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11. 926 Bar and Grill

926 Bar and Grill is Tallahassee’s top gay bar. It is a lively pub and grill serving burgers, wings, Sunday brunch, and more, as well as drag performances and music evenings. This Tallahassee Gay Bar organizes the Hot Friday Night Party, one of the most popular LGBT events in the area. On Saturdays, they also hold a dance night and a fetish and cabaret event. 926 Bar and Grill has a full menu of hot dogs, sandwiches, burgers, and a Sunday Brunch with bottomless mimosas and bloody Mary’s for $15. Menu selections for Sunday brunch include chicken and waffles, breakfast bowls, shrimp and grits, and more. During brunch, there will also be a live DJ spinning the freshest sounds. The proprietors make sure that everyone is welcome at this LGBT-friendly dancing club. They’re even organizing cabaret acts on Zoom! 

Visit the website to buy tickets to the events! 926 is Tallahassee’s LGBTQA+ Bar! We are also one of Tallahassee’s fastest-growing performance venues, with a killer sound system, excellent food, and great drinks! It is a place where we hope everyone will feel at home. 926 Bar and Grill is where everyone can feel at home regardless of nationality, gender expression, or sexual orientation. From their incredible food to our friendly staff, 926 is dedicated to providing patrons with a safe, supportive environment. This bar was established in 2017. It is located in the same building that used to house Brothers Nightclub; 926 West Tharpe has evolved through several personas, including Club Rehab and Pug Mahones, before arriving at the 926 Bar and Grill we have today. 

They like to think they have kept the best of them and added their touch. This LGBT+-friendly venue draws a crowd of fetish enthusiasts, anime geeks, goths, emos, metalheads, and fans of ’80s oldies and alternative dance music: all of whom will find something to appreciate here. Music selection is variable depending on the DJ, but always a treat. Patio area for open-air conversation, the bar for drinking either with buddies or solo, and a video game console stocked with one vs. one fighting games, a tiki toss game, and a pool table to accommodate the wallflowers. The bartenders always carry on wonderful conversations with patrons, and the food served here is a delight. I love this place and have always felt welcome here. The owner is incredibly kind and thoughtful and always willing to try something new regarding what 926 offers.

10. The Palace Saloon

The Palace Saloon is one of the Tallahassee bars near FSU, located across from Doak Campbell Stadium. Come to the Palace Saloon for daily Beer O’Clock specials at this dive pub. Pitchers of beer, pool tables, darts, and arcade games are available in a relaxed setting. The beer deals keep pricing reasonable, and it’s one of the best sports pubs in Tallahassee for a cheap drink or to watch FSU football games! Expect beer, wine, and seltzer if you come here expecting booze. Mondays are $2.50 draughts, Wednesdays are $10 beers, and Thursdays are $7 or $10, SakeBomb pitchers. Their specialties include great drink specials, darts, and pool tables. A great local place for everybody! This venue was established in 1972. Chuck Fisher started the Palace tradition in 1972 and sold the bar to Lora and Russ in August 2008. 

The bar, a five-minute walk to Doak Campbell stadium, is a staple of Seminoles football tradition and is known for tailgating parties all day long on game days. Russ and Lora have over twenty years of restaurant management between them. Both are graduates of FSU and have worked together for over ten years. Russ and Lora bought the Palace in August of 2008. The vibes are always positive. The grape sake is fantastic. The pool is a lot of fun. You get to choose the music. It’s my favorite spot to begin or end my night. Every road, darling!!! The best bartenders are Derv and Xander. A genuine hillbilly haven! I’m either playing darts or pool or drinking my weight in strong pours of vodka every time I come here. It is an excellent location that is quite popular among students. They used to have a dart league here, and they still do. 

