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The Downstairs Club Florence, Guide & Review

Are you in search of a blast Fantastic club with a great central location at Florence, Italy then head to The Downstairs Club on your night out. The Downstairs dance club is located at Florence, Italy. In place you will encounter beautiful music and all in all nice people. This place is a stripped down, cool place situated down an alleyway inside a dark old bricked walled basement, fitted with typical neon sign. Its a late night place and things get going after 10pm and last to the wee hours. The place is a typical undergroud Jazz Club cozy small and warm. 

It has a cool atmosphere with a diverse crowd of musicians young and old, music aficionados and trendy types. Most importantly, the music was captivating. A variety of styles played and musicians who brought their instruments in joined in with jams on stage at various intervals. Beautiful evenings indeed and it’s frequented by beautiful friendly people. Staff are friendly and professional, a friendly atmosphere is felt. Definitely a welcome home away from home in this artful city, for the travelling jazz lover! Good music, good drinks. Cool vibe overall.

During to Weekends, just smile and they will be more than pleasured to see you. You will be moved by beautiful Seating, free wi-fi, variety of drinks from beer, wine and whiskey. They accepts Mastercard, Visa, Digital Payments. 

The live jazz brings in the locals but the place is never too crowded and you don’t need to push and shove to get to the bar. Check out for The Downstairs Club events in their official facebook page:

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