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6. Mompou Tapas bar & restaurant

Mompou Tapas bar & restaurant

If you are a Spanish cuisine lover and you’re nearby, pop into Mompou Tapas bar. They have tried experimenting with traditional Spanish food and cocktails and have a tasty wine list to accompany the food. They take great pride in the menu they have developed for those who come in, which steals the show. Their fantastic service combined with this makes for an incredible experience. Open here since 2005, Mompou has made small plate-style tapas a work of art.

The food is prepared with the freshest ingredients from the local farmers. Everyone here would recommend that you try their tapas for sure. ‘Mejillones en salsa de azafrán,’ or ‘Pulpo a la feria’ are a big hit amongst the customers. The first one is a steam mussels dish cooked in saffron-infused white wine sauce. Other tapas dishes include shrimp, octopus, calamari, and crab if you want to focus on seafood tapas. They also have chicken, bacon, and steak-style tapas. They also offer mains like paella and steak if you want to try that after the tapas. Their coconut flan and tres leches are a hit.

Their drinks menu has beer on draft and bottles, cocktails, gin, and sangria. Their house-made sangria and extraordinary wine selections from Spain and Portugal attract many customers. Their cocktails also have quirky names like ‘Bi-curious,’ ‘Pink Penis,’ ‘Peeping Tom,’ and ‘Red hot pick-up’. Order one of these to go with your food.

The place is cozy and family-friendly, with tables all around the room. Some people sit at the bar while others dance to the music. It is a vibe, for sure.

5. Barcade Bar Newark

Barcade Bar Newark

Located at 494 Broad Street, Barcade fits well in the city of architecture and has character. With craft beer and classic arcade games. The bar offers 25 beers on draft from local and regional breweries. So you can try all the different experimental flavors from around the area under one roof. It also acts as a vintage arcade, with pinball machines and 40 vintage video games. These are from the 1980s and 90s, like Pacman, Donkey Kong, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They also have more current titles and a long list of games on their website. It would be a fun time out with friends.

The menu includes loaded fries, chicken wings, and buffalo cauliflower on their shareable plates. They also have sliders, bar pies, and salads. Add cheddar cheese, beer cheese, or mozzarella to your burgers. The Nashville hot burger has fried chicken, hot Nashville sauce, and pickles in a potato bun. The pies include cheese, pepperoni, margarita, veggie, white buffalo chicken, Trenton mustard, jersey breakfast, and an Italian hot dog. The white buffalo chicken pie includes mozzarella, parm, ricotta, fried chicken, buffalo sauce, and blue cheese dressing. Sounds like a bite of heaven.

There are red, white, rose, and sparkling types of wine. They also offer cocktails like ‘kaboom! Hard Seltzer,’ ‘Wrong Way,’ ‘Rainbow Island,’ and ‘Rose Blood’. Rainbow Islands includes Havana club Anejo rum, pineapple juice, and rum juice. It is priced at $12, which is reasonable for a drink. You can drop by any day of the week. From Sunday to Thursday, 4 pm to 12 am, and on Fridays and Saturdays, 4 pm to 2 am. The place is also available for bookings for a party.

4. Redd’s Biergarten Bar Newark

Redd's Biergarten Bar Newark

Redd’s Biergarten opened in 2019 with bands and DJs playing live music in the garden every night. You do not hear live music blasting through the buildings in the area, but they have made it possible. Based in a 7000 square feet industrial space. There are picnic tables all around the space. Television sets are displayed all around the space so that everyone has a good view of the game no matter where they find a seat. The bar is wooden and has red-colored high chairs placed all around it.

They have special daily offers on food or drinks along with happy hours. They offer discounts on craft beers and domestic ones and one-shots at times. They have a lot of draft beers on their list with seasonal options. They offer vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, scotch, brandy, and cordials, along with beer. They also have Irish and Canadian whiskey stocked here. For food, they offer a special vegetarian menu along with the regular one. The vegetarian menu has pretzels, vegan meatballs, calamari, salads, sandwiches, and vegan wurst. The regular menu has wurst platters which you can share as a group. They also have appetizers, burgers, sausages, sandwiches, entrees, and a kid’s section. They have classic dishes like schnitzels and bratwurst, which come from Germany. Their cuisine heavily inspires their menu.

They also host events open to everyone, like fantasy football draft night, all about eve paint parties, and other corporate events. You can bring your friends along with you to have a fun time here, or you could host your next party here as well.

3. Bello’s Pub and Grill

Bello's Pub and Grill

Newark‘s first gastropub, Bello’s pub, and grill, have been serving since 1976. It has been family from the day it opened to date. It is minutes from Newark’s Penn Station, so easy access. The building is red brick with black hardware used all around the space. There is sitting outside as well as inside. The interior is pretty simple, with a light wood-colored bar with chairs around it. They have different sports team banners hanging on top of the bar. Many people host their parties here because of their unbeatable food and beer section.

