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Dolphin Tavern Philadelphia, Guide & Review

Dolphin Tavern is an excellent place to party. At our place, we provide people complete freedom. Your sexuality, gender, race, and other things don’t matter to us. We have created a safe and relaxing space for people who are a little different.

Recently we revamped our place which gave it a more modern look. Upon your entry, you will notice the Christmas styled lighting, shining disco ball, glowing wall, illuminated dancefloor, and multiple glow in the dark paintings hanging on the wall. They create a visually appealing scene and will put you in a party mode. Our drinks menu is written on a chalkboard. It is comprised of Beer, Vodka, and Canned drinks, etc.

We have also organized DJ parties during which Dave P, Sammy Slice, Broadzilla, Goodie and So Far Gone, etc. performed live. International celebrities such as James Murphy, Matthew Dear George Fitzgerald, Tiga, and Black Madonna have also been spotted at our club. Once a month, we organize an event called Lean Back 2000. It is a Rap party, and Sweat Daddy runs it. The whole night is spent partying like crazy if you haven’t attended it, then we recommend you do. In July we will host an event called The Grooveline in which Mike Vee, Rana Ransom, and Drew Hagg are going to perform, along with this we will also be organizing Basic, Mixed Bag, Music Sounds Better With you,Abbarama, and various other events.

At our club, you will hear numerous music genres such as Boogie, Electro, Italo, Disco, Funk, Pop, R & B, Disco, House, and Hip Hop. Require a venue for personal or corporate events? Then give our place a try. Just fill out the online form, and we will get back to you soon.

Visit the Dolphin Tavern for a relaxing and fun experience.

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