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Escherwyss Club Zurich, Guide & Review

Looking for a trendy place for luxury on your night out in Zürich Escherwyss Club will exactly fulfill this curiosity. Escherwyss Club for regular party nights & DJs, plus industrial-style restaurant for weekday lunch. The music program at the club comprises a colorful mixture; besides regular parties, such as “Pure 90’s” or “Glamour Night” with trap, Latin, hip-hop and R’n’B, there are also evenings devoted to other music styles, such as K-pop, techno or deep house. The Escherwyss, which is located at Escherwyss-Platz across from the 4th act and the Abaton cinema. The building which hosts Escherwyss Club was gently renovated and equipped with the most modern infrastructure. 

A club for an audience of 18 years and over. In May 2008 the Escherwyss opened as a bar, lounge and lunch restaurant. What the building dictates with its history should also have an influence in the new Escherwyss: the connection between past and present. After four years, the Zurich Club Escherwyss is given a facelift: the party tunes, mash up and hip hop known for party series such as “Pure 90s”, “Aloha”, “Velvet”, “Foxy Friday” and “Temptation” -Club, could in a few Years as one of the top addresses in District 5. With the help of the Zurich event company k3p, the club has now been given a gentle update. The first thing that catches the eye is the brand new 5×2.5m LED wall, which can also be divided into five strips. The lounges have also been redesigned.

The Escherwyss is already an old hand in Zurich’s nightlife – in a city where a new club opens almost every month. Be sure to have a memorable night out when you ultimately decide to join Escherwyss Club.

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