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Night club in Zürich, Switzerland. Leather banquettes & wine buckets in a slick club with VIP lounges, playing house & hip hop tunes. Since spring 2016, the Jade Club has been a guest at a new location at Pelikanplatz next to the Kaufleuten. The best parties from our eight party labels take place here every Friday and Saturday. The party experience becomes even more unforgettable in our exclusive lounges. You and your friends experience the atmosphere here up close and mingle with the party crowd.

See and be seen: the Jade club is characterized by its VIP lounges and exclusive parties. Central location, Near Paradeplatz, The Who’s Who of Zurich and VIP lounges.An evening at the Jade doesn’t seldom look like something out of a music video: beautiful women, cool guys, and sexy dance moves – and occasionally glitter confetti even rains down from the ceiling. While the latest dance moves are demonstrated on the large dance floor, guests in the lounges – which accommodate up to 120 guests – are enjoying VIP treatment. The lounges can be reserved for private groups, but there is a minimum spend requirement. In return, VIP guests can jump the frequently long lines of people waiting to get in.

The Jade also hosts model parties and champagne events; the music is somewhere between hip-hop, house, and Latin. Slick club with house & hip hop music. Nice club in Zurich. Sometimes it is hard to get in because there are too many people… the music is good and the drinks quite expensive…. in case you don’t get in there are many clubs around in the area so there’s a variety you can choose…… worth the visit though. Jade Club is a nightclub in Zurich. Jade Club is situated in the City, close to Schanzengraben Zürich.

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