Valencia Nightlife • A Complete Guide

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Welcome to Valencia’s premier nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Valencia. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


A small introduction to Valencia, Spain

The beautiful sea of Mediterranean has given the world numerous beautiful cities along its coasts and one of these cities is Valencia in Spain. Valencia located on the east coast of Spain is the capital city of the autonomous community of Valencia. It is also the third largest city in Spain after Barcelona and Madrid. The city also has the third highest population in Spain with a population estimate of about 1.6million. Valencia boasts the fifth busiest port in Europe and the busiest port in the Mediterranean. The city famous for its architecture, beaches and celebrations has a lot to offer for every tourist. It draws a large number of tourists from all over the world. The vibrant local population and a steady inflow of tourists from around the globe have given raise to many activities, nightclubs, night bars, beach bars and many other exciting things in Valencia.

In this article we will see few of these attractions and find out the best that these places have to offer and the things that one must try when in these places.

Valencia at night

Nightlife in Valencia

Nightlife is synonymous with fun, frolic and partying in Valencia. Spain’s third city, this genial and authentic town boasts plenty of big attractions, from Calatrava’s gleaming City of Arts and Sciences to a seductive Old Town still ringer by ancient walls and loads of fun things to do. Valencia might not be as shiny and “look-at-me” as Barcelona, or as fast and furious as the capital of Madrid, but it more than holds its own against its rivals.

There are the beaches (among the best in the Mediterranean), the fantastically fiery festival of Les Falles and, as you’d expect from a region known as “Spain’s orchard,” a food scene that will blow you away. In sum, Valencia’s got it all going on—while remaining deliciously under the radar.

There are numerous celebrities from all over the globe who throng Valencia and if you plan to spend your holidays amid one these celebrities make sure you visit the city during one of the major events or guess what you can even catch them in a luxury hotel by the beach if you are really lucky. Valencia is a city which generally sleeps late in the nights and when it’s the peak season the party just keeps just keeps you awake.

Let us look at few of the places where you can enjoy the nightlife in Valencia.

Nightlife in Valencia

Best places for Nightlife in Valencia

Vibrant is the word for Valencia during the nights. Regardless of you being a student who are in the city for your studies or a business man who are in the city for your work or a working professional who is in the city for a few days or a tourist, Valencia has something to offer for everyone. Whether you want a quiet night enjoying dinner with friends, a trip to a concert to see a new band, a night of bar-hopping around the coolest bars or an all-night clubbing session, you should find what you are after in Valencia.

The city centre in Valencia is full of people during the peak hours of the night. And that is the place to be if one wants to enjoy the vibrance of the city during the nights.

The old town of Valencia which is also called as El Carmen is a must visit in Valencia. The place offers numerous eateries, pubs and bars. Once the night falls head to the streets behind the Cathedral and you will find large number of these places packed with people.


Aragon which sits right in between Avenida de Aragon and Plaza del Cedro is another famous part of the town and offers a lot of high energy bars and pubs. It is especially famous amongst its student population.

Rufasa which is one of the new and developing area in Valencia is famous for its care free attitude and hippie way of life. The place breathes freedom and also is home to some very unique bars and pubs.

The city of art and science is prominent amongst the student crowd in Valencia and place acts as a nice exchange of culture, languages amongst students, expats. There are numerous budget friendly pubs and bars which are thronged by thousands of students from all over the globe in this part of Valencia.

On the contrary if you are looking for a special and more relaxed experience then you need to head to the marina and the other beach area of Valencia. The place offers a large number of beach bars and some amazing restaurants saving some lip-smacking sea food. The beaches in Valencia is something that is not to be missed. Most of these beaches are clean and might get a little busy during the summers. But if you want to get out there, soak yourself in the Sun or just go out for a swim in the Mediterranean waters these are few of the famous beaches

There are also numerous luxury resorts and hotels located around these beaches. And these places are calm and relaxed during the day and get lit, energetic during the nights with party all night. Make sure to take a swim in the cold waters of Mediterranean post that party!

Best Bars of Valencia

The Spanish love to celebrate and any celebration is incomplete without the music, dance, food and the drinks. And Valencia has all of this sorted for you. It is also a place which has diverse population from students to business men to tourists, so you will find bars which are budget friendly and also bars which are epitome of class and amenities. So be ready to empty your pockets or grab a few beers at a cheap price depending on the place you choose. There are different types of bars like sports bar, beach bars, music bars that Valencia offers that one can choose from. Here is a list of few prominent and famous bars located in the city of Valencia:

Terraza L’Umbracle

Valencia is famous for its amazing architecture and Terraza L’Umbracle is no exception to this. It is located inside the City of Arts and Sciences complex, which boasts Santiag Calatrava’s spectacular architecture as the setting. It is a sophisticated and modern bar featuring a relaxing lounge area and lively dance floor, as well as an open-air terrace complete with VIP areas. Terraza L’Umbracle is the place where you can literally dance under the stars whilst enjoying some fine drinks, it is a luxurious spot to wind down after a day touring the city.

