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Akab Club Rome, Guide & Review

The Akab Club is a modern and fun place that tries to make its guests feel welcome and comfortable. Not too glamorous and not too shabby, it has a cool atmosphere with really good music. Spacious inside, Akab has a lot of room for dancing and it is perfect for those in love with clubbing. The largest in the area and the most well-established, it has seen many talented artists such as Todd Terje, Justice, Tensnake, and Simian Mobile Disco who rocked the underground and cheered the crowd. In addition, the Akab club has a really good location, right in the heart of the Roman nightlife, where you can pub crawl in different places and enjoy the delicious highlights of the district.

Although the venue lacks certain elegance and historical taste of fashionable Rome, it gives you an opportunity to see another side of the city: more hipster, urbaner, and perhaps more juicy. After all, where else you will hear lively black music beats until the dawn? On top of that, In keeping with the best traditions of notorious London style, this place offers only the best DJs.

The place opens its doors on Thursday to Saturday at 11 pm. The first day is usually just the beginning of the fun weekend so for this reason, there are always fewer people. Friday and Saturday are the best nights to hang out with special programmes each week.

Dress Code & Age Requirement

Anyone older than 18 years old can get in the club without any problems. The atmosphere is usually young, the early 20s and 30s. Akab has an agreement with the official Erasmus network in Rome, so on Saturday expect tons of fresh and green foreigners to be here.

As for the dress code, it is casual attire. Don’t go too sporty and wearing a hat, and you will be fine. You should look clean, neat, and not drunk, these are the most important criteria when going in. Anyway, face control is very relaxed and people do not usually have problems entering.

Music Style

The music program is rich and varies from day to day. Thursdays are usually the days of black music, one of the few places where you can actually get this music in Rome. On these days you can expect some rap, hip-hop and all sorts of twerk beats: hip-hop, R&B, L-Ektrica, and Mood. On Friday and Saturday, it is more commercial, house, and happy/revival.

Guestlists, Tickets & Entry Price

Always check the official Facebook page before going, because you never know if an entrance is free or you should pay. The cover price varies, depending on the events, organized by the club, and time when you enter. It can be free before midnight, or they can charge 10 euros for the entrance. Sometimes it can be 5 euros before 01.00 am or 10 euros after 2.30 am. The price can get higher, depending if there is live music or not. You can get pretty good discounts if you are an Erasmus student with an Erasmus in Campus card.

Drink Prices

The prices inside are average. They are pretty normal and not really expensive. Cocktails here cost around 10 euros, the spritz is 10 euros.

Our Recommendations

If you are keen on clubbing and dancing, this is the place to visit. Great music, spacious dance floors, and special events will surely leave you satisfied with your night out. Fridays and Saturday are the best nights to come. Depending on the days, you can secure a free entrance by coming before midnight. All the fun usually starts right about this time, but by 02:00 am it gets very crowded.

Akab Club Dress Code Guide for Men and Women

The Akab club is not just good because it has good music and lots of space to dance, but also because it has a loose dress code policy. It saves so much time not to think about what to wear too hard and just go and enjoy your night.

For the club which is situated underground it sounds pretty logical. Moreover, the atmosphere is always so vibrant and energetic that you do not literally have time to think about someone’s clothes. That’s the beauty of being here. If you are not too picky on posh and glamorous outfits, then you’re welcome here. Rap, hip hop, r&b and many more will drive you to swing around, so you have to get dressed up comfortably and free enough to dance

Akab Club Dress Code for the Ladies

That’s your time to shine! There will be not much hustle for you to enter the club, so you don’t need to think too much about it. A quick do-over on the hair and face, a nice top or blouse, and you’re in. Just avoid being too sporty, and there will be no problems.

It will be nice to be dressed up and look great, because you are going to the club. Moreover, it will give you a priority when entering the venue. Just no beachwear, please! It would be a good idea to also skip high-heels, just because it is a dancing place, not a sitting one, and in addition the floors might get too slippery by the end of the night. Plus, it is unlikely that anyone else will be wearing it.

Tattoos and any crazy hairstyles are welcomed here. If you want to stand out, you certainly will. Akab does not mind anything, so relax and just enjoy your night at the club.

That’s about it. You are all set to hit the club and enjoy the Akab cave. It is not an exclusive or a posh place for rich and fashionable people, so do not try to look like one here (you’ll just end up looking as a weirdo), but dress up well, clean up, and you are ready.

Akab Club Dress Code for the Gents

Unlike many clubs in the central Rome, Akab does not have a strict policy that obliges you to look posh and wear a tie. After all, you come here to have fun, not to pass a test or model at the fashion show. Just grad your best party shirt and you’re ready to hit the club!

Keep in mind that any athletic shoes or sportswear is not really welcomed here. The same goes for sandals and flip-flops. Dress up in accordance to where you are going. Dark-coloured shoes with a pair of nice pants and a shirt will do great and give you the attention of well-dressed girls.

QUICK TIP: It is easier and faster to get in when you are coming in a mixed company, meaning it should consist of girls and boys.

There are no specific restrictions regarding hair and/or tattoos. So be yourself and don’t worry about anything, you are going to get in any way.

 General Remarks

The official dress code policy of Akab is club casual attire. The important things thing is that you don’t want to look too shabby or as if you just woke up. Neat, clean, and not too casual (meaning you still go to a public place!) and you should be fine. Avoid sporty clothes and athletic wear, it’s not the gym, it is a club, so dress up accordingly.

QUICK TIP: If you are dressed up to impress, you have higher chances to get inside the club faster and skip the waiting line.

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