Darts are plastic here, though. Parking is tricky, and there are lots of love bumps to vehicles in this lot so watch out. This is just as it sounds! It is a vintage saloon that has been around for a long time. It’s a Smokey pool hall with darts, beer, and wine. Unfortunately, they lost their liquor license some time ago, so beer and wine must suffice. They do have sake, though, which is an excellent addition. Sometimes they have fun events and sponsors with t-shirts and fun prizes! Sake bombs are great and addicting, and if you are a low-calorie person, they also sell white claws for 4$ ea. I love the crowd. 

9. Liberty Bar and Restaurant

Liberty Bar and Restaurant is a Tallahassee bar that serves specialty cocktails created with homemade syrups in unexpected tastes and combinations. It is a welcoming hangout that serves upscale pub grub, one-of-a-kind handcrafted cocktails, and artisan draught beer. This is the ideal spot for a bite to eat while sipping a martini. For the last six years, the cuisine has included fresh local foods. Favorites on the liberty house cocktail menu include the one-star review with tequila and fresh pineapple, the critical hit with bourbon and spice pear syrup, Peter Rabbit with rum and spice syrup, and the morning star with gin and lemon. They also provide classics, including the Hibiscus Mojito, Black Manhattan, Spicy Paloma, bottle beers, wine, and other beverages. 

Every day from 5 to 7 pm, there is a happy hour with $5 wines, $1 off beers, and other specials! Seven Hills Hospitality Group owns Liberty Bar and Restaurant, which also owns El Cocinero, The Hawthorn, and Bar in 1903. Liberty offers skillfully created, one-of-a-kind drinks that incorporate house-made syrups and exotic tastes. With gourmet cuisine offering local, fresh products and new inventive things regularly, Liberty provides an ideal setting for clients from all walks of life. Thank you for allowing them to serve you over the past eight years; they look forward to many more. Please remember that Liberty is a “first come, first served” business that does not accept reservations. Liberty is unable to accommodate parties more significant than 12. Liberty is a welcome setting that captures both current and old America. They are an establishment that provides you with the best of time-honored hospitality traditions. 

Liberty is where they come from, where they are going, and where you are always welcome. It’s becoming one of my favorite brunch locations! Great vibes, fantastic service, and delicious meal! We were greeted and seated immediately; our server was attentive and gave great tips regarding “the favorites.” I ordered the Hawthorne Quiche (goat cheese, spinach, tomatoes) with fruit, breakfast potatoes, and a salad. My sister ordered the Garden Omelet with cheese grits and bacon. My daughter requested steak and eggs with hash browns (she substituted scrambled for poached eggs); the eggs were topped with goat cheese and tasty hollandaise sauce. Also, my daughter and sister ordered mimosas and Irish coffee – which they both enjoyed. Note this restaurant is next to Hawthorne’s, a bistro-type restaurant and a sister restaurant to Liberty. So, next stop – Hawthorne’s! 

8. Zingales Billiards & Sports Bar

Zingales Billiards and Sports Bar is a famous pool facility with cuisine, beverages, and bar games. This Tallahassee sports bar is open from 5 pm to 2 am on weekdays, and 12 pm to 2 am on weekends. You may have fun at this sports pub by playing pool, dining, and drinking. This smoke-free sports pub boasts a plethora of TVs for watching sports and a weekly pool league. Zingales Billiards and Sports Bar provide one of the region’s most significant collections of rare liquors, as well as a clean environment in which to enjoy a drink! In a clean sports bar, this is a fantastic casual place to grab a drink and hang out with friends! They have 20 9ft pool tables, a full bar (with nightly drink specials), a full menu, and 24 TV’s so you can view your favorite sports! This bar was established in 2010. 

They used to be Snooker’s Billiard Room but switched ownership and name. The owner has worked as a bartender for 17 years. He went to the University of Maryland on a soccer scholarship. He has been playing pool for 20 years and immensely enjoys it. His hobby is collecting pool cues and playing poker. Good food and a good time keep me coming back to a place. They have a sizable food menu, and one of my favorites is chicken fingers. I’ve never had bad food here. Their drink menu has something for everyone to enjoy. I also appreciate that Zingales usually has a mixed crowd of people. This place is excellent for a group of friends ready for a great time and tasty food. 

