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Barrio 5 Zurich, Guide & Review

Aiming towards having a fun night out at Zurich then Barrio 5 is the place to be.  Bi-level nightspot with a Mediterranean restaurant & 2 bars, plus live jazz, blues & Latin bands. Artists from home and abroad perform regularly on the small stage. From complex jazz to funky party tunes to hot Latin rhythms that never stop dancing. Good place for social dancing, live music, dance classes (at times). The staff (or owner or management not too sure) at the bar is not very friendly, probably to new people. Live music, fantastic food, drinks for the all rounded adult. Great place for dancing, reasonable prices, relatively clean for a club.

This is a unique place with live jazz and latin music and even great singers. There is no other bar in Zurich like this one and if you haven’t seen it you should definitely visit this establishment. The place is also well known for salsa, bachata and other latin dancers as there are often some of them around on the floor. I think I never saw a quite diversified rum selection in any other bar and the food there is just delicious and super tasty! The chef is an experienced chef du cuisine and the team provides a very strong service. I felt super well as I could sit down and enjoy the live band.

Great upscale jazz club unique in Zurich.jazzy decor classy great food romantic venue. Good vibes, nice chilled jazz music, and great service, totally recommend!. Good place to hear live music and have a good time with friends. Great atmosphere, I defend the Cuban, Latin roots a good reference in Cuba to listen to good live music and have a nice time. Awesome cocktails, easily accessible by public transport, wonderful live concerts of all kinds, for all music lovers. Good dance floor for dancing. I highly recommend it!!!

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