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Tiki Bobs Indianapolis, Guide & Review

Good place to go dance if you like modern music and hip hop. This is the plan you should plan on being tonight. Cocktails, sports & dancing in a small island-themed bar with a surfboard & make-believe palm trees. Tiki Bob’s is Indy’s only non-stop party spot. It’s always Spring break here! Open since 2000, Tiki Bob’s has one of the largest dance floors in Indianapolis. They have a state-of-the-art light and sound system and 15 TVs showing the biggest games all night long. Our bartenders are the wildest in Indy and we guarantee you’ll have an unbelievable night!

This is your typical college crowd nightclub with a tropical theme. Fun social crowd on the weekends, go to the back bar for a more chill atmosphere. Tiki Bobs is a hip-hop club which is best on Thursday nights. Lots of people to dance and have fun with. 

Favourable prices, good VIP section, bottle service is great, great, fun, and friendly atmosphere, big and spacious dance floor, wonderful and friendly staff, awesome drinks specials, great music, amazing DJ, great crowd, delicious food, and has a small outdoor seating area. Good little bar in the heart of downtown that fills up quickly full of people wanting to have a laugh. Cold Friday nights aren’t for weak ones only for the hottest ones. 

Early on they’ll be showing sports on the TV screens but later on the dance floor will be full and there’s a decent age range too, with no-one feeling left out. It’s always a good idea to buy your friends a round of drinks and enjoy oneself. Fun for a night of drinking/dancing to current hits. Fun fun fun! Imagine all the fun you could have tonight if you came to Tikis Bob’s. A night out in town will always be classic.

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