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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Zurich

1. Wooz Club Zurich

The home of love, peace & happiness

2. Hive Zurich

Night club in Zürich, Switzerland. The music is always different at this industrial-style space with a sophisticated feel. Located at Geroldstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland

3. Zukunft Zurich

Night club in Zürich, Switzerland. Busy program of international & local dance DJs in nightclubs, plus live bands & performances. Dienerstrasse 33, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland. The Club Zukunft is one of the hottest clubs in town. From Thursday to Saturday, guests dance through the night to electronic music.

4. X-TRA Zurich

As flexible as your requirements. Your event venue in the heart of Zurich. Your X-TRA. Nightclub and Music Venue. Good venue but disastrous arrangement for toilets, Garderobe and drinks. So much so the lines are always in the way of movement. An accomplishment on its own. Great, centric party and concert location with tons of diverse events as pop/rock concerts, gothic parties, salsa evenings and gay discos. Depends on quite diverse people.

5. Variété Zurich

Night club in Zürich, Switzerland. Dance Club and nightclub. Militärstrasse 84, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland.

6. Supermarket Nightclub Zurich

Night club in Zürich, Switzerland. Flashy, modern nightclub opened in 1998, with chandeliers & DJs spinning electronic music. Since September 1998, there has been a club on Zurich‘s Geroldstrasse that not only accompanies the fate of nightlife on the Limmat, but has shaped it and continues to shape it today: the supermarket is one of the main axes around which clubbing in Zurich revolves. The mix of charming Zurich underground and internationally well-staffed line-ups make it.

7. Space Monki Zurich

Night club in Zürich, Switzerland. Limmatstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland. The SpaceMonki is always with one leg in circle 5 and with the other in the endless expanses of space. Nowhere is time more relative than in the nooks and crannies of SpaceMonki, where people dance day and night. But also readings, cinema evenings, exhibitions and all other conceivable joys of urban cultural life will find an open, changeable and experimental space here. SpaceMonki is the ultimate go-out feeling in Zurich.

8. Sender Zurich

Kurzgasse 4, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland. Guests are there live when brand new music is pumped into the veins of the city – creating a particularly inspiring atmosphere. Live music plus live on air cozy garden regular concerts. The alternative music radio station, GDS.FM, was founded in 2013 with the objective of enriching the local radio landscape. Within a very short space of time, a fan community developed, who followed the creators not only with their ears, but also physically to the various pop-up locations. It is only logical that the radio station (“Sender” in German) is now domiciled in a locale of the same name.

9. Sektor11 Zurich

Event venue in Zürich, Switzerland Andreasstrasse Zürich, stylish and flexible location indeed. Modular location. The location is completely modular – rent exactly those areas that are ideal for your event! Versatile equipment The light and sound components are just as first class as they are versatile – and included in the price! Many other equipment elements as well as complete bar furnishings are also available in the basic equipment, we are happy to organize additional components such as tables and chairs, lecterns, stages, etc. for you.

10. Rollschuh Disco Zurich

The party is the largest roller-skate disco that takes place regularly in Switzerland and since it was first held in 2011 in the X-TRA has become a must for a fun night out with friends. Whether it is stag night, business trip, a great evening with your sweetheart or your Gspändli – the roller skate disco is the party where everyone does their laps with a huge smile.

11. Porto Club Zurich

Night club in Zürich, Switzerland. Siewerdtstrasse 71, 8050 Zürich, Switzerland. Porto Club is a nightclub in Zurich. Porto Club is situated near Oerlikon, close to Andreaspark. What to say, except all the most unique clubs in CH and maybe in Europe! The club looks unrealistically good and modern. A level organization, which amazed me especially that the club owner provided 150 seats in front of the club itself, just incredible! All praise .

12. Plaza Klub Zurich

Located in the building shaped like a cake slice at Badenerstrasse, Zurich. The bar on the ground floor invites guests to enjoy pre-party drinks, while a story further up they can dance on the legendary multi-colored disco dance floor. However, not just dance fans, but also concert-goers feel at home at the Plaza Club. Various concerts with music ranging from rock to pop to hip-hop are regularly held here, while theme parties also attract a mixed public of all ages.

13. OXA Zurich

Need to experience a night full of memories Oxa Club will definitely ensure this. Located at Andreasstrasse Zürich, Switzerland. Varied live music & DJ nights in the former theater, now a nightspot with period furniture & bold murals.

14. Mascotte Zurich

Night club. Established music & entertainment venue in a century-old building with live bands, comedy & DJ nights. Went there to enjoy a concert last week. And we simply fell in love with this place! It has a perfect size for decent sized concerts. The decoration and the whole set up is really nice. Easily accessible by public transportation.

15. Le Petit Prince Zurich

Disco club. This sophisticated venue attracts international DJs to play to a select crowd. After 30 years of exclusive clubbing in Zurich, Le Petit Prince club will be reborn. A thorough renovation, a new management team, a premium DJ line up and music program as well as an international and beautiful crowd will bring the comeback of one of the oldest and finest venues in Zurich. Le Petit Prince stands for exclusiveness and genuine hospitality as we strive to provide an excellent service to our guests. Located at Bleicherweg 21 in Zurich’s business district, just steps away from Paradeplatz and Bahnhofstrasse, you will find a place to dream. A small and unique location with its charming Parisian flair of glamour and elegance.

