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The Box London Editors Guide and Review

When you visit The Box, you will be a little taken back. For a club so popular and with a hefty entrance fee, the décor is very minimal and simple. A wooden floor and monochrome interiors. And even a simple exterior, which is so simple that you might miss it if you are not looking for it. But the nightlife at the club is perhaps unparalleled in all of London. Located in Soho, the club is pretty much central for all those who enjoy a unique type of party. The drinks at the club are divine and the entertainment is always interesting. On most days the club has acts which are only suitable for adults as they are very sexual in nature. However, the club also has some cabaret acts which are not as sexual in nature and can be enjoyed by many people. But of course, those entering the club are of legal age and there is never an issue with the acts since they tend to be welcomed and encouraged by patrons. The club should be on your bucket list of experiences for when you visit London for sure!


Located in London’s incredibly popular Soho area, the club has the privilege of being located in the heart of London. The exact address is 11-12 Walkers Court, Brewer Street in Soho, London. The location is very central and easy to find.

VIP Table Guide

The VIP tables at The Box are very hard to come by which is why you need to be very proactive and reserve a table as soon as you know that you might be visiting the club. The VIP tables at The Box will afford you with a lot of privileges at the club including a host who will look after and cater to your every need as well as the best seats in the house so you can enjoy the performances from the best place. The standard VIP table at The Box will cost you about 2000 pounds, I know that is quite a lot of money but trust me, it is worth it. And the premium VIP table will cost about 4000 pounds. The luxuries afforded with these tables are pretty much worth the high cost since otherwise, you cannot even be guaranteed entry into the club.

Bottle Service

Like most clubs in London and around the world, the bottle service at The Box is pretty standard. The bottle costs according to the quality of the alcohol. Cheaper spirits like vodka start lower than higher-end ones. It depends on you and your party regarding how much of a bill you will pile up.

The Dress Code

Like any club around the world, The Box expects a certain standard of clothing from their patrons. The club expects men to be dressed in sharp-looking suits with formal shoes and clean hairstyles. While women should be in a beautiful cocktail or floor-length dresses in high heels. Make sure you dress to impress or you will not be allowed to enter.

The Box London Dress Code Guide

An old, extremely beautiful theatre which has been restored to create a mysterious, magical venue which is now a nightclub is what is known as The Box Club, London. This exclusive night club has a very 1940’s French boudoir atmosphere, filled with velvet curtains, hazy mirrors and large, wooden balconies.

For those who wish to gain entry into this super exclusive night club in the depths of Soho’s red light district in London, here is everything you need to know about the dress code guidelines for this club. Keep in mind that the door policy for this night club is extremely strict, so be sure to follow the dress code policy strictly!

The Box Dress Code for the Ladies

The dress code policy for The Box is strictly elegant, posh and very glam. Here, you will find most of the ladies adorned in the chicest of designer dresses, high heeled shoes and boots, and elegant jewelry and accessories.

If you own one of those low cut, sequined, glamorous cocktail dresses that look like it belongs on a red carpet, then The Box is exactly where you should be wearing it! You can also pair up a fancy blouse, a strappy top or a crop top with a mini skirt and high heels. Keep in mind that you want to look as posh as possible, so stay away from denim, especially the distressed kinds, and any kind of casual clothing.

Style your hair with beautiful flowing waves, or opt for a tight bun, whichever suits your outfit for the evening!

As for your shoes, stick to your high heels or else you will be denied entry into the club!

The Box Dress Code for the Gents

The main look you should strike for at The Box is elegant and classy. For the men, this translates to a nice designer shirt, preferably the button up, collared kinds. Pair this up with a nice pair of formal trousers and classy shoes. Make sure you steer clear of loafers, sports shoes, sneakers, open-toed shoes or anything that can be deemed as ‘casual’.

At The Box, you want to dress to impress. Since men cannot really experiment much with makeup and accessories, you want to stick to a really classy and elegant outfit and maintain a neat and clean hairstyle and beard. Any funky looking hairstyles will really not be accepted here, so strive for the ‘clean, classy look’ instead.

You should avoid wearing any kind of sports attire at all costs, as this will get you sent back home right from the front door!


The women can experiment with their hair and makeup, creating different classy looks to go along with their outfit. However, make sure you are wearing heels only, and no flats or flip flops.

Dress your best, as you will run into some of the trendiest crowds here at The Box. You even run a high chance of bumping into a few celebrities if you are lucky, so dress well!

Of course, if you are a celebrity yourself, you do not need to follow any dress code and can wear whatever you wish to!

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