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12. Public bar Sheffield

The Public bar occupies the gents’ toilet in the area below the Sheffield town hall. A well-curated experience, it is like stepping into a Wes Anderson film. It is a table service bar with vinyl records playing in the background as you sip your cocktail. Their food plates are shareable and cheeky as well. What adds to the name is that they’ve been named the best bar in the UK in 2018. Open every day except Mondays; it is open till 3 am on the weekends!

The place can be missed easily if you don’t look at the sign on top of the stairs. It mainly consists of booths for sitting as the bar area is small. You can order from your table and not jam elbows into those sitting at the bar. The bar has seats for 40 people in total. The booths are a gemstone-like teal velvet color with a black table with gold trim all around the edges. The walls are deep green, and the bar has soft pink tiles on its sides and a black top. A few tiles on the walls have an antique and well-worm feel that adds to this place’s history. All these elements make it look like a speakeasy in the heart of Sheffield.

They specialize in cocktails and have 25 recipes on their hand-bound menu. It is divided into four sections: aperitivo, long drinks, public health, and our favorite spirits. Each of these drinks has its place in the pantheon of cocktails. Their twists on classics are an ode to the saying, ‘ part of moving on is to look back. Like the ‘Tequila Sunrise’ is a classic which they have modified into ‘Midnight in Mexico’. They have changed it from morning wake-up to nighttime pick-me-up drink that will make you stay up. If you plan on visiting over the weekend, head down early, or you won’t get a seat.

11. Slug and Lettuce Bar Sheffield


Located on Holly street, Slug and Lettuce opened in Sheffield in 2019 and has attracted many customers since. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just drinks that you come in for, you will find something that you’d like here for sure! The promotional offers don’t hurt either. The dining areas are modern and stylish, and they also have birdcage booths. The atmosphere is lively and calming so that you can relax here. They have a floral decor with vines wrapped around lights over the sitting area. The ideal place for an Instagram lover!

They have vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and simple menus as well. Their small dishes include wings, calamari, prawns, and fries. They also have tacos with chicken, prawn, or jackfruit filling. Their S&L burger is a hit with beef, melted cheese sticks, bbq pork, streaky bacon, and sauteed mushroom for $12.99 only. You can also add more toppings to your burgers. You can also get their subs and wraps for a lighter meal. Or, if you want a hearty dish, look into the mains section. There’s hand-battered cod and chips, a classic. Then we have tomato and basil pasta, breaded scampi, katsu curry, and sirloin steak with other yummy options too!

Their events include ‘Gorgeous, gorgeous girls x S&L,’ ‘Flirty Fridays,’ ‘Sparkling Saturdays,’ and ‘2 for 1 Cocktail’. The drinks menu includes S&L Besties, shots and bombs, perfect pairings, gin-tastic, marvelous martinis, the originals, trailblazers, fake it till you make it, vino, champagne, and prosecco. There are so many options here that the choice gets a bit difficult. They also offer ‘trees’ which include nine cocktails if you’re with a bigger party.

10. Kuckoo Bar Sheffield


As a rock and roll cocktail bar, Kuckoo is famous for its fun and quirky drinks. They opened back in 2010 and have more locations around the country. It is open throughout the week, and you can drop by to listen to some selected tunes throughout the week. There’s eclectic music from different eras ranging from Led Zeppelin to Elvis to The Strokes. All the staff here is fun, lively, and passionate about their work. They add to the feel-good vibe, and you’d want to stay by the time you finish a drink or two.

Their red neon look makes it a fun hangout spot to celebrate at. A grand chandelier hangs on top of the bar adding a regal effect to the space. They have plush velvet circular booths all around the place for sitting. The floor is polished to perfection and reflects off the red light. The walls are filled with fun and artistic posters and photographs. The whole vibe is mysterious and promises a fun time ahead.

They offer cocktail classes here that will be a fun activity for the boys and girls. There’s ‘The Fizz Fix’ and; The party Starter’; both offer different cocktail recipes, and you can end the class with a round or two of shots. The drinks menu is divided into sections. These include Kuckoo cocktails, rocktails, Led Zeppelin, Charlie big times, shots, wine & fizz, beer, ciders, and softies. The ‘Tiktok Thot’ has Kuckoo fruit salad vodka, lychee liqueur, pineapple juice, strawberry syrup, fresh lemon juice, and Ms. Better’s miraculous foamer. The Led Zeppelin section is named after all of his songs, so if you’re a fan, try out the song you love the most in the form of a cocktail.

