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Bar Abaco Mallorca, Guide & Review

Abaco, one of its kind bar, was inaugurated in 1982. Its peculiar interior is the manifestation of the Baroque Period. Abaco gets the most visitor than any of the bars in the Centre of Palma de Mallorca‘s old town.

Every corner and nook of the building gives off vibes from the past. The old paintings, large candle bars, huge sculptures, rectangular bars, armchairs, and table set in the entrance hall intrigue your senses to walk inside and into every direction of that bar to explore the wonders of this place. The upper floor of this bar, there are rooms furnished with all the antique elements along with a kitchen that has some classic pottery and cutlery.

The bar offers several menus of cocktails. These menus entail SPECIAL COCKTAILS, cocktails, cocktails without alcohol, and cavas and champagne. Sit around in the most classic, lyrical, and theatrical ambience one has ever seen and enjoy the fabulous drinks. It is a fact that the time spent at Bar Abaco will never be like the one spent at any other local bar. If you appreciate the surrealism, understands and wants to feel with one with it, visit Abaco and feel the vibes you have never received before.

Besides the elaborated menu of drinks, desserts section includes different kinds of coffees, smoothies, frozen fruits, and ice-creams. Abaca has an outdoor terrace which is another feature of this place which adds to its specialties. Bringing your company to this place and spend your evening in a magical place like this would never be a bad idea.

The bar is open all days of the week and can be visited any day. Abaca is a place which if one decides to describe through words, words would never be enough. Thus, one would have to come and see for oneself.

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