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Amarella Club Valparaiso, Guide & Review

Amarella Club is a Danceclub and Nightclub located in Valparaiso. The dress at this venue is casual and smart casual. So, patrons can wear an outfit covering these two dress codes. Casual and dress-to-impress outfits are popular among the local community and the visiting patrons. There is a full bar available at the nightclub. So, patrons are well taken care of regarding their alcoholic needs. The Full Bar provides the patrons with alcoholic drinks, cocktails and special drinks. The music played at this nightclub falls under these musical genres: Latin Music and Electronic Dance Music. Live Performances are a significant part of the nightlife experience at Amarella Club. There are DJ sets with exhilarating playlists which keep the crowd energised. Some local artists and singers sing live for the club on some occasions. These performances are a hit with the local populace. So, mainly the singing and music cover Latin-themed songs and instrumentals. The nightclub is open three days a week. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays, it is closed. Whereas on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays it is available. The timings on these three days are the same: 11:30 am till 5 am. These timings are subject to change, so make sure you follow and keep an eye out on the Facebook page of Amarella Club. Now, let us look at the feedback and reviews for the Amarella club over the years. The Amarella Club was struggling in the timeframe of 2012-2015. The feedback and reviews posted by the patrons are primarily negative. One of the patrons mentioned that the DJ did not manage a playlist well. Their music selection was terrible. The patron also noticed nightclub guards were aggressive in some scenarios, and the drinks were expensive with a high cover charge. One of the review pages deemed Amarella Club one of the worst bars, pubs and nightclubs in Valparaiso. Fast forward to 2021, the lounge’s reopening has made a decent mark on its performance and feedback. There is an influx of positive reviews now. It had been a significant change in management and the nightclub services. Patrons now mention Amarella Club as having a vibrant and fun atmosphere, despite being comparatively smaller than other clubs in the vicinity. So, it is safe to say that Amarella Club has now redeemed its position as a worthy nightclub in Valparaiso. It was indeed not up to par in the past, but things have changed dramatically with time. If you are in Valparaiso and are looking for a Latin nightclub, then Amarella Club is our pick!

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