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Terraza Bellavista Valparaiso, Guide & Review

Terraza Bellavista is a Danceclub and a Nightclub located in Valparaiso. The dress code at this nightclub is Casual and Smart Casual. Patrons are free to wear party attire or dress-to-impress attire. A full bar is available at the scene, which is ideal for taking care of patrons and their alcoholic needs. The Full Bar supplies alcoholic drinks, cocktails and special drinks. The music played at this nightclub falls under these musical genres: Electronic Dance Music, House Music and Techno Music. Terraza Bellavista is a great place to visit and enjoy with your friends. It has rich signature drinks, snacks and a great view which sets them apart from the rest of the nightlife experiences. The venue is open six days a week for nightlife party experiences. Make sure to check out the nightclub’s Facebook page for updated timings and working days of the lounge.

Now let’s look at some of the feedback and reviews from the local community and the visiting patrons. Because you are reading this, I suppose you are either a tourist or an exchange student. Nice! Welcome to Chile. Going to Terazza is a must during your stay. Those who have been there a dozen times can say: It’s always the same so just going there once is sufficient. It’s full. And by full, I mean packed. You have probably been in a micro yet, but even a full micro is nothing compared to the Terraza because at least everyone tries not to disturb you.

The view is excellent, the drinks are good. The prices are also fair for the place directly in front of the ocean. There is a techno/electro floor with reggaeton -all you need, yes! What else? Okay, it’s pretty unfair that foreigners get in for free and don’t have to wait in the regular line. Good for you, though! But still, it’s somewhat poorly organised, and you have to wait on some occasions anyway. So, they could do a better job. A huge plus is that it’s pretty safe there—the local buses and transport run 15 metres from the Terrazza. So, getting home is easy, even if you can’t speak Spanish. In total, Terraza Bellavista is a friendly club with good music, fair prices and a nice view. On some occasions, the nightclub is way too packed and apart from that nothing special. The food provided at the lounge is fantastic! Patrons are delighted with the cocktails! They are so original and unique; many haven’t seen anything like that. Great experience, all in all! It is recommended!

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