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Cavo Paradiso Mykonos, Guide & Review

Cavo Paradiso is regarded by music industry publications, artists and clubbers, as one of the most exciting venues worldwide. It is often voted in the top club annual lists. The architectural design was developed through diverse stages with total respect of the natural surroundings thus you get the feeling of being within nature and you value the wild beauty that Mykonos island and the Aegean archipelago has to present. What’s so grandiose about Cavo Paradiso is how it manages to include the island’s natural exquisiteness into its design.

Being able to dance in the natural elements is always a treat. The magic of partying late enough to be able to see the sunrise from the sphere – a general incidence at the club – is so amazingly exceptional that it simply must be experienced by anyone who can make the journey. The first years Cavo Paradiso existed as an after hours party spot and first line-ups included the DEF MIX crew (Morales, Knuckles & Tomiie), Louie Vega plus many others from the US house scene. Word spread fast within the dance music industry and Cavo was on its way on becoming the club it is today and become more diversed of dance music genres.

Today Cavo Paradiso is characterized by perhaps the most passionate summer schedule on the world with back to back live events, concerning the leading international DJs on the scene. The club’s main aspiration for the future is to continue the tradition of being a venue striving for quality, diversity and the need to satisfy the thousands of clubbers that visit the club every year. The club’s location is a main talking point for anyone that has paid a visit over the years and has also became a main attraction for tourists who visit the island.

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