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Club Description

Tonteria, in all honesty, is like no club you have ever experienced before. The club is by the same person who owns Mahiki and Whisky Mist but the vibe of Tonteria is completely different. The club is very eclectic but follows a theme; Mexican. This is why you will spot drink names on the menu which remind you of the Mexican culture such as ‘The Lucky Luchador’, ‘The Mayan Pyramid’ and more. Other than that, the club is known for its delicious tequila shots and tapas menu which people seem to enjoy. The décor at the club is gorgeous and gives you a feel of like you’re in another world; life-size train sets and giant vases and whatnot are strewn all over the place. With the capacity of only 200 people, the club tends to be very picky about who they allow inside which is why you need to make sure you either book a VIP table or go early. You can learn more about the VIP tables below so you know what you need to do in order to get one before they are fully booked.


The club is located at 7-12 Sloane Square and is very easy to find. Once you tell your taxi driver about the club, they will take you to the location immediately. There are certain landmarks in the area as well, Apollo Victoria which you should keep your eyes peeled for.

VIP Table Guide

VIP Tables at Tonteria kind of hard to come by and the only way to ensure that you get one is to make sure you book one as early as you can. The VIP tables sell out because of the fact that they are scarce, the club can only have 200 people inside at a time which means a lot of people try to get a VIP table to ensure entry into the club. The VIP tables also ensure you have a good time at the club since the staff at the club make sure they cater best to those who are seated in the VIP booths. The Standard tables at Tonteria go for 500 pounds for 3 guests and 1000 pounds for 10 guests. While the VIP tables cost 1000 pounds for 3 guests while for 10 guests it goes up to 2000 pounds. The prices are pretty much in line with the prices of other clubs found in the area and around London.

Bottle Service

The bottle service at the club is pretty great. Your bill will depend solely on what you order; if you order a cheaper standard drink like vodka the bill will be considerably less than if you order a premium drink such as champagne.

The Dress Code

Like clubs around the world, Tonteria has a standard that it vigilantly maintains. This is why it asks patrons to be dressed smartly; men should be in sharp formal jackets and women should be wearing nice dresses with heels. Absolutely no casual shoes allowed for anyone at the venue.

Tonteria London Dress Code Guide

Tonteria is a Mexican themed tapas lounge and a cocktail bar situated in Sloane Square, a very popular club in this district. Tonteria is well known for it’s out of the box interior décor and also its variety of exciting cocktails and themed drinks. Tonteria is a super exclusive night club in London which allows only guests with a VIP booking or those with their names on the Guest List to enter the venue.

With a supremely strict door policy, Tonteria takes its dress code policy very seriously. If you wish to gain entry into this popular night club in London, you will need to stick by the dress code guidelines very strictly. Here is a short guide on everything you need to know about the Tonteria Club, London, and dress code policy.

Tonteria Dress Code for the Ladies

The dress code policy for Tonteria is strictly Smart and Sexy. For the ladies, your best option would be to bring out a beautiful dress. You can opt for a long gown, a mid-length dress or even a short dress. Black is a very popular choice of color at this club as it tends to look classy and chic on everyone.

You can also opt for pants as an option. Leather pants are always popular. But you can also experiment with trousers and a fancy blouse.

If you are up for a skirt, go for a mini skirt paired with a beautiful top and some high heels.

Keep in mind that flats, sneakers, sandals and flip flops are absolutely not allowed at this night club. Bring out some of your best high heels and show off your long legs here at Tonteria.

As for your makeup and hair, create a look which complements the rest of your club attire for the night. Go for bold eyes and soft lips, or vice versa, whichever features you want to play up for the night!

Tonteria Dress Code for the Gents

Looking sharp is the main goal here at Tonteria Club. Opt for a classy and elegant look by going for trousers, a nice, smart button-up shirt, and some formal shoes.

As for what you need to avoid, stay miles away from any kind of sportswear. This includes sports shirts, jerseys and jackets, caps, and hats, running shoes, sandals or any open-toed shoes. You should also avoid wearing jeans, even if they are really good branded, designer jeans.

One of the main things to keep in mind is to pay really good attention to your choice of shoes.

As for your hair and beard, the best look would be to go for a clean haircut. The fade cut look has become extremely popular and honestly looks good on almost everyone. Keep your beard clean and nicely trimmed, and you should face no issues with entry into Tonteria Club.


For the ladies, you can always experiment with your choice of clothes. Don’t be shy to show off a little skin, however, keep something to the imagination as well. Anything that can be deemed as too revealing or vulgar will not be allowed at Tonteria.

You can visit the Tonteria Club, London, official website and get more ideas on what kind of outfits you can try out at this nightclub.

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