Wow so glad I found this place on a road trip to Tallahassee! The food is AMAZING! So good we ate there and then took to go food also! The vibe of this place is fantastic, and it’s very spacious inside. The outside doesn’t compare to the inside, so don’t let this place fool you! We had the chance to meet the place owners, who were extremely welcoming and helpful! The wings are AMAZING! The burgers are AMAZING! I ordered lemon drops, and they were AMAZING! They also have a little outside smoking area with a bar! How cool is that? Highly recommend visiting this place to anyone. They practice social distance and wear masks. Oh yeah, if you are coming to sit down and eat. Great place to watch the games! Check them out!

7. Clyde’s & Costello’s

Clyde’s and Costello’s is a college-themed pub in downtown Tallahassee. This pub is well-known for its Friday happy hour when the action continues on Adams Street. As a spot to hang out and get a drink or pitcher, think of a block party atmosphere with your college mates. Clyde’s and Costello’s is a locally owned tavern in Tallahassee that is popular among college students. They are an 18+ bar with mandatory makeout Mondays, $1 shots, $2 beers, and $3 wells, and they suggest coming for a drink and a kiss! In addition, Friday night drinks are complimentary before 11 pm. On weekends, they feature a live DJ spinning top 40, house, and electric house music! Clyde’s comes in three varieties. There are Clyde’s for legislative sessions, Clyde’s for midweek watering holes, and Clyde’s for Greeks. 

Each is unique, yet all are enjoyable. Clyde’s Legislative Session is my favorite because I work in that field. It is a great place to share gossip and pick up tips that can help save your bill or get you a meeting with an elected official. One rare night you might find an elected official singing karaoke (usually badly) at a questionable level of intoxication. Mid-week watering hole Clyde’s is when session is out, and the locals need gin & tonic. Super chill; the price is right and not stuffy. Greek Clyde’s typically happens around 10 pm when fraternities and sororities have a mixer and crowd the bar. If you are a good-looking single 20 that can hang with a bunch of drunk college students, this is your jam. Clyde’s, known for its happy hour and Monday evenings, is conveniently located near campus and directly off College Avenue! 

They always offer fantastic beer promotions but ensure you get pre-banded ahead of time to prevent huge lineups. This place gets busier during session season in the spring as it is very close to the Florida State Capital. Are you looking for a bite to eat beforehand? Andrews bar and grille is right next door and has excellent food. For Monday night, there was nothing better to do in Tallahassee. This place was going off, and it was a lot of fun. Drinks are cheap. It gets very crowded. And yes, it’s very Greek, Always loud and packed with the FSU crowd. Decent drinks at a reasonable price. I suggest standing out there and cooling off if it’s nice outside. Inside it gets warm fast!

6. Waterworks

Waterworks is a tiki bar and restaurant. It has been a feature of Tallahassee’s nightlife for the past 28 years. This comfortable lunch spot and happy hour spot transform into a trendy club with DJs at night. Sandwiches, burgers, platters, wings, salads, desserts, and other items are available, as well as vegetarian specialties such as eggplant Parmesan and falafel platters. Come to Waterworks Tiki Bar for tasty beverages and a peaceful atmosphere to chill out with friends or family. They feature a fantastic weekly happy hour with $1 off till 7 p.m. If you are under 21, be aware that Waterworks becomes 21 and up at 5 p.m. and continues until 2 a.m. with live Latin music and charming drinks served in tiki guy glasses! Tallahassee’s most popular Instagram bar. A fifth authentic tiki bar in Florida! 