9. The Botanist Bar Sheffield


The secret garden of food and drinks, The Botanist is home to botanists who craft unusual concoctions to your taste. Some people drop by for the live music while others for drinks, but what is guaranteed is a fun social time. It has vintage decor hanging all around the place. It is located in around 30 different locations all around the country and continues to be a hit spot for many of us. It’s the perfect balance of indoors and outdoors put inside one room. All the vines wrapped around pillars and hanging from the ceiling give off a magical vibe. There is a bar in one of the sitting areas with high chairs and tables all around the room. The other room has gothic architectural features all around the space.

Open throughout the week; they also offer brunch from Fridays to Sundays. The brunch menu includes eggs benedict, chicken waffles, avocado toast, and kids’ specials. They also have daytime cocktails, juices, and seasonal drinks. The starters section has wings, mushrooms, and scotch eggs. The mains include pork belly, cheeseburger, lamb kofta, coconut sweet potato pie, crispy halloumi, and more. They also have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options like plant-based burgers and koftas. You should end your meal with something from the desserts section, especially their cookie skillets that can be customized.

Each day they have different events taking place. On Wednesdays, they host musical bingo, Thursdays are request nights, on Fridays, there are live music performances, and Saturdays and Sundays have bottomless brunch. Others offer discounts on food and drinks. Their cocktails menu is divided into four sections, flowers, roots and shoots, fruits, and perfect pairings. Get anything, for example, the ‘Strawberry and Elderflower Mojito,’ ‘Lily Pad Sour,’ or even ‘Peppered Peach and Lime’. They also offer spirits with a botanical pair that complement each other’s tastes.

8. Bungalows and Bears Sheffield


Bungalows and Beers is a strange bar located at the center of the Devonshire Quarter. It’s been home to good food, music, and drinks for over a decade. The roomy bar is located in what was once a fire station. There is a bar on one side; the musicians play adjacent to it as there is no sound stage. All the crowd stands all around the hall, sipping on their drinks while they jam to the music. One part of the bar has tables and booths for seating, while the other is more of an open hall for music lovers.

There are many offers on food like pizzas, tapas, and bottomless brunches. Other offers are on shots or two-for-one cocktails as well. Whether you’re in the mood for catching up after work over small plates or a more hearty meal, there are both types of food on the menu. The menu is divided into sections: tapas, shareable, gourmet burgers, sourdough pizza, hot off the grill, classics done right, wraps, paninis, and salads. It is no hidden fact that their burgers are what most people go for, like the classic cheese and bacon.

You can get cocktails, gin mixes, spirits, beer, ciders, and sparkling and wine options in terms of drinks. You can order the classic ‘Purple Rain’, a mix of cherry sours and DK blue curacao with lemonade. A retro classic that can’t go wrong. They also host all major sports events here that you can join with your group of friends. Or if you want company while you watch the game, that’s also a good choice. From rugby to football to boxing, they play them all.

7. Gatsby Bar Sheffield


The Gatsby Bar is an elegantly colored bar and restaurant serving Mexican-style cuisine and drinks; The Gatsby Bar is a must-visit to liven up your mood. Beautiful peacock-colored couches, wooden tables and stools, hanging lamps, speakers, and a shiny disco ball right in the middle, this place is a lovely spot to take a break from weather or work. Getting a makeover after five years, the new and shiny blue

tiles shine bright, walls have been given pastel colors, and the floor is buffed so you can dance the night away.

The place is home to some fine signature cocktails and the classics. Go for one from the Gatsby Gold section, such as the ‘Cherry Bakewell’, ‘zombie’, ‘Pale Rider’, and a few others. All these contain fresh fruits and other ingredients mixed with your favorite spirit, so you can’t go wrong with them. If you prefer an old-time classic, then order a Mai Tai, Negroni, Tommy’s Margarita, or the Espresso Martini. If you want a straight spirit, then you can choose from their

House Spirits collection and get yourself a Kingston 62 Gold Rum, Bulleit Bourbon, or a Johnnie Walker Black Label. They have an impressive collection of white, red, and sparkling wines and Whiskeys from around the world. If you just want to chill and relax, grab a cold can of beer or a nice mocktail to sit back and relax. You might be wondering why the place is recognized as a Mexican restaurant and bar; that’s when the food menu comes in. Get yourself a delicious taco with various filling options such as Pork Schnitzel, Katsu Tempeh, Baja Fish, Krispy Fried Chicken, and Coconut Shrimp, as well as a few more. These fillings are paired with tasty ingredients like lettuce, spring onion, kimchi, radish, and more. If you prefer burritos or quesadillas, then they’ve got you covered. It offers Guinness beef chili, pork and kimchi, butternut squash and blue cheese, mushroom Asada, nduja, and many more. The number of choices they offer with the fillings will leave you amazed. If you’re feeling something light, you get their loaded fries, which have various meat toppings available and are served with various delicious sauces.

