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1up is a Dance Club and a Night Club located in Reno, Nevada. The dress code is very casual at this venue. Patrons are free to wear anything of their choice but keep a few exceptions in mind. It is advised to avoid anything considered sportswear (track jackets, jerseys, sneakers, hats). Other than sportswear, all are allowed at 1up for entry. 1up has a full bar available at the premise, which states the alcohol desires of the patrons. Special drinks with deals and cocktails are offered regularly by the venue.

1up is a late-night club that offers dancing, cocktails, resident DJs and regular events in a festive atmosphere. 1up claims itself as Reno’s premier nightspot for DJs, local and worldwide. The intimate venue, coupled with house cocktails and great drink specials, creates an unparalleled vibe in Reno. The 1up nightclub is open only three days a week. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays, the lounge is closed. Whereas on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays the venue is open between 10 pm till 4 am.

1up has varying reviews when it comes to feedback from the local community and visiting patrons. The most positive experience of a patron was a Bachelor Party for a patron. The highlights and memories from experience at 1up included: no cover charge and cheap drinks, 5 dollars for a gin and tonic or rum and coke, 1 dollar for water. Both nights, the venue was pretty empty, not much more than a dozen customers with barely anyone dancing. The lighting system followed the 80s and 90s theme, adding to the nightlife experience. The music played at the venue falls under groove electronica, techno and electronic dance music. Most of the other recent reviews from 2021 showed that the nightclub experience isn’t as prime as advertised. During the event called Zombie Crawl, the place was a buzz kill. The patrons were charged 20 dollars per person to get in. They are listed on the map as one of the participating bars for zombie crawl; with that being said, they should not be charging people with the crawl cup. The bartenders are known to spike drinks for female patrons. Currently, management is a mess, with a lot of red flags at this venue. There have been a large number of patrons who have reported their drinks being spiked by the bartenders. Ultimately, we can understand that 1up has the potential to be an exciting club but with only better management and staff.

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