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    Visit the website to buy tickets to the events! 926 is Tallahasseeā€™s LGBTQA+ Bar! We are also one of Tallahasseeā€™s fastest-growing performance venues, with a killer sound system, excellent food, and great drinks! It is a place where we hope everyone will feel at home. 926 Bar and Grill is where everyone can feel at home regardless of nationality, gender expression, or sexual orientation. From their incredible food to our friendly staff, 926 is dedicated to providing patrons with a safe, supportive environment. This bar was established in 2017. It is located in the same building that used to house Brothers Nightclub; 926 West Tharpe has evolved through several personas, including Club Rehab and Pug Mahones, before arriving at the 926 Bar and Grill we have today.

    They like to think they have kept the best of them and added their touch. This LGBT+-friendly venue draws a crowd of fetish enthusiasts, anime geeks, goths, emos, metalheads, and fans of ā€™80s oldies and alternative dance music: all of whom will find something to appreciate here. Music selection is variable depending on the DJ, but always a treat

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