The Gatsby Bar is more relaxed, where you can stop by repeatedly instead of just trying it once. The prices, food and drinks quality will leave you satisfied.

6. All Bar One Sheffield


A beautiful and simple-looking place located in Leopold St Sheffield, drop by All Bar One for some quality food and drinks. This place’s elegant off-white, brown, dark magenta, and black color scheme is a beautiful sight. The place used to have an industrial and raw look, but it has been completely changed. White ducts cover the roof with simple yet cute-looking hanging lamps and a clock hanging in the middle. The bar was also changed and now has a sleek look, giving the place an overall modern touch.

Their impressive drink menu will undoubtedly leave you wondering what to order as they provide a variety of drinks to choose from. You have over forty options of red, white, rose, and sparkling wine to choose from, which include ‘Altano Douro Rewilding Edition’, ‘Spy Valley Easy Tiger Sauvignon Blanc’, and ‘Mirabeau Forever Summer’ along with so many more. You’ll be astonished when you look at the cocktail section. Let’s start with the signature cocktails. You have the ‘Salted Caramel Old Fashioned’, ‘Amaretto Sour’, ‘Long Island Iced Tea’, and a few more. You may feel like having something non-alcoholic with your meal, then get yourself a ‘House Soda Lychee’, which also comes with

passionfruit, raspberry, and strawberry, or the ‘Tanqueray 0.0 Collins’. Classic cocktails such as a Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, Sailor’s Swirl, and the Blackcurrant Collin’s are also available. Now let’s say you came with a group and all wanted to try the same delicious drink; look at the cocktail sharers. You can get a ‘Chelsea Rose’, ‘Unusual Daisy’, or the ‘Gin, Raspberry and Peach’. All of these are served for either 2 or 4 people. They also have a delicious food menu where you can order tapas, burgers, sandwiches, nutritious salads, and some mouth-watering desserts.

Stop by at the All Bar One and enjoy the cozy ambiance with a beautiful cocktail in hand and a lovely meal in front of your family or significant other.

5. Bamboo Door Bar Sheffield



One of the only Tiki-themed bars in Sheffield, Bamboo Door, is precisely what you would imagine if you were to think of a tropical island. Beautiful tiki mask decor, bamboo walls, low lights, raw wooden tables with couches, and a bamboo hut-styled bar, give the place a friendly vibe. Vines hang from the entrance door, and other plants are all over the place to enhance the Tiki feel. To give a little modern touch, there are blue couches and white tables set up, so the place always gives off an excellent first look. Even the glasses for drinks are Tiki-styled so that you would always experience something new.

This place serves only drinks but trust me when you look at the menu and taste one, you will forget about everything else. Their cocktail menu has some unique options for you to choose from. You can get a ‘Prickliest Catch’ made from JJ Whitley vodka, prickly pear liqueur, elderflower cordial and citrus juice, ‘Aloha Beaches’ which has JJ Whitley mango and papaya gin, pineapple and pink grapefruit juice, passionfruit syrup topped with Ting grapefruit soda, ‘South Sea Pleasures’ made from Dead Man’s FInger spiced rum, coconut puree, lime juice, and angostura bitters, along with many more options which you will find to your liking and will end up trying multiple. They may be a cocktail bar, but they also serve beer. You can choose from models, Peroni, Kona big wave, red stripe, and a few more. Order a Rioja, Sauvignon Blanc, or a Prosecco if you’re a classic drinker and prefer wines. Have a seat at the Bamboo Door and choose from their endless cocktail options, all of which you’ll find refreshing and delicious. Enjoy the ambiance and the drinks of this one-of-a-kind Tiki-themed bar.

4. Trippets Lounge Bar Sheffield


Trippets Lounge Bar is a must-visit for every food, drink, and dance lover with a classic black and white theme. With an intimate design, this place is the perfect destination for you to visit with your significant other or give a little twist to your casual lunch party. All the furniture is black, with the walls all white decorated with mirrors, art, clocks, and other little pieces to give it that final touch. The roof is left open for some natural lighting and blocked with silver bars so that the place maintains its intimate vibe. Silver lamps hang from the bars to provide dim lighting to top it all off. The bar’s background is black, while the bar itself is white to sustain the classic look.