El Laboratorio

Located in the corner of Plaza de La Virgen, El Laboratorio is a small and friendly bar. It has a welcoming atmosphere, approachable staff, and tempting food. Thanks to the popular ‘tapas with a drink’ inspired theme, a lot of the food comes free with a drink. With an international crowd, El Laboratorio is the perfect place to meet a diverse range of people and even brush up on your language skills whilst enjoying a relaxing drink.

St Patrick’s Irish Pub

St Patricks Irish pub is in the heart of the city in the city centre. It is a spacious and friendly pub. An Irish pub serving some amazing Irish whiskey and beer on the tap. The place has four televisions where you can watch the latest sporting action or if sports is not your thing then the place also offers various language exchange programs throughout the week. These events draw a lot of students and expats from across the city. This place is a thriving example of Valencia’s vibrance and cosmopolitan culture.

Other famous pubs that one can visit in the city of Valencia are:

Café Negrito (Plaza del Negrito, 1, 46001 València, Valencia, Spain)

HAWAIKA (Hawaika, Calle Héroe Romeu, 6, 46008 València, Spain)

Urban Café (Urban Café, Calle Antonio Sacramento, 13, 46013 València, Spain)

Radio City (Radio City, Carrer de Santa Teresa, 19, 46001 València, Spain)

La Taberna Reina (La Taberna Reina, Plaça de la Reina, 46003 València, Spain)

Birra and Blues (Birra and Blues, Avinguda de María Cristina, 12, Valencia, Spain)

Bar La Paca (Bar La Paca, Calle de Rosario, 30, 46011 Valencia, Spain)

Head to any of these bars to experience the best of Spain and Europe. You can feel the vibrant vibes and cosmopolitan culture of Valencia in these bars.

Best nightclubs in Valencia

Valencia is undoubtedly one of the best party places in Spain. Valencia is known for its endless parties from the early 80’s to the late 90’s from its rocking DJs to experimental music to the electrifying beats Valencia was home to some fantastic parties. The nightclubs include some historic buildings which have been made into discotheques and some new nightclubs which are a must visit when in Valencia. Here is a comprehensive list of best nightclubs in Valencia:

La3 Club

A seven-year-old club but one of the best in the business. The club witnesses some of the best local talents and the international electronics legends performing here. Make sure to loosen your tie and put those dancing shoes on because the beats over here will make anyone dance till he drops. Ellen Allien, Carl Craig, Brodinski, Yuksek, Green Velvet, Vitalic, Simian Mobile Disco, T.E.E.D., Tama Sumo or The Magician are few of the big names who have performed here. The queue during the weekend can get long so make sure you buy those tickets before hand online. The party peaks just around midnight and goes on until the early hours of the morning here. This place is a must visit.


This club located right next to the city of arts and science looks spectacular during the nights. It is also the local crowd favourite it draws local young crowds, erasmus students and international visitors round the year. The club offers three different music rooms one for electronic, one for Pachanga and the other for hip-hop. It can accommodate over 2500 people at a time and is one the favourite amongst the local crowd in Valencia. Make sure you dress well with trousers and shoes because it is not easy to get in here without a good dress code.

Agenda club

This club deserves to be on anyone’s agenda when in Valencia. It is a must go for students. And is located right in the heart of the university area. The place is known for its killer sound system along with its futuristic design. The two rooms in the agenda club play music from hip-hop, funk, disco, house and electronic disco music. The part peaks around midnight and expect to see a lot of students in agenda.  

Play Club

Play club is the place to be if one wants to party in Rufasa, one of the most upcoming and hipster neighbourhood of Valencia. The place has a open terrace with live Karaoke and make you feel like a rock star. The two rooms of play club play everything from electronic disco music, pop, r&b and the famous bombay hits. This club located in one of the most fashionable part of Valencia is worthy of its location. Concerts take place every Friday night and this place needs to be on your list when you are visiting Rufasa.