As a Tikiphile, I’m astonished I found this and didn’t know about it. I was in Tallahassee for another reason and a chance to come across it. I’m not sure if this would come up in tiki bar searches. The name does not suggest a tiki bar. But it’s the actual thing, not one of the countless imposters at resorts along the ocean that don’t have anything antique, puffer fish, or glass floats. Water cascades down the windows, precisely like it does in Mai-Kai. Tiki kitsch from the past. 25% 60s swag, 75% tiki. There’s nothing else like it in town. The owner takes delight in establishing a themed environment. Tiki meets Miami, which ultimately leads to the South. Creative drinks, great food late, warm atmosphere. 

Entertaining live music nights. Something for everyone. A must-try. Maybe more beer choices for those non-specialty beer enthusiasts. Cold is good. Are you a young to a middle-aged professional who grew up listening to The Smiths and The Cure (before Morrissey proved to be more dreadful than you thought)? Are you someone who is the age the protagonist of the now obscure and discontinued comic book Blue Monday would be now if comic book time worked in real-time, whose tastes have aged similarly? Do you maintain an artsy flair in your time despite being someone who has no longer tuned in and dropped out but instead bought in and sold out? (My dears, there is nothing wrong with – we are all in our way a little like Otto in Repo Man). Then Waterworks is, by all means, your bar.

5. Recess

Recess is one of Tallahassee’s top bars, overlooking Doak Campbell Stadium. Recess is a day and nightclub on the roof of the renowned Doak Campbell Stadium. The 5,000-square-foot facility has indoor and outdoor space and a pool in the middle, making it a one-of-a-kind location where visitors can relax in paradise during the day and let free to fantastic music at night. Recess is the ideal adult playground for individuals looking for an elite, high-energy party experience in the center of Tallahassee, with 11 exclusive VIP tables, two full-service bars, a fully-equipped DJ booth, and a capacity of 450 guests. Recess has cocktails & bottle service offered in a swanky nightclub with a swimming pool & private cabanas. They have a spacious rooftop, making them one of the most outstanding venues in Tallahassee for nightlife. 

This is an ideal spot to hang out during the day, both indoors and outside, with pool parties. It has two full-service bars, a DJ booth, and a fun location to hang out. There are many VIP booths available, as well as bottle service. This is one of Tallahassee’s more upscale party locations, open both during the day and at night. This is one of those bars offering high-end drinks and bottle service. Come for low-key pool parties throughout the day and remain for full party sensations once the sun goes down at this club! The young southerners know how to party late at night. With EDM music and neon lights shining over a dark space, this club is big and has a collegiate atmosphere. There are VIP tables, complete bottle service, and the most incredible sound system in Tallahassee, unlike anywhere else. 

The club is packed with attractive bartenders and dancers who keep the night lively and exciting. The young population congregates at Recess every week for jacked-up Tuesdays and play Saturday activities. They have everything you require for your celebration. The booths keep it exclusive; the bottles start, and the girls keep it going. Your event needs outstanding service from a well-trained crew, which Recess can provide. Music was a variety of top 40, EDM, hip-hop, and some rock towards the last call. It was a fun night for us all. For over 21, the cover was $5 bucks; under 21, it’s $10. The sounds were bumping loudly, but either we moved away from the speakers, or I became deaf & used to it. The music was decent to dance to, and the bar’s service was excellent for a crowded weekend night.

4. Bullwinkle’s Saloon

Bullwinkle’s Saloon is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays but opens till 2 a.m. the rest of the week! With DJs, musicians, and a variety of daily drink deals, this long-running bar attracts a lively audience. Bullwinkle’s Saloon, located across from Florida State University on Tennessee Street, opened its doors in October 1979. Bullwinkle’s (also known as Bull’s) has delivered the biggest hits like “$10 Bottomless Buffett with TopShelf Liquor” and “Moose Card Members Receive Free Cover” since then. Bull’s allows you to be a gentleman, a scholar, and an economically prudent drinker. Don’t forget to obtain your Moose Card each semester if you’re a frequent visitor to Bull’s Bottomless Buffett! Bull’s décor is designed in the old-school saloon style, evoking memories of your favorite pub from your childhood. 

