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Twenty Two Malta, Guide & Review

TwentyTwo  is Honestly Malta’s most absolute nightclub and lounge bar. It has established itself since  it opened its doors as a real exclusive venue  with breathtaking views ,scenery, surroundings and its exquisite VIP treatment. Twenty Two is all about luxury and satisfaction; it’s more of a status symbol found nowhere else on the island. A number of international celebrities have visited the place as well. The place is ultra -modern. It’s Great location on the 22nd floor of Malta’s tallest building gives it a spectacular view and great ambiance. Simply, it’s the best view in Malta.

The furbishing of the place has an ultra modern feel,with its brilliantly decorated seating areas and striking view. The crowd is senior ,well groomed ,and the staff is professional. A snack menu is also available for those who are in need of it. TwentyTwo was designed by Malta’s award winning interior designers. During weekdays ,in the evenings the atmosphere is chilled out and relaxed with an exclusive unparalleled view. While on weekends it’s more of a nightclub atmosphere with latest music playing and the most happening crowd giving it the best good feel vibe place to be. It’s also a top end venue for cocktails, parties and clubbing. TwentyTwo presents its visitors with varieties of outstanding cocktails, eg,the white lady,a smoky London sour along with other drinks. Champagne is also offered here. 

They also offer classic spirits and snacks as accompaniment of the drink. TwentyTwo attracts the most selective. It’s best for business Travellers, couples, anniversary celebrations and  party people. Twenty Two is  also best for great panoramic views, late nights, classic cocktails and good music. The Club is perfect for a top notch private event. For Breathtaking view, good music, great  atmosphere, classic drinks,best cocktails Nice ambiance, expectational evenings then everyone must add   Malta on their travel list  and visit TwentyTwo for such memories.

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