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At54 Mykonos, Guide & Review

Gay dance club where ‘disco meets Mykonos’. At54 hosts special weekly parties with the most glamorous crowds, hot DJ’s and sexy bar staff.  Look for flyers at Elia Beach. Located just a few steps from Taxi Square (aka Manto Square). Look ‘uphill’ away from the square, At54 is on the 1st floor of the building, directly behind the square. Open in the summer only.

Located in one of the most beautiful islands in the world, At54 it’s a place that you will always remember. It’s the perfect place to start the night with some fancy drinks offered by the super cool bartenders or you can conclude the night by dancing hot music from the past and from nowadays. You can have your drinks at the terrace where the view from the island is stunning, also meals at this place are cheap and well served. Although it’s a small place, it’s perfect for the quality they served, so if you are planning your holidays to Greece, you should check this place!

A summer-only place, this Mykonos gay club hosts glamorous parties, with lots of hot guys in attendance. Ask anyone who has been to Gay Mykonos before and they will tell you a visit to At54 is love at first sight, the place to make new friends and party the night away. Lounge bar and disco gay friendly, Open from 2014, with art decorations and a terrace where you can admire the sunset (If you come early). The playlist consists of old style dance songs mixed House music. The club organizes theme nights every Friday and Saturday, While after 2.00 there is a happy hour.

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