Trippets Lounge Bar offers small plate dining to go along with your choice of drink. You can choose from Smoked haddock risotto, cured meats, which include serrano ham, chorizo, and Salchichon salami, spiced potato and spinach pie, roast cod on patatas bravas along with many more options. For a sweet ending, they offer tiramisu with shortbread biscuits, fresh fruit with Pedro Ximinez syrup, sticky toffee pudding, and a beautiful selection of cheeseboard. They have different martinis like dirty, filthy, pink, breakfast, and truffle martinis for the drinks. They serve classic and Negroni Bianco, French 75, Eastern Promise, Nautilus, Gypsy Queen, and the Jungle Twist. If you like beers over cocktails, choose Daura Damn, 3 Brothers Brewing, San Miguel, and many more. They also provide

a good deal in which you can get any two dishes, a glass of Gallimard champagne and a coffee for just £30, so avail that whenever you’re here.

Trippets Lounge Bar is known around the area for the cozy ambiance and the intimate experience, so make sure to visit it with your significant other or for a first date to enjoy your time.

3. Monk Bar Sheffield


The Monk bar is one of Sheffield’s finest cocktail bars on Ecclesall road. The place is rustic yet polished. It runs lengthwise, so as soon as you step in, you see the bar on your right and tables to your left. The bar itself has a brick wall behind its shelf of bottles that have various colorful concoctions displayed on them. It gives off the feel of a chemist’s lab where he brews new drinks and experiments with flavors. There’s no sitting at the bar itself; you can grab a seat at one of the tables. The back of the room has a neon sign that says ‘courtyard’ and an arrow that points outside. Lights hang from the ceiling, creating a soft glow on each table.

With over 20 cocktail mixes to choose from, you’re no short of options here. Their signature drinks are a must-try, though. They have classics, originals, mocktails, bubbles, and wine. They have fun quirky names given to their drinks, like the ‘Beast of Bakewell’ with Kraken, Cherry, Frangelico, Orgeat, Lemon, and Cranberry or ‘The Living Dead’, which has a six rum homemade punch mix. Pineapple, and OJ. Their take on the ‘Pornstar Martini’ is a big hit among all the customers. Try it out if you want to play safe with a hint of experimentation.

If you like a good glass of wine, try out the ones they have. Red, white or rose, your choice. You can also sip on some prosecco from Italy. Vacation while sitting here. If one of your friends is a big fan, you can get them a voucher for Monk bar, which they can use on their next visit.

2.The Old House Bar Sheffield


The Old House is for all the ale-drinkers and booze lovers out there. Their award-winning Sunday roast and pot pies are a must-try, along with their cocktails. The place has yellow painted walls, with black accents here and there. The tables are also black and have used some wood around the space for texture. There are leather booths with high ceilings with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. They have quirky posters on their walls and boards that display their selection of drinks and food available. The walls have vintage posters and art framed and hung up.

It is an eclectic space that feels like a home away from home. Cozy with a touch of 20th-century decor. The tunes are trendy and quirky here. It is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays only. You must try their currywurst and fries. You can choose the meat you want, like traditional, vegan, smokey, or cheesy. Then you choose your spice level and sides if you want any. You can also get a schnitzel in its basic form or as a burger or strips. You can get these as vegetarian and vegan dishes as well.

In drinks, you can get daiquiris, martinis, mojitos, old faithful, old house favorites, the fun ones, classic classics, short tails, and bombs. ‘Bang Bang Romeo’ is a favorite with absolut vanilla vodka, pineapple, passion fruit, prosecco, and Aphrodite bitters. Or you could try the fun ‘Oh Zombie’ if you like Merchant’s Choice Guyanese rum, sailor jerry, Mount Gay Eclipse, apricot brandy, pineapple, lime, grenadine, Wray & Nephew overproof rum, and absinthe. The Old House has been a hit spot since it opened and is packed on the weekends.

1. The Dove and Rainbow Bar Sheffield


This Hartshead Square pub is the pioneer of rock and roll music. Dove and Rainbow host musicians and bands from all across the globe and have all sorts of ales and spirits you’d like. The bar is known for its club nights where resident Djs and student societies try their hand at mixing up music for you all. They do not have nameless and faceless DJs playing for you. You can interact and send in your requests to them as well. If the Dj is not here, they also have a jukebox where you can play your tunes.


They offer a wide range of real ales from all around the UK. Local beers are represented here, along with many of those from local breweries all around the country. They seek out the best from around them, so if you want a pint, drop by to check it out. A live performance while you sip on your drinks sounds excellent. Bands from Europe, Australia, the USA, and Ireland come to play for the crowd at Dove and Rainbow. You can even get in touch with them if you’re a band that wants to get a slot to perform.

Although the space might be a bit packed, you will surely enjoy this place’s energy and vibe. Make this your next bar to go out to.

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