16. Lambada Bar Zurich

For everyone who loves the night and likes to turn it into day. Located in Dienerstrasse Zürich, Switzerland is a cool location, top DJs and extraordinary events are our guarantees for unforgettable party nights. Our DJs heat up the atmosphere during the week and at the weekend! All musical tastes get their money’s worth.

17. Labor5 Zurich

Labor 5 club is the place to be at your night out in Zurich. Event venue. Schiffbaustrasse 3, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland. In the middle of the heart of Kreis 5, directly across from the shipbuilding industry, lies a relic from the industrial past of this quarter. Here where countless nights have been celebrated, where well-known companies have staged successful events and where the weekly talk show is produced by TV presenter “Kurt Aeschbacher”, is our location. We have a television studio, concert location, after-work lounge, network hub, training room, dance hall and also house a church every Sunday. But we can also be a cabaret, yoga studio, night market, cinema or exhibition hall. The Labor with its original industrial charm is a paradise for original ideas and creative concepts! Do you have an idea? Then we have the right room!

18. Klaus Zurich

Searching for a spot to create a memorable experience at Zurich then Klaus Club is the place to head to. The “Klaus” is not a member’s club, but rather a club for friends and friends of friends. Not open to the public, Relaxed ambiance, No fixed closing times

19. Kaufleuten Club Zurich

Stylish restaurant for European dishes from organic ingredients, in a large complex with bars & clubs. The most legendary parties that are known far beyond the country’s borders have been taking place in the Kaufleuten Club for decades. National and international top DJs take turns behind the turntables, bring the atmosphere to a boil and the party guests to party. The Kaufleuten has long been more than just a hip club – it is one of the hotspots in Zurich‘s nightlife. For lounge reservations, please contact us via email at

20. Kanzlei Club Zurich

Kanzlei is the place to have fun at your night out in Zürich. Established nightclub where DJs play dance, funk & chart hits for a young crowd, Thursday-Saturday. Established nightclub where DJs play dance, funk and chat hits for a young crowd. Thursday to Saturday. The Kanzlei is part of Zürich’s party scene as much as the disco ball is part of a club. A wide variety of hosts throw parties here – and that adds to the excitement with ragga, hip-hop, chaos deluxe pop or hits on the menu. At Kanzlei, even the night vibrates.

21. Jade Zurich

Night club in Zürich, Switzerland. Leather banquettes & wine buckets in a slick club with VIP lounges, playing house & hip hop tunes. Since spring 2016, the Jade Club has been a guest at a new location at Pelikanplatz next to the Kaufleuten. The best parties from our eight party labels take place here every Friday and Saturday. The party experience becomes even more unforgettable in our exclusive lounges. You and your friends experience the atmosphere here up close and mingle with the party crowd.

22. ICON Club Zurich

Perfect club in Zurich is the Icon Club. Night club in Zürich, Switzerland. Dance music & slick lighting in a nightclub with leather sofas, chandeliers & 300-year-old beams. Exclusive nightlife is celebrated in style at the Icon Club, located in the heart of Zurich’s lively banking and business district. Nightclub near Bahnhofstrasse, Stylish design and Live DJs.

23. Honey Club Zurich

Honey is the most suitable spot for your amazing night in Zürich. Night club. Wehntalerstrasse 123, 8057 Zürich, Switzerland. Honey Club is the karaoke club in Zurich. Every Friday and Saturday from 8 pm to 11 pm karaoke is offered here in a beautiful nightclub. The club has a powerful and sonorous karaoke sound system including 2 professional screens that make singing even more fun and enjoyable. More than 100,000 songs (songbooks / online) in all possible languages ​​such as English, French, Italian, Spanish, Tagalog, Chinese, Thai, etc. are available. From Sunday to Thursday, our club is available for business (corporate meetings, courses, etc.) or private events (birthdays, closed karaoke groups, courses, etc.).

24. Heldenbar Zurich

Gay bar. Queer, gay, lesbian, bi, straight. Because you, dear guests, honor us so often and with pleasure, the Heldenbar has meanwhile become the longest running regular gay event in Zurich. Non-profit & solos. A midweek (Wednesday night only) gay & lesbian party with multimedia electro-punk type performances. Free admission.

25. Heaven Zurich

Night club in Zürich, Switzerland. Dragshows & pop nights keep the crowd dancing at this nightclub with an eclectic music taste. Heaven is a dance and night club in the heart of Zurich’s Old Town. Renowned as a gay club, it is a very popular venue among heterosexuals, too. Gay club, Central location and Live shows.

26. Gonzo Zurich

Looking for a compact cellar nightclub with edgy rock and pop nights, favoring guitar-led music, plus live bands. Night club in Zürich, Switzerland. The ambiance at the Gonzo Club in Zurich‘s Langstrasse is alternative, loud, and laid-back.

