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Tom Ryan’s, Chandler, Guide & Review

Tom Ryan’s low-end nightclub with a dance floor and regular live event concerts from country bands (without charge cover). It is located on Warner Road and is located anywhere in the city. Tom Ryan runs the league and Dart Boards tournaments all week. Tom Ryan also held free dance classes on Monday. At Tom Ryan, live country music is held every Friday and Monday night. The club offers special hourly deals on Friday and Saturday nights, where nightlife begins at 9:30 pm. Come and enjoy the night experience with free Wi-Fi. They have a fine range of whiskies and bourbons and know how to serve up a mean cocktail. Tom Ryan resides in the Chandler Strip Mall has become a ghost town, for all intents and purposes, with more than a dozen closed shopping malls that look more empty than midnight Boot Hill cemetery. Every Thursday to Saturday, one of the biggest attractions to this venue is the live bar shows with a fried Southern slate of boot-scootin’ bands like mesa’s country-rock trio Mogollon. Their local music sites are emerging, and they want to showcase the country’s best talent while having certain nights of the day dedicated to karaoke nights. The staff at Tom Ryan’s is known to be friendly and welcoming, and the bartenders always make sure to serve you the perfect cocktail to start your night of cowboy dancing. Come ahead and visit the venue on Saturday night and all other Sundays to enjoy the incredible ambiance of live music and do classic country dances on the spacious dance floor. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favorite nightspot in Chandler.

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