Their beer menu is desirable, with draft, local, domestic, imported, and non-alcoholic beers. You will be spoilt for choice. Their imported beers come from Canada, Japan, Ireland, and England and will surely quench your thirst. All in all, they have around 180 different beers from over 20 countries. Now that’s impressive!

In addition to their beer selection, they also have excellent dinners on the menu. If you start reading the menu, you might as well get lost in the starters section, for it is huge. After ordering some lamb sliders or buffalo wings, you can go to the next part of the menu. Here you will see sandwiches, wraps, salads, and entrees. The Bello burger sounds yummy with beef patty, grilled onions, mushrooms, fresh jalapenos, and portobello cheese for $15. They also have penne a la vodka cooked in a flavorful homemade sauce packed with flavor.

2. Bar Vanquish Newark

Bar Vanquish NewarkHave a seat at the Bar Vanquish and enjoy the comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The sultry atmosphere of black leather sofas, tables, suitable lighting, and the music to match it all give this place an intimate vibe. There are matching blue and black couches surrounding the corners of the place. This is the basement. Moving to the ground floor, you’ll see a really simple and chill place. A simple bar, plain white tiled walls with lamps hanging, and a tin roof give the place a cozy vibe.

This bar is home to some of the best cocktails you can get in Newark. Try one of their Signature Drinks sections, such as the ‘Berry Peach Lemonade’, which has Van Gogh peach vodka, blackberries, and lemonade, giving it a fruity and chill taste; the ‘Cabo Loading’ made up of Casamigos Reposado, blue curacao, jalapeno lime syrup, and lime, so it has a little spicy tinge at the end, or the ‘It’s A Lifestyle’ which contains Tito’s, limoncello, strawberry-basil syrup and champagne making it a sweet and classy cocktail. They also have a selection of beer for you to order and chill and have a good chat with your friends and family, as well as options of wine if you prefer that. They also serve quality food like Louisiana chargrilled oysters, catfish bites, fried calamari, and downtown beef sliders, along with many more options for you to pick from. You can choose cognac bread pudding, chocolate cake, strawberry cheesecake, and carrot cake for the sweet section.

Stop by the Bar Vanquish and have an excellent relaxed time with your friends and family or check their basement section with your partner and have a more intimate and comfortable time.

1. Lit 21 Bar Newark

Lit 21 Bar NewarkAs you can already guess by the name, come to Lit 21 and have the time of your life. Having one of the best DJs in the area, the music of this place alone will be enough to entertain you throughout the time you spend here. This place has separate sections, with one being the sports bar. TVs are set up around the bar with stools around it as well. Seats all across the area with excellent lighting ensure you enjoy the sport you’re watching. The club area is a vast open space with a DJ playing music at the front, and the place is packed at night with the crowd going wild. Flashy and colorful lights, the best new music, and good drinks, what more could you need to make your night better?

Having some beautiful cocktails here, make sure you try one before you leave or while you’re dancing the night away. Try the Lit Passion made from Buchanan’s 12 years of passion fruit puree, fresh lime juice, and vanilla, making it fruity and refreshing at the same time. Another of their classics is the Patron Pineapple Margarita consisting of patron reposado tequila, patron pineapple, fresh lime, and some pineapple juice, so it’ll fill all your pineapple cravings while not overdoing it too much and giving you that quality taste. They also serve fish bowls which are a must-try; this includes The Starburst, Bacardi Mermaid Bucket, and The Lit 21 Jack Daniel’s Punch. Then comes their frozen drinks section. All these have such a chill and delicious taste that you’ll go for a second round. They also serve a variety of chilled cans and glassed beers in their draft section, where you can choose whatever you prefer. You can also choose white, red, and blush wine if you’re with a significant other or prefer wine over other drinks. Then comes their food section; you can pick from their impressive selection of appetizers such as quesadillas, arpetias, mini pizzas, and many more. For the main meal, you select from sandwiches, burgers, wraps, salads, and many more. Each has different options for you, each being as good as the other, so you may want to pick a different one each time.

Lit 21 is a must-visit if you’re nearby. The ambiance, drinks, and food will leave you satisfied with the place, and you’ll put it on your list to visit again.

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Newark is no short of incredible places to eat and have fun doing some outdoor activities. But sometimes, you want to go to a bar and grab one of those fancy cocktails to sip on while you hang out with friends. It’s an excellent way to unwind post-work. Newark has some fancy spots, but many have opened up throughout the city. Drop by and sip on your drinks.

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