Nylon Club

This is an Indie club located in the heart of the city at the city centre. If Indie music is your thing and this place should be on top of your list. The club’s walls spray hipster vibes. Young people, two rooms to move in, 3 bars and indietronic sounds. Nylon is a great choice if you want to party in the city center while staying away from mainstream clubs. Nylon Club is divided into two rooms and styles. Downstairs we find pop rhythms, indie and hits and, in the other room, a second environment where tropical beats and indietronic are on top. And the best part the entry is free until 3:00am.


If sea side partying is your thing then akuarela is the place you must not miss. The place has some amazing views, open terraces and located just 100metres from the sea. With a lot of palm trees and happy young people this place is full of vibes. It can accommodate over 2500 people at a time and has 3 rooms with different kind of music depending on the evening, though normally resident djs are serving Latin Spanish hits and Reggaeton music on main terrace. In the upper room you can find techno music on some nights and in the room downstairs r&b & classics. Don’t miss out on going for a swim at the beach once the party is over.

Major events in Valencia

Throughout the year there are numerous festivities and events which happen in Valencia. The vibrant local crowd, student crowds and steady flow of tourists keep the festivities going and add colors to the events that take place in Valencia. Let us look at few of the events that are famous in Valencia:

  • Feast of San Vicente Martir: 22 January
  • The Fallas 01 March – 19 March
  • Easter Holy Week (Semana Santa) Palm Sunday to Easter Saturday 14 April – 20 April
  • Easter Monday (San Vicente Ferrer) 22 April
  • Our Lady of the Forsaken – Celebrated on the second Saturday & Sunday in May
  • July Fair (‘Feria de Julio’) – throughout July
  • National Valencia Day: 09 October

Amongst these festivals the most important is the Fallas, held every year in the first half of march. It officially starts when there is an explosion in the square in front of the city hall to mark the start of the festival period. There are a number of different events that occur leading up to the main events. These include parades and loud firework bangers which are let off outside the main city hall. The preliminary events are held between March 1st to 15th and the main event from March 16th to 19th. This festival attracts the maximum tourists to the city of Valencia.

Celebrities in Valencia

The vibrant culture of Valencia, the beautiful and pristine beaches, the history and architecture and the party culture attract celebrities from all over the globe from different spectrums be it sports, movies or arts to visit Valencia. These celebrities can be spotted easily in the city centre or in the beaches and even in some of the prominent pubs. Here is the list of celebrities who have visited Valencia:

  • Raul Bravo
  • Alex Debon
  • Hector Faubel
  • David Ferrer
  • Christiano Ronaldo
  • Leonardo Di caprio
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Messi
  • David Beckham
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Nathalie portman
  • Bill Gates
  • Melisandra

Are few of the many celebrities who have been spotted in the city of Valencia. The city also has a good sporting culture, football is a prominent sport and a lot of footballers from all over Europe visit Valencia as a result.

Best Pubs in Valencia

By night, Valencia is a vibrant city – there is a city centre full to the brim with vibrant nightlife. Whether you want a quiet night enjoying dinner with friends, a trip to a concert to see a new band, a night of bar-hopping around the coolest bars or an all-night clubbing session, you should find what you are after in Valencia.

Here is a list of the most famous pubs in Valencia

Timing guide for partying in Valencia

Valencia is a city that does not sleep in the night. There are many things to visit during the day and equally interesting things to do in the night in Valencia. The parties which are held in indoors, open terraces, sea side generally start in the evenings and go on till the early hours of the mornings. The parties peak just around mid-night.  Make sure you check the timings for entries in prominent pubs, night clubs. A lot of these places restrict entry after a particular time. The seaside parties can also be experienced from sunset to sunrise and by that one can see the beautiful sun set over the gorgeous Mediterranean. This is few of the timing guide for partying in Valencia.


Valencia the third largest city in Spain both in terms of size and population. It is also beta global city in terms of globalization. The city has some formidable history. And is famous for its architecture and boasts some amazing structures which are centuries old.

Valencia is located on the east coast of Spain and the Mediterranean Sea adds even more beauty to this already beautiful city. The city is blessed with a lot of pristine beaches. There are also numerous restaurants, pubs and bars by the beach.

The good mix of crowd in Valencia ranging from locals, students, working professionals and tourists from around the globe have given rise to a happening nightlife in Valencia. The pubs and nightclubs are located in different regions and are unique in their own ways. They play music of various genres ranging from hip-hop, rock, electronic disco, house. DJs from all around the world and also some locally grown talented DJs have performed and have been performing in Valencia.

Overall, Valencia is a city whose vibes can get to anyone who visits the place and is a must visit for anyone who loves beaches of who enjoys partying.