The multi-level, yes multi-level (bet you didn’t know that) outdoor bars give you the option of people watching from the grass skirt-covered Tiki Bar on the top deck or getting to know our DJ or Band performing down in the beer garden. They tout themselves as Tallahassee’s most excellent bar and are also located on the notorious Tennessee Strip. Bullwinkle’s Saloon, located across from FSU’s stadium, has been a fixture since 1979. From $10 for an endless buffet with top-shelf liquors and free cover if you become a Moose Card Member! Bullwinkle’s Saloon is a multi-story saloon with an outside tiki bar, a beer garden, and a DJ performing music. The Moose club membership is $60 for males and $50 for women and includes free admission, parking, and beverages all semester! 

Bullwinkle’s Saloon has been rated the best place in Tallahassee for drink specials. It’s a vibrant club with prominent DJs spinning rock and pop tunes for the enthusiastic crowd. The heavy cocktails hammer most individuals on the dance floor that the bartenders continue to serve. The cowboy motif and southern ranch vibe make it even more unique. Hard whiskey, a local beer brew, cowboy hats, and boots will take you to a different era in the United States. It pays respect to Tallahassee’s cowboy culture and traditional country music and dancing. It was established in 1979. Bullwinkle’s is a part of college life in Tallahassee as ditching classes and attending FSU football games. A must-do for any 21st birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, unwinding from finals, or just an excellent place to cut loose and let your hair down. Whatever you come here for, you can feel comfortable being yourself!

3. Yianni’s

Yianni’s Tallahassee is one of the Tally Strip’s bars! Yianni’s is a renowned dance club with live DJs near FSU’s campus. This is one of the Tallahassee bars near FSU that permits those over 18 to enter. Popular dance songs and hip hop music are played, making this one of Tallahassee’s greatest dance clubs for letting free on the dance floor. Yianni’s is famous for its $10 fishbowl cocktails. Come on Saturdays for unlimited wells and natty light. The vast open area with fantastic music and beverages makes this the ideal location to chill out with friends. It’s also an excellent spot to bar hop to the other five establishments on the Tally Strip! According to internet reviews, this club is one of the best in the city. 

It’s been there since the 1990s and, while not elegant, reflects the heartbeat of Tallahassee nightlife. You may dance all night on the wooden dance floor to the latest hip-hop music played by the DJ. You may also hire their private booths for a complete VIP party experience. Of course, the drink continues to flow, and everyone takes tequila shots before hitting the dance floor. Yianni’s has been a stalwart of the Tennessee Strip since the early nineties and is known as “The place to be on Tennessee,” serving as a favorite spot for alumni on home game weekends. Yianni’s drink specials will keep a drink in your hand all night. They provide catering to the burgeoning Tallahassee EDM scene and bass-dropping Hip Hop; the DJs in Yianni’s keep the crowd jumping all night long. 

With its spacious floor design, there is plenty of space to get down or mingle with your friends. Sunday-Wednesday, Yianni’s is also available for rentals and special events. Yianni’s is on the Tennessee Strip, infamous in the world of an FSU college student. It took me forever to make it through the door here finally. I usually couldn’t stumble over there. The place is enormous, and they play good music to dance to and hang out with. It gets super crowded on Thursdays and the weekends. However, it is worth it. They usually have delicious drink specials like their Thursday Therapy Nights. Usually a younger crowd, now and then there will be that “one guy” who is creeping on everyone and everything. All the bouncers and bartenders are friendly, as long as you aren’t stupid.

