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Garito Café Mallorca, Guide & Review

Garito Café, a name that could have been the true synonym of ‘versatility’. Not only has its versatility made it special but the fabulous location at which it resides also makes it a peculiar one among the bars and clubs of Mallorca. Garito resides at the PasseigMaritim’s western end in the small marina of Can Barbara. Garito Café serves the purpose of a bar, a restaurant, and a club at the same time.

The music we play at Garito Café is of a broad range including many genres which are always pleasing to the visitor’s ears and set their mood for the upcoming fun. The evenings are always electrified with pure jazz, fusion jazz, and the latest releases in the jazz music industry. As the evening progresses into the night, such music will be played which gets you in the dancing rhythm. Each night there is a new theme selected for the music styles.

The restaurant of Garito Café serves a broad menu including various deliciously amazing eatables and there’s also a separate section for desserts. Dine in amidst the soulful atmosphere where the music fills you with excitement and the foods treats your taste buds in the right manner. Satiate your appetite for food as well as for fun at Garito Café.

The drinks offered at this place are equally significant just as the rest of the elements of this amazing place. A wide range of cocktails awaits you; grab one that matches your taste and drink it away. This is a guaranteed fact that evenings and nights spent at Garito are never go wasted, you will have the fun that is promised. Come with your company and we are to serve you and light up your evenings.

At weekends, we are open till 4:00 in the morning. Come join us! Reservations can also be made prior you join us at that fun ride.

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