTQ+ community. Having all that an American wants under one roof has kept the citizens of Lexington coming to Applebee’s for a long time. It has a comfortable and casual seating arrangement to accommodate many people at once. Since the people of Lexington like to take it easy after a busy day at work, Applebee’s serves their favorite food and drinks to them so they can regain their energy and vigor.

It has good food and drinks that everyone likes. Applebee’s is a family bar, and you can bring your kids to this bar as well. Applebee’s has a menu for kids as well which is an evidence of it being a place to gather with family. Since you can trust only the best for your family and kids, you will be happy to know that Applebee’s has healthy options. Applebee’s is not a bar that will make you compromise your diet if you decide to eat healthy.

One of the reasons why Applebee’s is one of the most favored Lexington bars is its arrangement of watching sports. You can watch the final between your favorite rival teams at Applebee’s along with your family and friends. You can even have your preferred drink while watching the game. It is also an inclusive place with no room for prejudice against people of any creed, color, sexual orientation or ethnicity. Therefore, the members of the LGBTQ+ community who are not allowed in some bars are welcome here at Applebee’s.

2. Molly Brooke’s Irish Bar Lexington

Molly Brooke's Irish Bar LexingtonMolly Brooke’s Irish Bar is an improved version of a typical Irish Pub by many folds. It is a great bar to look at. The bar counter has a wide rack behind it which is filled with glass bottles of fancy drinks. The lamps hanging from the ceiling illuminate the whole bar, and bring out the color of the intricate wood work throughout the bar. The glasses are big enough for you to satiate your thirst no matter how thirst you are. The colorful bottles and colorful lights give a lively feel to the mostly brown interior of Molly Brooke’s Irish Bar. There is an outside seating arrangement as well. You can enjoy your drinks there in cold weather, and the cool breeze of spring. If you choose to sit outside in summer, then there is a shade provided to you to save you from scorching sun rays. The overall ambiance of this bar is amicable and lovely.

Since this bar is famous for its drinks, people come to taste them from different parts of Lexington. This place has the finest wine that you will ever have. The beer of Molly Brooke’s Irish Bar is frothy and good to taste. The quality and taste of these drinks are remarkable enough to keep you hooked to this place. If you are having a tough time, then there is nothing that a good glass of alcohol cannot treat. The alcohol of this bar is so good that it takes away all your troubled thoughts, and keeps your mind clear.

It is also a sports bar so you can come here to watch games of different popular sports. To add fun to your favorite game, people plan to not watch it at home but at a good sports bar. This is the good sports bar that you need to chill at while watching a game you love. All these amenities are worth a visit, so whenever you find time, do check this place out.

1. Tin Roof Bar Lexington

Tin Roof Bar Lexington

Lexington has bars with some of the most casual and comfortable settings, and Tin Roof is one of them. It is a cute little bar with colorful walls and furniture. It also offers an outside seating area that has colorful wooden benches. Some people prefer to eat or drink in the open air, and they can do what they want at Tin Roof.

The food at this bar ranges from casual snacks like chips to fancy food like juicy and flavorsome burgers. The food at Tin Roof makes you feel at home, and is economical; therefore, people keep visiting it. The drinks at this bar speak of its standards of good taste and quality. You can get colorful and energizing cocktails if you want, and if you feel like having a classic drink, you can have that too as you like. The Alcohol, Beer and Wine of Tin Roof are comfort drinks for most Adults who come here. If you are tired, and want to regain your energy for the rest of your day, then this bar has one of the most refreshing beers of Lexington. The commendable customer service is a cherry on top.

It is a fun place where a band is always singing live in the background as you eat and drink. You can even let loose and dance as much as you want. This dancing and singing is the therapy you want even if you do not know, and Tin Roof is happy to do it for you. Live performances are also held at Tin Roof for your entertainment. It is also a suitable place to watch sports. If you are visiting town and your favorite game is on, then the bar you should head to is Tin Roof. If you and your friends are planning a get together at the NBA finals, then you should do it at Tin Roof. All this fun cannot be missed, so you better come to Tin Roof the first chance you get.

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The importance of sports in the life of the people of Lexington cannot be highlighted enough. The list given above has detailed descriptions of the best Lexington sports bars. This list includes the description and photographs of these sports bars so that you can choose the one that attracts you the most. This list also mentions the quality of food and drinks offered at these sports bars. It also tells about the seating arrangement of this bar so you can choose one according to your comfort level. In this way, this list has all the information you need about the sports bars of Lexington. Hopefully, you will be able to choose a great sports bar to go to whenever there is a game on. Lexington sports bars have a lot to offer to its customers, and you can be lucky enough to make use of this list to choose a good sports bar. Have a good day!

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