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Tiger Tiger Manchester


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Tiger Tiger Manchester, Guide & Review

One of the biggest clubs in Manchester, Tiger Tiger is located in The Printworks, which is a popular clubbing area in the city. There is plenty of fun to go around for anyone who ventures out to Tiger Tiger; you can eat, drink, dance, and party the night away in style, all under one roof. There are eight different rooms in the club, all catering to the different tastes of the diverse crowd it attracts; whether you want to relax at the Tiger Bar or jam out to hip hop music in The White Room, there is something for everyone.

If you’re a karaoke lover, then the club makes even more sense for your night out with friends. It has eight private karaoke pods where you can rock out to over 8000 songs. And when you get thirsty from all the singing, you can even have drinks delivered to your karaoke pod. Or you can go out and get a nice meal and drinks from the amazing restaurant at the club.

The club is only closed two days of the week; Monday and Wednesday. So, if you want to experience the larger than life partying extravaganza that Tiger Tiger has to offer, you have plenty of opportunities throughout the week.

Tiger Tiger, located at well-known clubbing area of Manchester called The Printworks, is one of the largest clubs in the city. It has eight rooms, all decorated in its own unique style and vibe, allowing you to have the night you want. It also boasts a fun karaoke experience, with eight private pods which offer 8000 songs that you can choose from.

The club has a great restaurant and bar which is always fully stocked with the best drinks you could ever want. Open five days a week, except Monday or Wednesday; you can have the best time of your life whenever you want.

Tiger Tiger Manchester Dress Code Guide

Almost all decent nightclubs have a dress code, and Tiger Tiger is no exception. Located at The Printworks, Urban Entertainment Centre on Withy Grove, Manchester, Tiger Tiger maintains a smart and casual dress code.

If you have not visited this nightclub, then do visit it as soon as possible because as per the news it is closing soon. We will talk about it at the end of this post.

Tiger Tiger Nightclub Dress Code for the Ladies

The dress code for women is chic and stylish. From dresses to skirts, all are allowed here, except ripped jeans and torn t-shirts.

Choose the best gown you have. Pin your hair with a beautiful clutch and wear a bright shade lip color. Create a smokey eye with your eyeshadow and eyeliner. And you’ll be ready.

Don’t wear sports shoes or sports attire since they are not permitted here. If you want to be adventurous, then wear a bold dress with a stiletto.

No matter what your height is, always wear heels. Don’t wear flip flops or sandals. If you have a good idea for the party, wear shoes, then wear them. And, if you don’t have any stylish party, wear shoe, then buy one online.

A dress code tip for both ladies and gentlemen

Baggy clothes are super comfortable. They make you feel at home. But they make look fat too. Try to avoid wearing oversized clothes as they ruin your party looks. Wear something that suits your figure.

When it comes to makeup and hair, you should opt for an elegant, classy, but bold makeup look. Don’t go too heavy on the makeup and hair, instead, opt for a bold smoky eye and style your hair well to catch everyone’s attention at the club.

Tiger Tiger Nightclub Dress Code for the Gents

The dress code of Tiger Tiger nightclub for men is smart and casual. They can wear collared shirts, t-shirts, and trousers. Designer jeans and dark denim get a special edge in this nightclub. So those who hate wearing trousers are free to opt for designer jeans.

Since this nightclub is extremely reputed for style and glamour, so men should avoid wearing jerseys, shorts, hats, caps, hoodies, joggers, and trainers. Sneakers or any sports shoes should also be avoided by all means. Sports attire and shoes are looked down here. Men are not allowed to enter the nightclub wearing these types of clothes.

Some men have a fetish for tattoos, but they hide them before entering a nightclub. No such restrictions are there in this nightclub. Men can show off their tattoos to girls with pride and a smirk on their faces.

T-shirts with offensive language or vulgar quotes hit sentiments of many guests. This is why the nightclub management doesn’t allow anyone to enter the place wearing a t-shirt displaying an offensive quote or vulgar images.

Our Suggestions

There is bad news for all die-hard fans of Tiger Tiger nightclub in Manchester. The nightclub is going to be replaced by the Garden of Eden; a new bar, club, and restaurant.

So all of us have to bid adieu to Tiger Tiger nightclub with a heavy heart. But Tiger Tiger will always remain special in our hearts.

We will miss you Tiger Tiger.

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