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Zurich has very popular and upscale VIP clubs that have a Lot to offer for a diverse crowd. The VIP clubs in Zurich are located in a luxurious upscale area. As a VIP you’ll definitely feel the amazing luxurious history of the venues with perfectly blending of modern decor. They’re vibrant venues with awesome decks, spinning throughout the year. 

VIP clubs in Zurich regularly hosts worldwide famous DJs, amazing bottle service, exceptional sound systems, personalized VIP entry, awesome music from all genres blasting till early hours of morning, renowned local and international DJs mixing stunningly and mouthwatering vibes, awesome live performances and bands featuring local and international artists, ample and secured parking lot, comfortable VIP booths, beautiful girls, delicious handcrafted cocktails and food that is freshly served, polite and professional staff exhibiting awesome service, mature and friendly crowd, spacious and stylish dance floors with overwhelming lights and lasers, a wide variety of reasonably priced and legit drinks from beers, spirits, champagnes, chic and offers a friendly, and chic and intimate environment to get caught in the music and enjoy yourself.

1. Space Monki Zurich

Night club in Zürich, Switzerland. Limmatstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland. The SpaceMonki is always with one leg in circle 5 and with the other in the endless expanses of space. Nowhere is time more relative than in the nooks and crannies of SpaceMonki, where people dance day and night. But also readings, cinema evenings, exhibitions and all other conceivable joys of urban cultural life will find an open, changeable and experimental space here. SpaceMonki is the ultimate go-out feeling in Zurich.

2. Sender Zurich

Kurzgasse 4, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland. Guests are there live when brand new music is pumped into the veins of the city – creating a particularly inspiring atmosphere. Live music plus live on air cozy garden regular concerts. The alternative music radio station, GDS.FM, was founded in 2013 with the objective of enriching the local radio landscape. Within a very short space of time, a fan community developed, who followed the creators not only with their ears, but also physically to the various pop-up locations. It is only logical that the radio station (“Sender” in German) is now domiciled in a locale of the same name.

3. Sektor11 Zurich

Event venue in Zürich, Switzerland Andreasstrasse Zürich, stylish and flexible location indeed. Modular location. The location is completely modular – rent exactly those areas that are ideal for your event! Versatile equipment The light and sound components are just as first class as they are versatile – and included in the price! Many other equipment elements as well as complete bar furnishings are also available in the basic equipment, we are happy to organize additional components such as tables and chairs, lecterns, stages, etc. for you.

3. Rollschuh Disco Zurich

The party is the largest roller-skate disco that takes place regularly in Switzerland and since it was first held in 2011 in the X-TRA has become a must for a fun night out with friends. Whether it is stag night, business trip, a great evening with your sweetheart or your Gspändli – the roller skate disco is the party where everyone does their laps with a huge smile. 


VIP clubs in Zurich have everything to offer for everyone on almost every day of the week. The VIP clubs at Zurich have already made a name for themselves, offering unique and intimate experiences. The VIP clubs in Zurich will definitely set your mood? Don’t wait to be told about the experience there, get there to experience for yourself.

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