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Tiger Tiger London, Guide & Review

Spread out over 6 rooms, every part of Tiger Tiger follows its very own unique concept and vibe. Whether you are in the mood for an adult club experience, an intimate party with your gang, or just meeting new, interesting personalities at the club, there is something interesting for everyone here at Tiger Tiger.

The in-house team at Tiger Tiger has some of the best party planners of the century working day and night to create the best party experience for you. Experts in hosting the most exciting and unique parties in London, Tiger Tiger is a popular venue for nightlife, drinking, food, and of course, meeting all kinds of new faces in the crowd.

From karaoke bars to Ibiza inspired rooms, to some of the best meals served on the premises, there is not much that you can miss out at Tiger Tiger, London.

This is the ultimate guide to Tiger Tiger. Here, you will find out everything that you need to know about the dress code policy, the directions to the club, the VIP tables, drinks, music, and so much more.

Dress Code and Age Requirement for Tiger Tiger

The dress code for Tiger Tiger is strictly Smart Casuals. This simply means that ripped jeans, timberlands, sports attire and very casual t-shirts can stay at home when you visit Tiger Tiger! As for the ladies, a great club outfit such as a dress, a skirt or even an amazing pair of pants with a fancy top would be just perfect. While heels are not compulsory, you might want to wear closed toed shoes just to avoid getting your toes trampled on in the dance floor! The men can put on a fancy t-shirt, designer jeans, trousers or collared shirts. However, avoid caps, trainers, timberlands, hoodies, ripped jeans and shorts.

As for the age requirement, Tiger Tiger allows all above the age of 18 to enter the club. Don’t forget to carry a valid proof of ID; otherwise, you might just be turned back.

Weekly Program at Tiger Tiger

Tiger Tiger is the club that never shuts down! Open every single night of the year, this nightclub hosts an array of amazing events, parties and club nights. Of course, being open every night means that every night should be unique, full of fun and excitement. Be sure to check the Facebook page as well as the official website for Tiger Tiger to know all about the events and parties that are being held here. Get in touch with the club to know book a room for your private parties.

The club is spread out over 6 rooms, each with its own unique ambience, mood, and music.

Crazy Mondays at the club are all about Latin music and the best chart DJs in town.

Tiger Tuesdays, you can enjoy the amazing happy hour offers while dancing to commercial music.

International Nights on Wednesdays welcome some of the best DJs playing their sick beats; Reggae, hip-hop and R&B and commercial music are what you can expect on these nights.

Tiger Thursdays are especially for those who like to drink, and we mean those who REALLY like to drink! With happy hour offers on all drinks here, chug a few glasses and take a few shots before enjoying some amazing commercial music on Thursday nights.

VIP Fridays are the best way to end your long work week. Let your hair down and enjoy the best commercial and chart music in the main rooms, of course, don’t forget to visit the LUXE room for hip-hop and R&B to blow your mind away!

Enclosure Saturdays are known best for their super luxurious and exuberant feels. You can expect countdowns, DJ ’s, confetti, the works! While you can obviously expect hip hop, commercial music, and R&B, these are the nights you can even get some 90’s pop songs for a walk down nostalgia lane!

Sunday nights are for everything in between!


The music taste at Tiger Tiger is greatly varied. There is something for everyone to enjoy. With 6 different rooms having 6 moods, you can switch in between rooms to enjoy different kinds of music on the same night. From commercial music to charts, pop, hip-hop, Latin, R&B and so much more, there is not much you will miss at Tiger Tiger, London.

Average Line and Guest Lists

The average line outside Tiger Tiger can get pretty long, which is what is expected from this super popular club in London. On a typical night, the entrée fee for Tiger Tiger can go from anywhere in between 5 pounds to even 20! All of this depends on which night you are visiting, what is going on in the club that night, and how crowded the place is.

You can always get on the Guest Lists for Tiger Tiger; contact the club and find out everything you need to know about getting your names on the Guest List for the club. You can skip the long wait in line and get in for a much cheaper price! You can even enjoy a free entry on the Guest List if you enter before 11 pm.

VIP Tables and Bottle Service

The VIP tables and Bottle Service at Tiger Tiger are extraordinary! Starting from 50 pounds, going right up to 500 pounds, you can pick and choose a party package that you want for you and your group here at Tiger Tiger, London.

Drink prices

The drink prices at Tiger Tiger can be slightly on the higher side; however, taking into account how elite this club is, the prices are pretty much expected.

Our recommendations

Try and enter the club before 11 pm to enjoy the free entry into the club by getting your names on the Guest List.

Well, that’s about all you need to know to enjoy a few amazing nights at Tiger Tiger Club, London.

Tiger Tiger London Dress Code Guide

A club which has remained unchanged in terms of popularity and exuberance ever since its conception, Tiger Tiger is still one of the most popular nightclub venues to visit in London. With everything under its roof; from the most amazing food, above excellent parties, beautiful music, and stunning décor, of course, not to mention their drinks, Tiger Tiger is one of the best places to be to experience nightlife in London.

If you find yourself interested in visiting this nightclub venue, here are a few things you must know about the dress code guidelines for Tiger Tiger, London.

Dress code guide for the ladies

The dress code policy for Tiger Tiger states Smart Casuals and Club attire. However, this massive club spread out over 6 rooms attracts only some of the trendiest and hip crowds of London.

When it comes to your club outfit, you can never go wrong with a Little Black Dress. Of course, if you want to be a little more adventurous, try a few combinations of fancy tops, trousers or jeans, skirts, or even designer shorts if you wish to.

Ladies always prefer to wear their best heels to the club. But if you have a taste for other kinds of party wear shoes, you are more than welcome to experiment. However, avoid wearing any types of sports shoes at any cost. It is probably best not to wear sandals and flip-flops as well, as you might get your toes trampled upon on the dance floor.

As for your hair, show off your true colors! Whether you like it long or short, with glitter or with colors, with accessories or just plain out there, it’s00 all up to you!

Tiger Tiger loves all kinds of body art, so if you have tattoos, show them off!

Dress code guide for the gents

As for the gents, you will find most of the club goers here dressed quite casually. However, since it is still quite a stylish club venue, avoid wearing hats and caps, trainers, hoodies, sports shoes, and the likes. It is probably best to put in some effort into your club outfit here at Tiger Tiger.

You can come in a fancy t-shirt, collared shirt, and trousers. If you have a nice pair of designer jeans, it should do well too. However, avoid ripped jeans and shorts.

Try and opt for formal shoes or fancy sneakers. If you have a good pair of fancy trainers, they might work too, but avoid anything too casual or sports attire.

As for your hair, people always prefer to look at well groomed, neat men. However, if your personal sense of style is different, go for it. Try out some trendy, cool hairstyle and see how well it is accepted!

Tattoo, well, the more, the better! Don’t be shy to show off your unique body art to the other club goers here.

Our suggestions

Since the club is open all year round, there are different kinds of themed parties being held here all the time. If you are in doubt about any clothing item, contact the club and find out if it is allowed or not!

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