2. Red Rocks

Red Rocks is another Tallahassee bar located on the Tally strip. Next to Ken’s is Red Rocks, one of the top dance clubs in town, featuring live DJs and performances, notable dance hits and throwbacks, and a full bar. This dancing club should consider mirrors, poles, lights, and disco balls. This is one of the Tallahassee clubs that gets raucous after dark. Come to let free on the dance floor and enjoy the night beneath the disco lighting. Red Rocks also participated in the Friday night block party with all-you-can-drink and a fun Saturday night. It is also a great place to hop to the five other bars on the Tally Strip! Redrocks is a popular hangout for college students. Its vintage decor, with light fixtures, disco balls, and mirrors, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

This bustling pub offers inventive beverages, live music, and DJ nights. RedRocks, or “Lazer Ken’s,” as the hardcore Ken’s regulars call it, is the sister club to Ken’s, offering the same great drink specials you find next door. Featuring an eclectic mix of Live Music, 90’s, Hip Hop, classic rock, and top 40, RedRocks is a small venue for guests aged 18 and older to get their groove on. RedRocks also serves as a perfect venue for rentals and special events with its lighting and featured Cerwin Vega sound system. Fridays: “The Original Friday Night Block Party” $1 Drinks, Shots, Drafts until 11 pm. Saturday: “$10 AYCD Saturdays” $10 All-You-Can-Drink Wells & Natty Light (Drafts in Public House) 9 pm-1 am. RedRocks is available for private rentals Sunday-Thursday. 

Prices are subject to change depending on the special events/home game weekends. There is a $10 minimum for cards. Walkouts on unclosed tabs are subject to a 20% auto gratuity. Each time you slide your card, a $25 “Pre Authorization” hold is put on your account. We don’t have your money; your bank holds it. It usually takes 1-2 business days (3 if your bank is slow) to allow the pre-authorization to fall off. At that time, you will see the actual balance of the drinks from each card slide. We recommend opening a tab and keeping it open until you’re ready to leave to avoid multiple $25 charges. So, this is one of the best bars Tallahassee offers. If you are in the city, we recommend visiting this spot at least once. Go with your friends and loved ones for a memorable and fun time together!

1. TENN Nightclub and Lounge

TENN nightclub is one of Tallahassee’s clubs located on the six-venue “Tally strip,” formerly known as Encore. It is a Sleek dance club with lighting effects, boasting DJs & live acts, plus bottle service & VIP options. This is one of the Tallahassee pubs offering fantastic drink deals, such as a you-can drink for $10 on Saturday nights! Come to TENN if you want to hit the dance floor, relax in a VIP booth, and have a good time. This is the place to go for live entertainment on stage, DJs, and filled bars. It’s also an excellent spot to bar hop to the other five establishments on the Tally Strip! This Tallahassee bar prides itself on speedy drink service, with various bars and bartenders guaranteeing clubgoers can return to the dance floor as soon as possible. Next door is a lounge where electronic dance music is performed more relaxed. 

For information about “Top Tier Fridays,” please direct your questions to the Top Tier Entertainment’s Facebook page “Saturday Nights Live” $10 All-You-Can-Drink Wells & Natty Light (Drafts in Public House) 9 pm-1 am Featuring DJs Belles and Shulman Prices subject to change for special events/home game weekends. There is a $10 minimum for cards. Walkouts are subject to 20% auto grat. Each time you slide your card, a $25 “Pre Authorization” hold is put on your account, which usually takes 1-2 business days. We recommend opening a tab and keeping it open until you’re ready to leave to avoid multiple $25 charges. It is a lavish nightclub with good music and awesome bartenders. I recommend it on a Friday night! 

Just two words. Kramer, Luke He is Tennessee Street’s backbone because he is the only ten I see. Even in a fast-paced industry, he always ensures his clients’ requirements are addressed; he is undoubtedly a hospitality management major. With his vast knowledge in entertainment, risk management, and critical/creative thinking, he has turned a previously reviewed 1-star venue into the E11even/LIV of Tallahassee. He has a great future ahead of him, showing the world that the sky(box) is the limit. It used to be Floyd’s music store, so when you danced on stage, you danced in the same spot as some killer rock bands from back in the day. They just did a reunion Rock show with an epic social burn—hoping they would bring back the wild and crazy Sunday parties they used to have.

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