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Are you looking for a list of Tallahassee‘s greatest clubs and bars? We’ve got you covered with our recommendations for the best unique bars in Tallahassee! Tallahassee is home to the Florida State Capitol and Florida State University. There is something for everyone in Tallahassee’s nightlife, which includes sports bars, nightclubs, LGBT bars, tiki bars, pool halls, and more. So, we hope our list helps you find the best unique bars in Tallahassee.

Liberty Bar and Restaurant

Liberty Bar and Restaurant is a Tallahassee bar that serves specialty cocktails created with homemade syrups in unexpected tastes and combinations. It is a welcoming hangout that serves upscale pub grub, one-of-a-kind handcrafted cocktails, and artisan draught beer. This is the ideal spot for a bite to eat while sipping a martini. For the last six years, the cuisine has included fresh local foods. Favorites on the liberty house cocktail menu include the one-star review with tequila and fresh pineapple, the critical hit with bourbon and spice pear syrup, Peter Rabbit with rum and spice syrup, and the morning star with gin and lemon. They also provide classics, including the Hibiscus Mojito, Black Manhattan, Spicy Paloma, bottle beers, wine, and other beverages. 

Every day from 5 to 7 pm, there is a happy hour with $5 wines, $1 off beers, and other specials! Seven Hills Hospitality Group owns Liberty Bar and Restaurant, which also owns El Cocinero, The Hawthorn, and Bar in 1903. Liberty offers skillfully created, one-of-a-kind drinks that incorporate house-made syrups and exotic tastes. With gourmet cuisine offering local, fresh products and new inventive things regularly, Liberty provides an ideal setting for clients from all walks of life. Thank you for allowing them to serve you over the past eight years; they look forward to many more. Please remember that Liberty is a “first come, first served” business that does not accept reservations. Liberty is unable to accommodate parties more significant than 12. Liberty is a welcome setting that captures both current and old America. They are an establishment that provides you with the best of time-honored hospitality traditions. 

Liberty is where they come from, where they are going, and where you are always welcome. It’s becoming one of my favorite brunch locations! Great vibes, fantastic service, and delicious meal! We were greeted and seated immediately; our server was attentive and gave great tips regarding “the favorites.” I ordered the Hawthorne Quiche (goat cheese, spinach, tomatoes) with fruit, breakfast potatoes, and a salad. My sister ordered the Garden Omelet with cheese grits and bacon. My daughter requested steak and eggs with hash browns (she substituted scrambled for poached eggs); the eggs were topped with goat cheese and tasty hollandaise sauce. Also, my daughter and sister ordered mimosas and Irish coffee – which they both enjoyed. Note this restaurant is next to Hawthorne’s, a bistro-type restaurant and a sister restaurant to Liberty. So, next stop – Hawthorne’s! 

Clyde’s & Costello’s

Clyde’s and Costello’s is a college-themed pub in downtown Tallahassee. This pub is well-known for its Friday happy hour when the action continues on Adams Street. As a spot to hang out and get a drink or pitcher, think of a block party atmosphere with your college mates. Clyde’s and Costello’s is a locally owned tavern in Tallahassee that is popular among college students. They are an 18+ bar with mandatory makeout Mondays, $1 shots, $2 beers, and $3 wells, and they suggest coming for a drink and a kiss! In addition, Friday night drinks are complimentary before 11 pm. On weekends, they feature a live DJ spinning top 40, house, and electric house music! Clyde’s comes in three varieties. There are Clyde’s for legislative sessions, Clyde’s for midweek watering holes, and Clyde’s for Greeks. 

Each is unique, yet all are enjoyable. Clyde’s Legislative Session is my favorite because I work in that field. It is a great place to share gossip and pick up tips that can help save your bill or get you a meeting with an elected official. One rare night you might find an elected official singing karaoke (usually badly) at a questionable level of intoxication. Mid-week watering hole Clyde’s is when session is out, and the locals need gin & tonic. Super chill; the price is right and not stuffy. Greek Clyde’s typically happens around 10 pm when fraternities and sororities have a mixer and crowd the bar. If you are a good-looking single 20 that can hang with a bunch of drunk college students, this is your jam. Clyde’s, known for its happy hour and Monday evenings, is conveniently located near campus and directly off College Avenue! 

They always offer fantastic beer promotions but ensure you get pre-banded ahead of time to prevent huge lineups. This place gets busier during session season in the spring as it is very close to the Florida State Capital. Are you looking for a bite to eat beforehand? Andrews bar and grille is right next door and has excellent food. For Monday night, there was nothing better to do in Tallahassee. This place was going off, and it was a lot of fun. Drinks are cheap. It gets very crowded. And yes, it’s very Greek, Always loud and packed with the FSU crowd. Decent drinks at a reasonable price. I suggest standing out there and cooling off if it’s nice outside. Inside it gets warm fast!


