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B-Side Complex Nightclub Philadelphia, Guide & Review

The B – Side Complex is a Hi-fi place and is equipped with the latest sound/light system. Our complex has multiple venues available. The upper floor is a nightclub, the lower level is a Hookah Lounge, and a Bamboo bar is located here as well. Each venue has something different to offer. The Nightclub can accommodate up to 1500 guests. A large stage which is used for live performances and a large dance floor where the customers can go wild is installed here. We have 15 years experience in Hookah business, and our Lounge area is a reflection of this. It offers over 50 superb flavors. You can try some simple fruit flavors or go for more unique ones the
choice is yours.

Our club also offers Shisha Cocktail. Do give them a try they are excellent. The Bamboo bar is furnished with four full-service bars, swimming pool, dancefloor, and provides excellent service. Large ball-shaped decorations and TV screens are installed in the bar area. It also offers Excellent VIP bottle service along with various cocktails. Visit each venue and taste test different drinks; you will end up falling in love with all of them. Delicious American and Arabian cuisine are also available here. Give Buffalo wings, Meatballs, Falafel, Chicken Shish Tawook, Chicken & Lamb Kafta Kabobs and Lamb Shawarma, etc. a shot you will be left wanting more.

Every night at our club, DJs play different music genres such as Hip-Hop, EDM, Top-40 and Latin, etc. We organize appropriate music for all our events, which matches perfectly with the event’s overall theme. In July B-Side Complex will be hosting Wet & Wild Party, Half Off Tuesdays, Upscale Saturdays, College Fridays, Smoke Thursdays, Wine Down Wednesdays, and various other events. Don’t miss them.

Come to the B-Side Complex for a relaxing and fun experience.

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