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promoted by Happy People Productions Switzerland. Our vision is a multicultural platform for the Zurich region. The WOOZ wants to be a platform for young and old, it should be laughed at, danced, created, discussed, thought about and understood. We plan concerts, parties, company events, jams, lectures, workshops, etc. Our and other cultural scenes should get a new home in which the events can be implemented artistically consistently and on fair terms in a constructive environment. We will also give a home to various homeless associations as well as community and cultural activities from the region and make the restaurant usable during the week.

A spectacular interior decoration and facility that surprises visitors every time and that they will remember for a long time. Regardless of the type of event, the WOOZ should become a trademark for a particularly creative and fun-loving place and develop its charisma far beyond the region. In addition to our own contribution, we plan to work with a large number of artists. So the guests should be able to feel at home as much as possible and be welcomed and served by people of their own kind. This of course also includes a friendly but specific security service.

The WOOZ should offer much more than just enjoying music and dancing. It should also have quieter zones that allow conversation or even board games. Together with the surprising installations, a world of experience is to be created in which one generally feels comfortable. It should become a home for cultural performances of all kinds without losing its appeal as a dance hall. In the start-up phase, the dance events form the financial pillar of the project, as this area is where we come from. Thanks to our regular audience and the cooperation with the Swiss scene, events are possible that can count on a loyal audience, without the location of the restaurant playing a role.

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