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Searching for a spot to create a memorable experience at Zurich then Klaus Club is the place to head to. The “Klaus” is not a member’s club, but rather a club for friends and friends of friends. Not open to the public, Relaxed ambiance, No fixed closing times

The “Klaus” has brought a new kind of exclusivity to Zurich’s nightlife. Quite literally – for “Klaus” is a club for friends and friends of friends. Access is only granted to people with a special code – and even they usually have to stand in line for a long time in front of the door on Langstrasse. However, everything happens completely democratically; nobody receives special treatment, and even starlets and stars from the scene have to wait patiently. 

As a result, there is probably no other club in Zurich with such a cheerful and friendly atmosphere. The friends of friends of “Klaus” are a colorful gang, covering the whole spectrum from LGBTQ to hetero, who celebrate all through the night until daybreak. And then until dusk falls. And again until daybreak. Or in other words: until it’s time to go back to work. Langstrasse 112 , 8004 Zürich. Favorite club in Zurich, good soundsystem and best clientele.

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