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Club Description

Cuckoo sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it? Well trust us when we say this; it lives up to the name very well. The club has a lot of things going for it; the atmosphere, the aesthetic, the music, the drinks, and everything. Not to mention it is super exclusive with the city’s elites being a regular fixture in the client list. So you might have to wait a while before you get the chance to actually enter the club. The club has a lot of LED lights which make for a great time for anyone who chooses to dance. The club has an entry fee of 20 pounds which you will need to pay, and some ladies might get a free entry depending on the door staff and the time they go. The club has become increasingly popular amongst the young and hip in London recently. And at times some international stars are also seen partying at the club. The club has a reputation for being incredibly fun with patrons describing their time at the club as being the best night club experience in town so you definitely do not want to miss it.


The club is located in London’s swanky and very exclusive Mayfair area. To be exact the address is Swallow street in Mayfair, London. It is very easy to get to and you will easily be able to find the place on Google maps or whatever navigational app you use.

VIP Table Guide

There is never a night when Cuckoo is not brimming with people. Being one of the most popular clubs in the city means that there will be some type of consequence, and that is the club is almost always full. A lot of people have a membership or their names on the VIP list which is the only way to guarantee entry. So if you can afford to get a VIP table then please do so. A minimum spends for a Standard VIP table is 1000 pounds while the exclusive top VIP table will cost you at the very least 2000 pounds. Getting a table itself is pretty hard so you need to be quick about it. The minute you can confirm whether you are going to Cuckoo; you need to book a table so you can snag one before its too late.

Bottle Service

Like most clubs around the world, Cuckoo also has a bottle service which is pretty good. The bottles start at about 80-100 pounds and the premium drinks can cost up to 1000 pounds which is pretty much standard for most London clubs.

The Dress Code

A lot of times people tend to think anything goes at clubs but this is definitely not the case at Cuckoo. You need to dress to impress. The club requires men to be in sports jackets, formal shoes and have neatly made hair. For women cocktail or longer dresses are necessary with heels and makeup. You need to look your best!

Cuckoo Club London Dress Code Guide

Restaurant by day, night club by night, Cuckoo Club quite literally transforms itself every single day. Cuckoo Club in London is one of those super exclusive, members-only nightclub which allows entry to only a selected few. This stunning nightclub located along the interiors of London is a massive celebrity hot spot. You will find some of the most well dressed, chic and elegant patrons visiting Cuckoo Club on the regular.

If you are looking to gain entry into this super exclusive night club, keep in mind that you need to adhere very strictly to the dress code guidelines. At Cuckoo Club, you have to dress to impress. Here is a short guide on the dress code guidelines for Cuckoo Club, London, and everything you need to know about what to wear, and what you avoid here!

Cuckoo Club Dress Code for the Ladies

The dress code policy for the women at Cuckoo Club is strictly ‘Smart and Classy’. At Cuckoo Club, you will find the hottest picks of super trendy and chic club goers. If you want to fit in, you have to really dress classy and sophisticated.

Opt for a nice dress, nothing which looks vulgar or too ‘sexy’. Instead, aim for ‘classy and chic’. You can never go wrong with a Little Black Dress. Pair it up with a nice pair of high heels. Of course, you can also opt for some fancy shoes but avoid flip flops, sandals, sneakers and running shoes completely.

As for your makeup, opt for a look which is subtle, yet bold. If you want to go for a heavy eye makeup look, you can opt for nude lips and a nice, tight bun hairstyle. Or else, let your long beautiful hair flow and go for cat eyes and a bold lipstick!

Cuckoo Club Dress Code for the Gents

As for the men, you can experiment with your clothes a little more freely than you would be allowed to do at other exclusive night clubs in London.

You can always opt for a super smart look; trousers along with a fancy collared shirt, a jacket or blazer, and formal shoes. This look can never go wrong.

However, if you want to experiment with the casual side of fashion, you can opt for khakis, trousers with a button up shirt, a polo shirt, or even a nice V neck sweater, as long as you put on a jacket, a blazer or even a sports coat over it.

While any kind of sportswear is completely prohibited at this club, you can opt for a smart sports coat to go over your sweater or shirt.


Since Cuckoo Club is a super exclusive night club, you can experiment with your outfits here. The women can opt for revealing kind of dresses as well, however, remember to leave something to the imagination!

If you still have any doubts about what you should wear to Cuckoo Club, you can always visit their official website and go through their pictures as well as dress code guidelines.

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