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The BlueBird Nightclub Reno, Guide & Review

The BlueBird is a dance club and nightclub situated in Reno, Nevada. The dress code at The BlueBird Nightclub advises dress to impress. Guys are recommended to wear collared shirts, jeans or dress shoes. Patrons are expected to avoid anything that can be considered sportswear. Any sorts of track jackets, jerseys, sneakers or hats are strictly prohibited in the club. The BlueBird Nightclub has a full-fledged bar that provides various cocktails and special drinks to its patrons.

The music played at this venue falls under these genres: Rock, Electronic Music and Techno. This nightclub is an electrifying music venue about authentic community, activism, quality music, production, drinks, and the best sound systems. This venue is a dynamic nightspot that features cocktails and famous DJs. The DJs usually cover rock and techno dance music. Look out for special events because the music genre and the nightlife experience vary for special occasions. This venue accepts credit cards as well as cash for payment methods. The BlueBird Nightclub falls under the category of a Classy Casual club. The nights are very loud with the buzzing nightlife and music. This club is a great place for groups with a dazzling dance floor. Street parking and bike parking is provided to the patrons who visit The BlueBird Nightclub. Out of all the days and nights of the week, the best ones known for their great experience are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Patrons are not allowed to smoke inside the nightclub but are allowed to go outside for a smoke. This venue provides wheelchair access to its patrons. A TV screen is available on the platform, which adds to the audio/visual nightlife experience. The Bluebird Nightclub enjoys quite positive feedback from its local community and visiting patrons. It has been regarded as a “Great Funktion” with amazing sound, cool and mellow lighting and great vibes. The staff is loved for their amazing service. The lighting at this venue provides an intimate atmosphere, whereas the sound takes it to a completely new level. The BlueBird Nightclub has one of the best sound systems of the nightclubs in Reno. This venue has a water station available. This particular service makes it easy for the patrons to grab some water without waiting in lines easily. Bluebird is reporting to have an awesome vibe with good drinks. It is a great place to chill and listen to music. The environment is exciting and fun. Lighting is on point with visuals everywhere. A lot of time and effort is put into this place. Check it out if you are in town.

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