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Village Underground London, Guide & Review

With four, bright and vividly spray painted with graffiti tube carriages perched on the roof of Village Underground, it is quite hard to miss sight of this unique and quirky location. From club nights, to live concerts, art shows, exhibitions, live performances, concerts, and so much more, this multifaceted venue has come to become one of the most popular places in London. Of course, here, we will talk more about how Village Underground is used as a popular music and club night venue in London.

This is the ultimate guide to Village Underground, London. Here, you can find all the information you need about the directions to get there, how long it would take you, what kind of dress code policy you need to follow, what kind of music you can expect, the crowds, the drinks and the ambience of the club.

Location and How to Get to Village Underground

Located at 54 Holywell Ln, London EC2A 3PQ, UK in the heart of East London, Village Underground is a brilliant venue for hosting all kinds of events and shows. This former warehouse has been completely revamped, giving it a whole new personality.

Age Requirement and Dress Code for Village Underground

The minimum age requirement for Village Underground is strictly 18 years and above only. This is to say that if you wish to gain entry into this fascinating venue, you need to be at least 18 years and above. Make sure that you carry a valid ID proof with you at all times to avoid any kind of hassle at the front door.

As for the dress code policy for Village Underground, this night club enforced as Smart Casuals or Club Attire only dress policy. no fancy dresses are allowed at this venue, and no business formals will be welcome as well. Of course, there are selected nights when they host themed parties, and on these nights, you will find the club goers dressing up according to a theme.

For the men, the best club outfits would be to opt for a smart collared shirt and a pair of trousers. Remember to match them up well with some formal shoes. You can even put on a jacket or a blazer for more formal events.

As for the women, a cocktail dress would be the best option. However, do not be afraid to experiment with trousers, skirts and even jeans if you wish to. Stay away from any kind of sports attire and stick to heels instead. This goes for the men as well. If you would like to get some ideas on what kind of club outfits you can wear to Village Underground, be sure to check out their Facebook pages and click on the pictures. Here, you can check out what kind of club attire the other club goers are wearing, and get some inspiration for your own outfits!

Weekly Program at Village Underground

Village Underground opens its doors every Tuesday, Fridays and Saturdays, however, the venue is actually open for all kinds of events and programs on other days and nights as well. The venue usually shuts its doors at 4 am, however, the club nights held here till 4 am are absolutely brilliant and exciting to be a part of!

Be sure to check the official website for Village Underground, and also have a look at their Facebook pages. Here, you can find out everything you need to about the various events and programs being held at Village Underground. You will also find out more about the regular club nights here, as well as what kind of parties will be hosted, where you can get the tickets, and how much they will cost.


The music taste at Village Underground is mostly EDM, techno music, rap, and whatever kind of music suits the crowds on those nights! The club ensures that every client that comes to Village Underground has the best time possible, and it does so by offering an extremely eclectic music taste for their clients.

Average Line and Guest Lists at Village Underground

The average line outside Village Underground club tends to get pretty long. On typical nights, you would have to wait about 20 to 40 minutes in line to get into the club. The typical entry fee for Village Underground can be anywhere between £10 to 20. Of course, on other nights when the club is hosting events, programs or concerts, the entry fee would vary.

If you wish to avoid the long waits in long outside the club, the best option for you would be to get your names on the Guest List for Village Underground. Contact the Village Underground partners and find out how you can get your names on the Guest List and enjoy speedy entry into the club!

VIP Tables and Bottle Service at Village Underground

If you can afford it, the VIP tables and Bottle service experience at Village Underground is definitely something that you should opt for. You can enjoy some of the best drinks being served right to your table, along with the best seats in the house to sit back, relax, and have a good time with your group at.

Drink Prices

The drink prices at Village Underground are affordable and honestly, quite delicious as well. For cocktails, you can expect to pay around 15 pounds, of course, the prices increase as the cocktails start getting fancier. If you would rather opt for a can of beer, you can expect to pay around 4.50 pounds for this. However, keep in mind that there is a minimum two drink entry, so think about this before you enter the club!

Our recommendations

One thing you should remember when entering Village Underground is the fact that the lines outside the club are long, and it can get pretty hard to get into the club. Opt for a VIP ticket or get your names on the Guest Lists to avoid any kind of hassle at the front door.

Also, keep in mind the minimum two drink entry. Of course, with a VIP ticket, you can enjoy unlimited drinks at Village Underground!

Well, that’s about all you need to know about this club!

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