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XOYO London, Guide & Review

After going through a complete makeover, Xoyo Club has a new personality and vibe to it. From adding strategic lighting which enhances the sound and visual experience, to moving around the DJ booth and other interior décor of the rooms, Xoyo Club looks completely revamped in its new attire. The music style at the club is extremely eclectic; catering to the tastes of the thousands of club goers who visit this club in London.

With recent improvement in the sound system, the experience at Xoyo Club has been enhanced even further, making it all the more popular. Whether you are visiting Xoyo Club alone, with a small party, or with a huge crowd of music lovers with you, there is always plenty of space to welcome everyone into the club. The general atmosphere of the club is pretty relaxed, which is great if you are looking to just cool off and have a good time with your friends.

This is the ultimate guide to Xoyo Club, London. Here, you can find out everything you need to know about the directions to get to the club, what kind of dress code policy is followed there, what kind of music you can expect, the crowds that visit, the tickets, and basically everything else you need to know.

Location and How to Get to Xoyo Club

Located just a few steps away from Old Street Station, right at the heart of Shoreditch in London, Xoyo Club is located at 32-37 Cowper St, London EC2A 4AP, UK. It is one of the most reputed nightclubs in London for various reasons which you will find out later!

Age Requirement and Dress Code for Xoyo Club

The age requirement for Xoyo Club is 21 years and above on Fridays and Saturday nights, and 18 years and above every other night. Make sure that you do not face any issues during entry by always carrying a valid ID proof with you at all times. The door policy of this club is pretty strict, so keep this in mind when visiting Xoyo Club.

As for the dress code for Xoyo Club, this night club has a refreshingly casual dress code policy. However, most of the club goers visiting Xoyo Club dress quite smartly. This depends on the nights when the club is hosting some great events, live shows or DJ performances. You can wear jeans and trainers, unlike other clubs where this is a strict no-no. However, any kind of business formals, tracksuits, fancy dresses, or even any kind of sports attire such as jerseys, caps, etc. will not be allowed.

The men can wear a nice collared shirt with jeans or trousers, and some comfortable shoes. The women can choose to wear cocktail dresses, skirts, shorts, coordinated outfits, or anything experimental! Don’t be afraid to show off your unique sense of style here at Xoyo Club. It is encouraged!

Weekly Program at Xoyo Club

Xoyo Club is open on Fridays and Saturdays till 4 am, however, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights, the club only stays open till about 3 am. This is one of the only clubs in London with this kind of odd opening and closing timings!

The club hosts a signature night known as “XOYO Loves” every Saturday night. These are one of the most popular and crowded nights at Xoyo Club, and also hosts amazing shows and live performances by well known DJ’s and artists.

To know more about the schedule for Xoyo Club, visit the official website of Xoyo, or check out their Facebook pages. Here, you can find out all about the various events and club nights at Xoyo Club, the ticket prices, and how you can book their tickets in advance.


The music taste at Xoyo Club is eclectic. There is something in store for everyone. On some nights, you will find the club goers reveling in techno and EDM, on other nights, house, and even disco music is played here at the club. Be sure to check out the events page to find out exactly what kind of music is played on which nights so that you don’t miss out on your favorite kind of music here at Xoyo Club.

Average Line and Guest Lists

Xoyo Club usually gets crowded during the weekends, however, other nights of the week are just as crowded on special nights. The cover charge at Xoyo Club is typically 10 to 15 pounds, however, the tickets for the shows can go anywhere from 5 pounds to even 25 pounds for a night!

The average wait outside the club can go anywhere from 20 to even 40 minutes! If you want to avoid these long waits in line, be sure to get your names on the Guest List for Xoyo Club. Get in touch with the Xoyo partners and get your names on the Guest List. Avoid waiting in line and enjoy hassle-free entry into the club.

VIP tables and Bottle Service

The VIP area at Xoyo Club is quite luxurious and something worth experiencing if you are visiting the club with a group of friends. If you can afford it, book the VIP table and enjoy some of the greatest seats in the house, along with amazing bottle service right at your table.

Drink Prices

The drink prices at Xoyo Club are quite reasonable, taking into account exactly how popular this night club is. A can of beer will set you back about 4.5o pounds, while you can enjoy double shots from 9 pounds and upwards. As for cocktails, you can get some of the best drinks in the club starting from 10 pounds and upwards, as the drinks get fancier.

Our recommendations

Xoyo Club has a cloakroom where you need to deposit your items for 2 pounds each. If you want to avoid paying these high prices, it is best to travel light to the club.

Don’t forget to get your names on the Guest List for Xoyo Club. This way, you can enjoy entry into the club without having to wait in the long lines outside the club.

Well, that’s about all you need to know about Xoyo Club, London!

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