27. Gallery Club Zurich

In search of a great Nightclub for great moments then Gallery Club is the place to be. Night club in Zürich, Switzerland. The walk with a view of Paradeplatz is what you can expect after dining at this club. A lot of people point out that waiters offer nicely cooked kama here.

28. Frieda’s Büxe Zurich

Frieda’s Büxe is one of the younger clubs in Zurich, well known for a quality selection of electronic music and especially for its after-hours. You’ll probably get tired before Aunt Frieda. Late-night, dimly-lit, subterranean club for DJs spinning electronica plus drinks & cocktails. “Vibrant Underground Club”. Located at Albisrieden-Square in the basement of an unassuming office building is Freida’s Buexe, an hip and happening nightclub with upbeat, techno and house music playing along with electronic dance music from their own label. The loud music, enthusiastic crowd and the surprisingly quick service at the bar make this nightclub a delight to visit. Note that Freida’s Buxe doesn’t accept credit cards

29. Floor Club Zurich

In search of trendy and upscale when in Switzerland, Zurich purpose is to consider Floor Club for your fun filled night.  Floor Club is a nightclub, dance club and lounge in Kloten, Switzerland. Rotating DJs & themed nights at a multilevel club & lounge with an outdoor patio.

30. Flamingo Club Zurich

Feeling up all night, it’s time to rise on your heels and head to Flamingo Club in Zürich for your fun filled night. Slick club & lounge with refurbished black interior & colorful LED lighting, playing dance music. In this new edition, Latin America meets Italian love for life. An explosive mixture of the current Italian charts, hot Latin American rhythms, black & hip reggaeton beats. Disco, club, lounge, privé The exclusive club in the heart of Zurich for an unforgettable experience in just one night.

31. Exil Zurich

Disco club in Zürich, Switzerland. DJ club nights & live music in a glitzy nightspot with plush lounge, disco balls & outdoor area. The Exil club is a music club that pays full attention to excellent live music. Because of the excellent service and the carefree atmosphere, the club is an oasis in the west end. Carefully curated concerts and parties featuring national and international bands and DJs. The music club, Exil, regularly attracts guests with great live music and upbeat parties in the west of Zurich. This is ensured by an excellent sound system, a long bar, and motivated organizers who carefully select top national and international acts and bring them to Zurich. In summer, the covered outdoor area is ideal for getting some fresh air and musing on the concert currently on stage.

32. Escherwyss Club Zurich

Looking for a trendy place for luxury on your night out in Zürich Escherwyss Club will exactly fulfill this curiosity. Escherwyss Club for regular party nights & DJs, plus industrial-style restaurant for weekday lunch. The music program at the club comprises a colorful mixture; besides regular parties, such as “Pure 90’s” or “Glamour Night” with trap, Latin, hip-hop and R’n’B, there are also evenings devoted to other music styles, such as K-pop, techno or deep house. The Escherwyss, which is located at Escherwyss-Platz across from the 4th act and the Abaton cinema. The building which hosts Escherwyss Club was gently renovated and equipped with the most modern infrastructure.

33. Elite Club Zurich

In search of an awesome nightclub for good moments at Zurich then Elite Dance and nightclub is the place to be. Hohlstrasse 452, 8048 Zürich, Switzerland. Super Dance and nightclub. Elite, club, zurich, zurich, disco, disco, bar, club

34. Club Bellevue Zurich

Adorn the best nightlife when in Zurich with Club Bellevue. The club is located at the city center of Zurich right next to Bellevue square at Freieck Gasse. Open for nightlife on Fridays and Saturdays, open for concerts, theater or private events on the other days. Void sound system. Entry from 25 years of age on.

35. Barrio 5 Zurich

Aiming towards having a fun night out at Zurich then Barrio 5 is the place to be.  Bi-level nightspot with a Mediterranean restaurant & 2 bars, plus live jazz, blues & Latin bands. Artists from home and abroad perform regularly on the small stage. From complex jazz to funky party tunes to hot Latin rhythms that never stop dancing. Good place for social dancing, live music, dance classes (at times). The staff (or owner or management not too sure) at the bar is not very friendly, probably to new people. Live music, fantastic food, drinks for the all rounded adult. Great place for dancing, reasonable prices, relatively clean for a club.

36. Aura Zurich

AURA is a fashionable event locale situated at Paradeplatz in the heart of Zurich. Spread over 2000 m2 on three floors, AURA sets a new standard for cuisine and cutting-edge event technology. In addition to a restaurant, bar and smoker’s lounge, AURA features a 450 m2 event hall that opens its doors as a nightclub on Saturday evenings.

37. Akt Niederdorf Zurich

In the middle of Niederdorf, in one of the liveliest and liveliest corners of Zurich, the youngest member of the AKT family has been located since 2012. With the well-known menu drinks, delicious cocktails, fancy snacks, the coolest DJs in town, a large smoking room and extensive outdoor area, the AKT Niederdorf is the right address for an exuberant evening with friends or those who want to become one.

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