Waterworks TallahasseeWaterworks is a tiki bar and restaurant. It has been a feature of Tallahassee’s nightlife for the past 28 years. This comfortable lunch spot and happy hour spot transform into a trendy club with DJs at night. Sandwiches, burgers, platters, wings, salads, desserts, and other items are available, as well as vegetarian specialties such as eggplant Parmesan and falafel platters. Come to Waterworks Tiki Bar for tasty beverages and a peaceful atmosphere to chill out with friends or family. They feature a fantastic weekly happy hour with $1 off till 7 p.m. If you are under 21, be aware that Waterworks becomes 21 and up at 5 p.m. and continues until 2 a.m. with live Latin music and charming drinks served in tiki guy glasses! Tallahassee’s most popular Instagram bar. A fifth authentic tiki bar in Florida! 

As a Tikiphile, I’m astonished I found this and didn’t know about it. I was in Tallahassee for another reason and a chance to come across it. I’m not sure if this would come up in tiki bar searches. The name does not suggest a tiki bar. But it’s the actual thing, not one of the countless imposters at resorts along the ocean that don’t have anything antique, puffer fish, or glass floats. Water cascades down the windows, precisely like it does in Mai-Kai. Tiki kitsch from the past. 25% 60s swag, 75% tiki. There’s nothing else like it in town. The owner takes delight in establishing a themed environment. Tiki meets Miami, which ultimately leads to the South. Creative drinks, great food late, warm atmosphere. 

Entertaining live music nights. Something for everyone. A must-try. Maybe more beer choices for those non-specialty beer enthusiasts. Cold is good. Are you a young to a middle-aged professional who grew up listening to The Smiths and The Cure (before Morrissey proved to be more dreadful than you thought)? Are you someone who is the age the protagonist of the now obscure and discontinued comic book Blue Monday would be now if comic book time worked in real-time, whose tastes have aged similarly? Do you maintain an artsy flair in your time despite being someone who has no longer tuned in and dropped out but instead bought in and sold out? (My dears, there is nothing wrong with – we are all in our way a little like Otto in Repo Man). Then Waterworks is, by all means, your bar.

Red Rocks

Red Rocks is another Tallahassee bar located on the Tally strip. Next to Ken’s is Red Rocks, one of the top dance clubs in town, featuring live DJs and performances, notable dance hits and throwbacks, and a full bar. This dancing club should consider mirrors, poles, lights, and disco balls. This is one of the Tallahassee clubs that gets raucous after dark. Come to let free on the dance floor and enjoy the night beneath the disco lighting. Red Rocks also participated in the Friday night block party with all-you-can-drink and a fun Saturday night. It is also a great place to hop to the five other bars on the Tally Strip! Redrocks is a popular hangout for college students. Its vintage decor, with light fixtures, disco balls, and mirrors, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

This bustling pub offers inventive beverages, live music, and DJ nights. RedRocks, or “Lazer Ken’s,” as the hardcore Ken’s regulars call it, is the sister club to Ken’s, offering the same great drink specials you find next door. Featuring an eclectic mix of Live Music, 90’s, Hip Hop, classic rock, and top 40, RedRocks is a small venue for guests aged 18 and older to get their groove on. RedRocks also serves as a perfect venue for rentals and special events with its lighting and featured Cerwin Vega sound system. Fridays: “The Original Friday Night Block Party” $1 Drinks, Shots, Drafts until 11 pm. Saturday: “$10 AYCD Saturdays” $10 All-You-Can-Drink Wells & Natty Light (Drafts in Public House) 9 pm-1 am. RedRocks is available for private rentals Sunday-Thursday. 

Prices are subject to change depending on the special events/home game weekends. There is a $10 minimum for cards. Walkouts on unclosed tabs are subject to a 20% auto gratuity. Each time you slide your card, a $25 “Pre Authorization” hold is put on your account. We don’t have your money; your bank holds it. It usually takes 1-2 business days (3 if your bank is slow) to allow the pre-authorization to fall off. At that time, you will see the actual balance of the drinks from each card slide. We recommend opening a tab and keeping it open until you’re ready to leave to avoid multiple $25 charges. So, this is one of the best bars Tallahassee offers. If you are in the city, we recommend visiting this spot at least once. Go with your friends and loved ones for a memorable and fun time together!

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