The Most Fun Bars In Denver

Are you on the lookout for the most sophisticated Cocktail Bars in Denver?

Then we have you covered!

Keep in mind, this article is in ascending order. We’ve saved the best Cocktail Bars for last. Enjoy the list!

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Want to have a fun night out in Denver? We’ve got you!

Here we have compiled a list of the most fun bars of the city. If you want a break from all the stress and worries of work life then go on and scroll down to choose where youre gonna go tonight.

5. Rayback Collective Bar Denver

Rayback Collective is a food truck, coffee shop, bar, event space, and backyard. Everything is in one place. The best part? It even has a pup zone! It hosts events ranging from art, music, and games like trivia, comedy, and community events. Local brewing companies offer you many drink options, including cocktails, ciders, and seltzers. The indoor seating has a  clean and polished interior. The building has a history of its own. What was once the building for Raybacks Plumbing Supply for around 60 years is now a food spot. The next generations continued to give to the community but in a newer way, through food and drinks! Everyone from families to students can find something of their liking here. The stage features small local bands performing each night and entertaining us with their melodies. Yard games, Cornhole, and even Jenga are available for rent. It is open daily from noon to nighttime. So grab a drink and a bite to eat, too, and relax on the patio. With so much to do, you cannot resist staying a while once you visit. Meet new people and even some furry friends at Boulders’ one-of-a-kind space.

4. Pindustry Bar Denver

From drinks to lanes to music and food, everything under one roof! The perfect pairing is a rooftop view with craft beer and some fantastic cocktails. Think of any game, and Industry will have it. Billiards, ping pong, foosball, darts, shuffleboard, and even corn hole. At $12 per hour, it sounds fun. A vintage arcade with games inspired by Star Wars, Led Zeppelin, and even The Mandalorian! You might even give the life-size chess board a shot. If you enjoy traditional bowling or duck-pin bowling, they have both. Just grab a drink and sit on the couch while you wait for your turn. And if luck doesn’t turn in your favor, then they have something even more potent for you. Enjoy a spot up close as the local bands get a chance to show you their skills. You can check the events on the calendar on their website. With food and drinks prices as low as $6, you can have a fun night out with friends and family at Industry. Book an event with them and have the place all to yourselves if you want that. You can even get the feel of the site by looking at their virtual tour on their website!

3. Lady Nomada Bar Denver

There won’t be a dull moment at Lady Nomada as long as you’re there. ‘Lady loves good food and comes alive at night when the music fills the air and drinks around without a care.’ It takes inspiration from Baja; each dish and drink gives you a taste of the coast and the freshness of the sun. Cocktails, beer, wine, and margaritas, all under one roof. Would you prefer a ‘painkiller’? It packs a punch with a mix of Haitian dark rum, auva cachaca, pineapple, coconut, orange, and lime! Or you might like some sparkling rose. There’s a mix of everything from strong to light to sweet and bitter. The food section has many options like snacks, small and big plates, and even some pastries. The beach inspires the wall art, and you are surrounded by fake cacti lining the walls. Even the seat patterns remind you of a vacation. At one corner, you will see a vinyl player, the owner’s liking and interest, which creates a soothing environment that makes you melt in your seat. The cane lamps hanging from the ceiling add more freshness to the whole place. The first thing you should do when you step in is to order a cocktail. 

2. Tight End Bar Denver

Denver’s only gay sports bar is a safe space for all. With tv sets and a good sound system, you can gather here to enjoy a good game while choosing your drink from the list. Open all days of the week; they even extend their hours on game days for you all. Would you like vodka, beer, gin, wine, whiskey, rum, tequila, or even something non-alcoholic? The long list in the menu has almost everything covered. It also has a variety of pizza flavors for your company while watching a game. They have bold flavors like Morning wood and Beefcake to snack on. Want a salad on the side? They got it! The owner wanted a more straightforward experience designed for this space. He has created an area where you can relax fuss-free, unlike other gay bars, and chat up to others. They also partner with local gay sports clubs and even offer discounts if you wear your jersey. The place also has drag shows and music sometimes on the weekends. The dance floor is open for those who feel like they are up for it while the football-esqe disco ball reflects onto the space. 

1. Number 38 Bar Denver

Number 38 promises the authentic Colorado experience for anyone who steps in. It is the place to socialize if you want to have fun or try something new. It offers a branded taproom experience, a sizzling kitchen, a stage where you might get to see the following hot sensation play their tunes, and a no-touch payment system. The taproom will always have the classic favorite but new breweries, distilleries, and winemakers concoctions for you to try out. Twenty-four of them at a time! The food menu consists of bao buns, wraps, tacos, flatbreads, salads, etc., curated by the chef with an Indonesian flair. When you enter, you get a wristband that acts as your source of payment to enjoy the experience to its fullest without the hassle of cost. It’s like their very own music festival! The decor is a mix of minimal and sleek with a rustic touch of organic wooden texture and shapes and cow skin rugs, creating cozy corners for you to hang out. The patio is the biggest the area has to offer, making enough space for all to enjoy the live music. There are also two sand volleyball courts if you and your friends are up for a challenge


Denver has so many bars for you to go to but now the tough choice is to choose which place to be at. We have some fun music experiences, cool locations, swanky interiors and drinks that you cant get enough of. So choose where you want to be at and have an amazing night!

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